16 May 2007

NMdT S08E22 .: Dove Vai, Mama?


1. Aguaviva. cantaré [LP/Aguaviva/Accion]
2. Pidgeon. the wind blows cold [LP/Pidgeon/1969]
3. Nada. ritornera vicino a me (afterglow of your love)[SG/RCA]
4. The Capes of Good Hope. lady margaret [SG/Round/1966]
5. The Wildweeds. i'm dreaming [SG/CadetConcept/1968]
6. Spirit. prelude-nothin' to hide [LP Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus/1970]
7. Mushroom. where i belong [SG/Ariola/1971]
8. Tucky Buzzard. free ticket [SG/Hispavox/1971]
9. The Sopwith Camel. frantic desolation [LP s/t/KamaSutra]
10. Grains of Sand. nice girl [SG/Philips/1967]
11. Dave Miller Set. hope [SG/Spin]
12. The Nashville Teens. looking for you [SG/Sintonia/1970]
13. Brunetta. dove vai? (summer wine) [EP/Marfer/1968]
14. Sylvana Velasco. mama [SG/RCAVictor/1968]
15. Trini Lopez. sinner man [EP/Reprise/1965]
16. Herman Grimes. i'll make you smile again [SG/Musicland]

02 May 2007

NMdT S08E21 .: Gente Linda


1. Eden's Children. call it design [LP Sure Looks Real/1968]
2. Agamenon. blow up the candle [LP Agamenon/Guerssen/1975]
3. Vainica Doble. las 12 caras de eva [SG/opalo/1971]
4. Wild Butter. roxanne [SG/UA/1970]
5. Kesington Market. i would be the one [SG/WarnerBros]
6. Juan y Juan. gente linda [SG/RCA/1971]
7. Manolo y Ramon. lagrimas, sonrisas [SG/CPI/1970]
8. Doris. don't [SG/Odeon/1970]
9. John Dunn. she's just a dream [SG/FlickCity]
10. Group Therapy. who'll be next [SG/RCAVictor/1968]
11. The Parliaments. a new day begins [SG/ATCO]
12. Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign. berkeley barb want ad [LP Sausalito Heliport/Columbia/1969]
13. Human Instinct. renaisance fair [SG/Time/1968]
14. Jim & Jean. the planet june [SG/Verve/1967]
15. John George. goodbye [SG/Janus]