06 June 2001

NMdT S02 .: 2000-01

Second season, from Oct 2000 to July 2001.
Casettes yet to be ripped. Only playlists available!

NMdT 11/10/2000
1. Keith Mansfield. "Young Scene"
2. Brother Jack McDuff. "The Heatin' System"
3. J. Trombay - DeWolfe Music Library. "Payroll"
4. Marlena Shaw. "Liberation Conversation"
5. Ray Conniff. "Tema de Shaft"
6. Roy Budd. "Love is a Four Letter Word"
7. Joe Bataan. "Subway Joe"
8. Eddie Palmieri. "African Twist"
9. Piero Umiliani. "Rail Road"
10. Sergio Mendes. "Ponteio"
11. Ennio Morricone. "Adonai"
12. Manfred Mann. "Sheila' s Dance"
13. Erskine Hawkins. "It Feels So Good"
14. Bar-Kays. "Bar-Kays Boogaloo"
15. Johnny Taylor. "Who' s Making Love"
16. Brian Auger. "Foolkiller"
17. Mose Allison. "Foolkiller"
18. Les McAnn. "The Shampoo"
19. Lalo Schiffrin. "Jaws"

NMdT 18/10/2000
1. Grant Green. "Upshot"
2. Brother Jack McDuff. "Butter for your Popcorn"
3. Marlena Shaw. "Liberation Conversation"
4. P. Kass - DeWolfe Music Library. "Causeaway"
5. I Marc 4. " Wonder"
6. Enio Morricone. "Allegretto per Signora"
7. Piero Piccioni. "La Rai se Presenta
8. Nick Rossi Set. "Organiser"
9. Manfred Mann. "Up The junction"
10. Manfred Mann. "I Need Your Love"
11. Eddie Palmieri. "African Twist"
12. Sergio Mendes. "Comin' Home Baby"
13. Pucho. "Cantaloupe Island"
14. Georgie Fame. "River 's Invitation"
15. Sandy Nelson. "Got My Mojo Workin' "
16. Augusto Martelli. "Loco Love Motor"
17. Los Albas. "A Little Bit Hurt"
18. Los Sirex. "Acto de Fuerza"
19. Antoine. "Les Elucubrations de Antoine"
20. Conexión. "Don' t Let Me Be Misunderstood"

NMdT 25/10/2000
El diluvio universal cerró las puertas del estudio éste día.

NMdT 08/11/2000
1. Reuben Wilson. "Blue Mode"
2. Sergio Mendes. "My Favorite Things"
3. Mirageman. "Obsession"
4. Os Mutantes. "Cantor de Mambo"
5. Xavier Cugat. "Apache"
6. JC Davis. " Monkey"
7. Augusto Martelli. "Nanaue"
8. The Muppets. "Mahna Mahna"
9. Eddie Palmieri. "African Twist"
10. Georgie Fame. "The Seventh Son"
11. Tom Jones. "Day By Day"
12. Sylvia Robbins. "Don' t Let Your Eyes Get Bigger Than Your Heart"
13. Bunny Sigler. "Let The Good Times Roll"
14. The Jerms. "Green Door"
15. Tony Colton' s Big Boss Band. "You' re Wrong There Baby"
16. Mike Stevens & The Sherelles. "Go - Go Train"
17. Top Show. "Baby Por Favor"
18. Los Albas. "Atácalo"
19. Raphael. "La Canción del Trabajo"
20. Los Relámpagos. "El Baile del Bufón"

NMdT 15/11/2000
1. Baby Face Willette. "Mo' Rock"
2. Jazz Crusaders. "Uptight"
3. Billy Larkin & the Delegates. "Pygmy"
4. Graham Bond Organisation. "Neighbour, Neighbour" "Walkin' In The Park"
6. Les McCann. "Compared to What" "Boo-Go-Loo"
8. Johnny Colon. "Boogaloo Blues"
9. Quincy Jones "It Sure Is Groovy" & "Cotton Curtain"
11. Marlena Shaw. "Liberation Conversation"
12. Gene Anderson. "The Devil Made Me Do It"
13. The Pace Setters. "Freedom & Justice"
14. The Houston Outlaws. "Soul Power"
15. Les McCann. "Sack O' Woe

NMdT 22/11/2000
1. Lonnie Smith. "Sunshine Superman"
2. Trini López. "Sunshine Superman"
3. Vampyre Sound Inc. "Vampyros Lesbos OST"
4. Les Baxter. "Hogin' Machine"
5. I Marc 4. "Picadilly Circus"
6. Graham Bond Organisation. "Little girl"
7. Augusto Martelli. "Summertime"
8. New Jersey Kings. "The Money Shot"
9. The First gear. "The In Crowd"
10. Byrdie Green. "Return Of the Prodigal Son"
11. The Precisions. "If this Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)
12. Dolly. "Negro Zumbón"
13. Augusto Algueró. "Laugh, Laugh"
14. Vampyre Sound Inc. "Vampyros Lesbos OST"
15. Conexión. "I Don't Know What To Do"
16. Ennio Morricone. "Allegretto per Signora"
17. Nino Ferrer. "La Bande a Ferrer (pt. 1 & 2)
18. The Nick Rossi Set. "Foolkiller"
19. Mose Allison. "Foolkiller"
20. The Incredible Bongo Band. "In A Gadda Da Vida"

NMdT 29/11/2000
1. Vampire Sound Inc. "The Lions and the Cucumbers"
2. The Buena Vistas. "Kick- Back"
3. Brian Auger & the Trinity. "Listen Here"
4. La Nueva Banda De Santiesteban. "Zorongo"
5. Bar - Kays. "Bar-Kays Boogaloo"
6. Gene Page. "There he is Again" Blacula OST
7. Arthur Conley. "Soul Shack"
8. Tommy Neal. "Goin' to a Happening"
9. Wess. "Heartbreaker"
10. Graham Bond Organisation. "Last Night"
11. Gene Chandler. "Kissin' In The Kitchen"
12. Manfred Mann. "Watch Your Step"
13. Tom Jones. "Day by Day"
14. Ann Pebbles. "Beware"
15. TR Selección. "Turn my Chicken Loose"
16. Pop Tops. "That Woman"
17. The Nick Rossi Set. "Sweet 'Tater Pie"
18. The Organisers. "The Organiser"
19. Linda & The Funky Boys. "Singing All in Harmony"
20. Betty Harris. "There' s a Break in the Road"
21. Dee Edwards. "Why Can't There Be Love"

NMdT 13/12/2000
1. Vampire Sound Inc. "Droge CX" (Vamp. Lesbos OST)
2. Lonnie Smith. "Spinning Wheel" (Drives)
3. Jack McDuff. "The Heatin' System"
4. Lou Donaldson. "Alligator Boogaloo" (Alligator Boogaloo)
5. Richard Groove Holmes "Soul Message" (Soul Message)
6. Jimmy Smith. "Gracie" (Home Cookin' )
7. Les Hommes. "Big Al' s Theme" (A Fever Comp.)
8. Art School. "Your Little Sister"
9. The Phobes. "Today" (The Begining or the End)
10. Les Cactus. "Brown Suede Shoes"
11. Buddy Rich Big Band. "Wonderbag" (Buddy & Soul)
12. Barry St. John. "Cry Like a Baby"
13. Les Mc Cann. "Red Top" (Bucket O' Grease)
14. New Jersey Kings. "Give Me Wood"
15. Gene Page & The Hues Corp. "I' m Gonna Catch You" (Blacula OST)
16. Della Reese. "Brand New Day"

NMdT 10/01/2001
1. Lee Morgan. "Untitled Boogaloo" (The Procrastinator)
2. Big John Patton. "Spiffy Diffy" (Along Came John)
3. Byrdie Green. "Return of the ProdigalSon"
4. Lou Donaldson. "Midnight Creeper"
5. Gene Harris. "Why am i Treated so Bad" (Live at the Lighthouse)
6. Mose Allison. "Parchman Farm" (Mose Allison Sings)
7. The Blues Project. "Parchman Farm" (Live)
8. Buddy Reach Big Band. "Hello, i Love You" (Buddy & Soul)
9. Truman Thomas. "Funky Broadway" (Blue Juice vol. 3)
10. Peggy Lee. "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" (Blue Juice vol. 3)
11. Hugo Montenegro. "Shoo Bee Doo Bee Doo Da Day" (Hugo in Wonderland)
12. Jr. and his Soulettes. "Thing, do the Creep" (Psychodelic Sounds)
13. The Trammps. "Love Epidemy"
14. Jackie Wilson & the Chi-Lites. "Don' t Burn No Bridges"
15. Arthur Conley. "Soul Shack"
16. Barry St. John "Cry Like a Baby"
17. Tom Jones. "Day By Day"
18. Georgie Fame. "The Seventh Son"
19. Wess and the Airedales. "Crazy"
20. Cliff Bennet and the Rebel Rousers. "Hold On I'm Comin'"
21. Ray Charles. "I'm Lost Without You"

NMdT 10/01/2001
1. Alan Morehouse &h is Bond Street Brigade. "Funky Fever"
2. Joe Frazier. "Knock Out Drop" (Blue Juice vol. 3)
3. Blue Mitchell. "Swahili Suite" (Blue Juice vol. 3)
4. Lou Donaldson. "Bag of Jewels" (Midnight Creeper)
5. Gene Harris and the Three Sounds. "Takin' It Easy"
6. Gene Harris and the Three Sounds. "Still I'm Sad" (Live at thelighthouse)
7. Joe Cuba Sextet. "Oh, Yeah" (EP Bang, bang)
8. Eddie Palmieri. "African Twist" (Champagne)
9. Gene Chandler. "Kissin' In The Kitchen"
10. Gladys Knight and the Pips. "Runnin' Around"
11. Lukas and the Mike Cotton Sound. "Ain't love good, ain't love proud"(Go-Go Train)
12. Yardbirds. "Good Morning Little School Girl"
13. Aphrodite's Child. "Don't Try to catch a river"
14. Pink Floyd. "Lucifer Sam" (The piper at the Gates of Dawn)
15. The Creation. "syloutte"
16. The 13th Floor Elevators. "You're Gonna Miss Me" (Psychedelic Sounds)
17. Los Indonesios. "Can't You Hear Me"
18. Los Brincos. "A mí con esas"
19. Los Albas. "el Bugulú"
20. Esquivel. "Bulevar de Sueños Rotos"

NMdT 24/01/2001
1. Capricorn College Brass. " Capricorn College " (Mo' Plen 1000)
2. Henry Mancini. "The Monkey Farm" (BSO Gunn Number One)
3. Dolly. "Negro Zumbón"
4. Rotation. "Ratatata"
5. Buddy Rich Big Band. "Soul Lady" (Buddy & Soul)
6. P. Kass "Causeaway" (DeWolfe Soundbook)
7. Les Reed. "Big Drum"
8. Jonny Keating. "I feel the earth Move" (Space Experience)
9. Augusto Martelli. "Summertime"
10. Caterina Caselli. "L'Uomo d'Oro"
11. Nino Ferrer. "Je Veux Étre Noir"
12. Nino Ferrer. "Si tu m'aimes encore"
13. Georgie Fame & Alan Price. "John & Mary"
14. William Bell. "I forgot to be your lover"
15. Bilyi Larkin & the Delegates. "Pygmy pt.2" (Blue Juice vol. 3)
16. The Tempations. "Plastic Man"
17. Gladys Knight & the Pips. "Really didn't mean it"
18. Ike & Tina Turner. "So Fine"
19. John Walker. "Cotton Fields"
20. Conexión. "I don' t Know What to Do"
21. The Blues Project. "Back Door man"
22. The Yardbirds. "I wish i would"

NMdT 31/01/2001
1. Keith Mansfield. "Powerhouse pop" (VVAA Sound gallery vol. 2)
2. Lord Sitar. "I can see for Miles" (VVAA Sound gallery vol. 2)
3. John Andrews Tartaglia. "Light My Fire" (VVAA Sound gallery vol. 2)
4. The Steve Karmen Big Band. "Breakaway" (VVAA Sound gallery vol. 2)
5. Briggite Bardot. "Tu Veux ou Tu Veux Pas"
6. Grant Green. "Daddy Grapes" (His Majesty King Funk)
7. Donald Byrd. "Blind Man, Blind Man" (Up)
8. Donald Byrd. "My Babe" (Up)
9. Ekseption. "Canvas"
10. Ekseption. "Ritual Fire Dance"
11. Pucho & Latin Soul Brothers "What A Piece" (Saffron Soul)
12. Pucho & Latin Soul Brothers The Groover" (Saffron Soul)
13. Ike & Tina Turner "It's Gonna Work Out Fine"
14. Bob & Earl. "Harlem Shuffle"
15. King Curtis. "Soul Twist"
16. Marvin Gaye. "Stubborn Kind of Fellow"
17. Walker Brothers "My Love is Growing" (Portrait)
18. Walker Brothers "Saturday's Child" (Portrait)
19. Frank Zappa. "You Did't Try To Call Me" (Freak Out)
20. The Sonics. "Strychnine"

NMdT 07/02/2001
1. Baby Face Willte. "Mo' Rock"
2. Hugo Montenegro. "Yo-Yo"
3. Brother Jack McDuff. "Ain't it funky Now"(Down Home Style)
4. Brother Jack McDuff. "The Heatin' System"
5. Jimmy Mc Griff & Junior Parker. "Workin'" (Good Things Don't Happen Every Day)
6. Donald Byrd. "See, see, Rider" (Up)
7. Ray Charles. "I'm Lost Without You"
8. Arthur Conley. "Funky Street"
9. Johnnie Taylor. "I Wanna Testify"
10. Rufus Thomas. "Funky Mississippi"
11. Little Milton. "That's What Love Will Make You Do"
12. Ekseption. "Ritual Fire Dance" (s/t)
13. Marlena Shaw. "Liberation"
14. Lalo Schiffrin. "Magnum Foce Theme"
15. Lalo Schiffrin/Shirley Bassey. "The Liquidator"
16. Tom Jones. "This and That"
17. Zanini. "Tu Veux, Tu Veux Pas"
18. Luis Aguilé. "La Chatunga"
19. Pop Tops. "Junto a Tí"
20. Los Canarios. "Get On Your Knees"
21. Bob Guy. "Dear Jeepers" (Frank Zappa's Cucamonga)
22. The Rotations. "Heavies" (Frank Zappa's Cucamonga)
23. Xavier Cugat. "Apache"

NMdT 14/02/2001
1. Dolly. "Listen Here"
2. The Pace Setters. "Freedom and Justice" (Superfunk)
3. The New Jersey Kings. "The Money Shot"
4. Truman Thomas. "Funky Broadway" (Blue Juice Vol. 3)
5. Ekseption. "Canvas"
6. The Nick Rossi Set. "Sweet ' tater Pie"
7. Pucho & Latin Soul Bros. "What a Piece" (Saffron Soul)
8. Lalo Schiffrin. "The Wave" (Piano, String & Bossa Nova)
9. Jimmy McGriff & Jr. Parker. "Ain' t That a Shame" (Good Things Don't Happen Every Day)
10.Lou Donaldson. "The Humpback" (Mr. Sing A Ling)
11. Georgie Fame. "Pride and Joy"
12. Sylvia Robbins. "Don' t Let Your Open Eyes Get Bigger Than Your Heart"
13. Gladys Knight & the Pips. "Runnin' Around"
14. Cliff Bennett & Rebel Rousers. "Ain' t Love Good, Ain't Love Proud"
15. Wess & the Airdales. "Hey Joe"
16. Gene Page. "I'm Gonna Catch You" (Blacula OST)
17. Ray Conniff. "Shaft"
18. Frank Pourcel. "Le Bon, la Brute et le Truand" (Western)
19. P. Kass. "Causeaway" (De Wolfe Music Library)
20. Los Sirex. "Acto de Fuerza"
21. Los Relámpagos. "Bwana"
22. Los De la Torre. "Con los Ojos Abiertos"
23. Los Salvajes. "A la Buena de Dios"
24. Ennio Morricone. "Adonai"

NMdT 21/02/2001
1. Les Baxter. "Wheels"
2. Les Baxter. "Hell's Belles" (Hell's Belles OST)
3. Buddy Rich Big Band. "St. Petersburg Race" (Buddy & Soul)
4. The Duke of Burlington. "Flash" (Flash)
5. Howard Carpendale. "Du Has Mich"
6. Rare Bird. "Devil's High Concern"
7. Graham Bond Organisation. "I Want You" (The Sound of 65)
8. Sandy Nelson. "Sock it to 'em JB" (Beat That #$¡* Drum)
9. TR Selección. "Soulin'"
10. Augusto Algueró. "Laugh, Laugh"
11. Gene Harris & Three Sounds. "Why am I Treated So Bad" (Live at the Lighthouse)
12. Ekseption. "Little x Plus" (s/t)
13. Jose Feliciano. "Susie Q"
14. Tim Buckley. "Knight Errant" (s/t)
15. Dinah Washington. "It's a Mean Old Man's World"
16. The Precisions. "If Ths Is Love"
17. Johnny Taylor. "I Wanna Testify"
18. Beatles. "The Word" (Rubber Soul)
19. Georgie Fame. "Somebody Stole My Thunder"
20. Nino Ferrer. "Le Telefon"
21. Los Cinco Ibéricos. "Todo Nos Sonríe" (Ibericosis)
22. Los Albas. "Atácalo"

NMdT 28/02/2001
1. Richard Groove Holmes. "This Here" (After Hours)
2. Jimmy McGriff & Junior Parker. "Good Things Don't Happen Every day"
3. Lonnie Smith. "Charlie Brown" (Move Your Hand)
4. Galt McDermot. "Coffee Cold"
5. Karen Hernández. "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
6. Mose Allison. "It Didn't Turn Out That Way"
7. Georgie Fame & Alan Price. "John & Mary"
8. Ten Wheel Drive & Genya Ravan. "Tightrope"
9. The Blues Project. "I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes"
10. Ike & Tina Turner. "So Fine"
11. The Capitols. "Cool Jerk"
12. Jose Feliciano. "Hi-Heel Sneakers"
13. The Lafayettes. "Nobody But You"
14. Sergio Mendes. "Comin' Home Baby" (My Favorite Things)
15. Dee Edwards. "Hurt a Little Every Day"
16. Barry St. John. "Cry Like a Baby"
17. The Walker Brothers. "Living Above Your Head"
18. Engelbert Humperdinck. "Take My Heart"
19. Georgie Fame. "Sunny"
20. William Bell. "I Forgot To Be Your Lover"

NMdT 07/03/2001
{fallecido el 28 de febrero a la edad de 74 años.
Para él, instrumentales y sólo instrumentales}
1. I Marc 4. "Picadilly Circus"
2. Piero Piccioni. "La Rai Se Presenta"
3. Lesiman. "Milano 72"
4. Ennio Morricone. "Svolta Definitiva"
5. Piero Umiliani. "Railroad" (To Day's Sound)
6. Augusto Martelli. "Beryl's Tune"
7. Manfred Hubler. "Droge CX9" (Vampyros Lesbos)
8. Capricorn College Brass. "Capricorn College"
9. Mikis Teodorakis. "Cafe Rock"
10. Mirageman. "Katawa" (Thrilling)
11. Henry Mancini. "The Monkey Farm" (Gunn ... Number One)
12. Ekseption. "Ritual Fire Dance" (s/t)
13. Ananda Shankar. "Dancing Drums"
14. Incredible Bongo Band. "Bongo Rock '73"
15. Claude Ciari. "Funky Beat" (Blue Juive vol. 3)
16. Bill Dogget. "Funky whistler" (Blue Juive vol. 3)
17. Piero Umiliani. "Music On The Road" (To-Day's Sound)
18. Keith Mansfield. "Exclusive Blend"
19. Mahná Mackay. "Mah Ná Mah Ná"
20. Piero Umiliani. "L'Arcangelo"
21. Stefano Torossi. "Running Fast"
22. Mr. Bloe. "Groovin'"
23. Herbie Hancock. "Bring Down The Birds" (Blow Up OST)
24. Les Reed. "Big Drum"
25. Roy Budd. "Get Carter OST"
26. Gianni Ferrio. "Ira R&B"
27. TR Selección. "Soulin'"
28. Les McCann. "La Brea"
29. Hugo Montenegro. "Yo-Yo"
30. David McCallum. "Batman Theme"
31. John Keating. "Jesus Christ Superstar" (Space Experience)
32. Jerry Goldsmith. "The Boiler Maker" (Flint OST)
33. Al Caiola. "A Hard Day's Night"
34. Manfred Mann. "Sheila's Dance" (Up The Junction OST)
35. John Patton. "Boogaloo Boogie"

NMdT 14/03/2001
1. Ananda Shankar. "Streets of Calcutta"
2. Alan Hawkshaw. "Hot Pants"
3. Jose Feliciano. "Hitchcock Railway"
4. Lorenzo Holden. "The Wig"
5. Detroit City LImits. "98% Plus Tax"
6. Patchwork. "Laughin' Sam (on the phone)"
7. Bobbie Gentry. "Mississippi Delta" (Blue Juice)
8. Wess & the Airedales. "See See Rider"
9. Les McCann. "Red Top" (Bucket o' Grease)
10. Piero Umiliani. "Railroad" (To-Day's Sound)
11. Tony Roland. "Supestar"
12. Bar Kays. "Barkay's Boogaloo"
13. Mirageman. "Katawa" (Thrilling)
14. John Mayall & Bluesbreakers. "Looking Back"
15. Los Buenos. "Looking Back"
16. The Blues Project. "Wake Me, Shale Me"
17. Tim Buckley. "Understand Your Man"
18. Georgie Fame. "River's Invitation" (Two Faces of Fame)
19. Reuben Wilson. "Blue Mode"
20. Los Cinco Ibéricos. "Tú Me Añorarás" (Ibericosis)
21. Los Jóvenes. "Simpatía en Soul"
22. Rare Bird. "Devil's High Concern"
23. Fairport Convention. "Jack O'Diamonds"
24. The Yardbirds. "I'm a Man"
25. Them. "Just a Little Bit"
26. Small Faces. "Baby Don't Do It"
27. Sonics. "Boss Hoss"

NMdT 21/03/2001
1. Bobby Womack. "California Dreamin'"
2. Curtis Mayfield. "Wild and Free" (Curtis)
3. Frank Sinatra. "Old Devil Moon" (Songs for Swinging Lovers)
4. Shirley Bassey. "The Liquidator"
5. Lalo Schiffrin. "Magnum Force Theme"
6. Al Caiola. "Man from UNCLE"
7. Tom Jones. "Day by Day"
8. Joe Bataan. "Subway Joe"
9. Joe Cuba Sextet. "Oh Yeah"
10. Patchwork. "Afrodidiac"
11. Os Mutantes. "Ando Meio Desligado" (A Divina Comedia)
12. Trini López. "Superman/Cry Like a Baby"
13. Lou Donaldson. "Turtle Walk" (Hot Dog)
14. Brian Auger. "Black Cat"
15. Los Cinco Ibéricos. "Tu Me Añorarás"
16. John Mayall & Bluesbreakers. "Crocodrile Walk"
17. Savoy Brown Blues Band. "Taste & Try Before You Buy"
18. Grant Green. "Upshot" (Carryin' On)
19. J.Pate. "You Can't Even Walk in the Park" (BSO Shaft en Africa)
20. Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw. "Move, Move, Move"
21. Nilsmen. "Sandstep"
22. Sandy Nelson. "Sock It to 'em JB" (Beat That #?!* Drum)
23. Cliff Bennet & Rebel Rousers. "Good Times"
24. The Jerms. "Teardrop"

NMdT 04/04/2001
1. Les Baxter. "Wheels" "Hell's Belles"
2. Booker T & MGs. "We've Got Johnny Wells" (Uptight BSO)
3. Johhny Pearson. "Delhi Discoteque"
4. Alan Hawkshaw. "Rocky Mountain Runabout"
5. P. Milray. "Supercharger"
6. P. Reno. "Hardcrust"
7. Jose Feliciano. "Susie Q"
8. Horace Silver & Andy Bey. "The Show Has Begun"
9. Count Basie. "Green Onions"
10. Baby Face Willette. "Mo' Rock"
11. Dolly. "Listen Here"
12. Br. Jack McDuff. "Buter For Your Pop Corn"
13. Los Salvajes. "Al Capone"
14. Los Cinco Ibéricos". "Todo Nos Sonríe"
15. La Ruta. "I Want You Back"
16. Wilson Pickett. "Born To Be Wild"
17. Les Cactus. "Can't Be Like Me"
18. Los Kieffers. "Oye Mis Ansis de Vivir"
19. Paul Buff. "Blind Man's Buff"
20. The Crusaders. "Mellow Cut"

NMdT 11/04/2001
1. Billy Butler. "Honky Tonk"
2. Bo Kaspers Orkestre. "Simtur"
3. Nancy Wilson. "Willie and Laura Mae Jones"
4. Bobbie Gentry. "Ace Insurance Man"
5. Nancy Sinatra. "The City Never Sleeps"
6. Miguel Ramos. "Música Para Ver a las Chicas"
7. Los Cantantes de Enoch Light. "Light My Fire"
8. John Patton. Shoutin' But No Poutin'"
9. Brian auger Trinity. "What You Gonna Do"
10. Brian Bennett. "Soul Mission"
11. Arthur Brown. "Nightmare"
12. The Allnighters. "Bad Trip"
{Especial Semana Santa}
13. John Keating. "Jesuschrist Superstar" Lloyd Webber - Tim Rice: Jesuschrist Superstar BSO
14. Judas. "Heaven on their Minds"
15. Jesus, Mª Magdalena y Apóstoles. "What's That Buzz"
16. Simón Zealotes. "Simón Zealotes"
17. Judas. "Damned for Life"
18. Pedro y Mª Magdal. "Peter's Denial"
19. Judas y Angeles. "Superstar"
20. Monty Phyton. "Always Look the Bright Side of Life" (Brian's Life BSO)
21. Tony Roland. "Superstar"
22. Padre Mariver. "Terrible"

NMdT 25/04/2001
1. JImmy McGriff & Junior Parker. "Workin' " (good Thing DOn't Happen Every Day)
2. Lou Donaldson. "Midnight Creeper" (s/t)
3. Curtis Mayfiled. "Little Child Runnin' Wild" (Superfly)
4. People. "September's Son"
5. John Walker. "Cottonfields"
6. The Second Generation. "House of the Rising Sun"
7. Don Bryant. "What Are You Doing to my World?"
8. Clarence Carter. "Snatching it Back"
9. Jackie Wilson. "Who Who Song"
10. Johnnie Taylor. "Take Care of your Homework"
11. Wilson Pickett. "Hey Joe"
12. Billie Davis."Billy Sunshine"
13. Johnny Johnson & Bandwagon. "Honey Bee"
14. Augusto Algueró. "Laugh. Laugh"
15. Manfred Mann. "My Generation"
16. Small Faces. "All or Nothing"
17. Caterina Casselli. "Il Gioco dell Amore"
18. Jacques Dutronc. "Les Gents Son Fous Les Temps Son Flous"
19. Nino Ferrer. "Je Veux Etre Noir"
20. Augusto Martelli. "Birimbao"
21. Seeds. "Try to Understand"
22. Lone Star. "Lucille"
23. The Clique. "The Fish Down Gina's"
24. The Apemen. "Love Train"
25. Spick'n'Span. "Time Flies"
26. Arthur Brown. "Fire"

NMdT 02/05/2001
1. Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll. "Light My fire"
2. " Let the Sunshine In"
3. Jackie Ross. "Take Me for a Little While"
4. Fontella Bass. "Lucky in Love"
5. Jimmy James & the Vagabonds. "Hi-Diddly Dee Dum Dum"
6. Jimmy McCraclin. "Beluah"
7. Georgie Fame. "Pride & Joy"
8. Gene Chandler. "Kissin' in the Kitchen"
9. Ray Carles. "I'm Lost Without You"
10. Jackie Wilson. "Since You Showed Me How to Be Happy"
11. Bunny Sigler. "Let the Good Times Roll"
12. Wess. "Heartbreaker"
13. James Cotton Blues Band. "Good Time Charlie"
14. Savoy Brown Blues Band. "Taste and try Before You Buy"
15. Manfred Mann. "Mr. Anello"
16. Les Cactus. "Brown Suede Shoes"
17. The Blackbirds. "Gonna Have a Good Time"
18. Ennio Morricone. "Svolta Definitiva"
19. Spick & Span. "Time Flies"
20. Wess & the Airedales. "Hey Joe"
21. Jimmy McGriff. "Fat Cakes"
22. Lou Donaldson. "The Humpback"
23. Sugarman Three. Concierto Rne·3

NMdT 16/05/2001
1. Leroy Holmes Orchestra. "One Note Samba"
2. Segio Mendes. "Favorite Thing"
3. Les Chakachas. "Canalla"
4. Joe Cuba Sextet. ""Bang Bang"
5. Bobby Valentin. "Use it Before you Lose it"
6. Ray Barretto. "Soul Drummers"
7. Patchwork. "Afro-Disiac"
8. Dolly. "Negro Zumbón"
9. Augusto Martelli. "Birimbao"
10. La Nueva Banda de Santiesteban. "Zorongo"
11. Hugo Montenegro. "Moog Power"
12. Ray Stevens. "Gitarzan"
13. Jack Tresse. "Je Suis un Elephant"
14. Rune Gustaffson. "Son of a Preacher Man"
15. Jess & James. "Move"
16. Los Albas. "Atácalo"
17. Lone Star. "No Not My Baby"
18. Los Brincos. "I Try To Find"
19. Brian Auger. "Black Cat"
20. Georgie Fame. "No Thanks"
21. Lou Donaldson. "Everything i Play is Gonna be Funky"

NMdT 23/05/2001
1. JImmy Smith. "Hi Heel Sneakers"
2. Reuben Wilson. "Orange Peel"
3. Merl Saunders. "Soul Groovin'"
4. Lou Donaldson. "Alligator Boogaloo"
5. Jimmy McGriff & Jr. Parker. "Drownin' on Dry Land"
6. Brian Auger. "Bumpin' on Sunset"
7. Augusto Martelli. "Mood"
8. Piero Umiliani. "Railroad"
9. Capricorn College. "Mab Mystic Woman"
10. J. Trombey. "Payroll"
11. Alan Hawkshaw. "Rocky Mountain Runabout"
12. Jacques Dutronc. "Sur Une Nappe de Restaurant"
13. Fantastic Johnny C. "Boogaloo Down Broadway"
14. The Miracles. "Shop Around"
15. Jimmy McGriff. "I've Got a Woman (pt. 1)"
16. Georgie Fame. "Ride Your Pony"
17. Tina Britt. "Who Was That"
18. Supremes Join the Temptations. "Funky Broadway"
19. The Temptations. "I Can't Get Next to You"
20. James Brown & Famous Flames. "I Got the Feeling"
21. Gene Page & Hues Corp. "There He is Again"
22. Sly & Family Stone. "Fun"
23. Ray Barretto. "Mercy Mercy Baby"

NMdT 31/05/2001
1. Franck Pourcel · James Bond Theme
2. Juan Carlos Calderón · Dies Irae
3. Stevie Wonder · Pearl
4. Curtis Mayfield · We Got To Have Peace
5. Merl Saunders · Up Up and Away
6. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 · Scarborough Fair
7. Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass · Workin' Song
8. Jimmy Smith · Got My Mojo Workin'
9. Alan Morehouse & Bond Street Brigade · Funky Fever
10. J. Thrombey · Payroll
11. The Mohawks · Mony Mony
12. The Nilsmen · Le Winston
13. Spencer Davis Group · I'm a Man
14. Conexión · Woman I Love You
15. The Shocking Blue · Hot Sand
16. The Five Pills · Five Pills Theme
17. Tina Britt · Sookie Sookie
18. Tom Jones · The Lonely One
19. Doug Fowlkes · Tossing and Turning
20. Howard Carpendale · Soul Sister Brown Sugar
21. Georgie Fame · Beware of the Dog
22. Spick & Span · Time Flies
23. Andrés Pajares · Drácula Ye Yé

NMdT 06/06/2001
1. Groove Holmes & Jimmy Witherspoon · Out Blues
2. Roland Kirk & Jack McDuff · Kirk's Work
3. Jimmy McGriff & Groove Holmes · The Squirrell
4. Grant Green · Ease Back
5. Count Basie · Mercy Mercy Mercy
6. Mose Allison · If You Live
7. Little Steve Wonder · Ain't That Love
8. Bobby Bland · Shoes
9. Toussaint McCall · Shimmy
10. Bill Doggett · Hold It
11. Graham Bond Organisation · Baby Be Good To Me
12. John Mayall & BluesBreakers · Blues City Shakedown
13. Tony Colton's Big Boss Band · You're Wrong There Baby
14. Five Pills · 1, 2, 5
15. Franck Pourcel · On Her Majesty's Secret Service
16. Ennio Morricone · Diabolik Theme
17. Sergio Mendes & Brasil ' 66 · Casa Forte
18. Vampyros Lesbos · The Lion and the Cucumber
19. Jaques Loussier · Ballet Photo Rouge