27 April 2005

NMdT S06E23 .: Instrumental Assassination pt. II


1. Orquesta Palobal. the odd couple [LP/Palobal]
2. The London Studio Group. the big itch [Jimmy Strikes Back/10"/DeWolfe]
3. i Marc 4. sweet beat [LP/Nelson]
4. Evolution. i'm walking high [SG/Dimension]
5. Lionel Hampton. lion's den [Grandes del Jazz/LP/Sarpe]
6. The London Studio Group. rollin' easy [Bumper Bundle/LP/DeWolfe]
7. Graham Bond & Magick. the forbidden fruit [We Put Our Magick On You/LP/Mercury]
8. Billy Larkin & the Delegates. ain't gonna move [Ain't That a Groove/LP/WP]
9. Jimmy McGriff. the swingin' sepherd blues [I've Got a New Woman/LP/SolidState]
10. People's Choice. i likes to do it [SG/Phil-La]
11. Donatore di Groove. dont play with my kangaroo [Demo]
12. Quincy Jones. main squeeze [The Lost Man/BSO/Fontana]
13. Sandy Nelson. midnight magic [Boogaloo Beat/LP/Imperial]
14. Jess & James. nicky's at the PC [Move/LP/Belter]
15. Lester Freemen Orch. il re d'inghilterra [SanRemo68/LP/Marfer]

20 April 2005

NMdT S06E22 .: A Man Shoud Never Cry


1. Gary Walker & the Rain. spooky [SG/Polydor]
2. Nirvana. wings of love [SG/Island]
3. The End. loving sacred loving [SG/Sonoplay]
4. The Pretty Things. walking through my dreams [SG/Laurie]
5. The Clique. superman [SG/London]
6. The Strawberry Alarm Clock. the birdman of alkatrash [SG/Uni]
7. The Countdowns. she works all day [SG/RecRds]
8. The Druids. a man should never cry [SG/Columbia]
9. The Mike Cotton Sound. make up your mind [SG/Metronome]
10. The Buckinghamns. don't you care [SG/CBS]
11. The Cleaners. if you want me [SG/Knight]
12. Lalo. pierdo tu amor [SG/RCAVictor]
13. Los Continentales. vivo feliz como soy [SG/SonoPlay]
14. i Corvi. datemi un biglieto d'aereo (the letter) [SG/BlueBell]
15. The Good Feelins. i'm captured [SG/Liberty]
16. John Fred & his Playboy Band. agnes englisg [SG/CEM]
17. Lyme & Cybelle. follow me [SG/WhiteWhale]
18. Made in Sweden. i don't care [SG/Discophon]

13 April 2005

NMdT S06E21 .: Lonesome Ways


1. Outsiders. what's wrong with you [SG/Relax]
2. Outsiders. monkey on your back [SG/Relax]
3. Love Society. without you [SG/Scepter]
4. Kent & the Candidates. trouble [SG/DoubleShot]
5. Dusty Greyrock. tears in my heart [SG/RCAVictor]
6. The Finestuff. big brother [SG/RaSet]
7. Charlie Brown's Generation. trash [SG/Atco]
8. The Vipps. that's my woman [SG/Philips]
9. The New Inspiration. lonesome way [SG/Decca]
10. Cupids Inspiration. dream [SG/Nems]
11. Dave Clark Five. inside and out [SG/Epic]
12. Marbles. i can't see nobody [SG/Polydor]
13. The End. yo-yo [SG/Sonoplay]
14. The Bunch. you can't do this [SG/CBS]
15. The Buckinghams. why don't you love me [SG/CBS]
16. Mirla. dejame en paz [SG/Penelope]
17. Jack Tresse. je suis un elephant [SG/Vergara]
18. Circus. wishing [SG/Movieplay]

06 April 2005

NMdT S06E20 .: de Lorellas and Shakers


Guest spinner :: Miguel Patilla

1. Silvana Velasco. hush [SG/RCA]
2. Lorella y los Shakers. sola estoy [EP/RCA]
3. Mony. schopenhauer [EP/Fontana]
4. Shelly & Nueva Generacion. i'm a poor boy [SG/Philips]
5. Tara. happy [SG/Polydor]
6. Celines y los Mistics. si no eres tu (wasn't it you) [SG/MYK]
7. The Shadows. scotch on the socks [EP/HMV]
8. The New Breeder. want ad reader [SG/HBR]
9. The Hunger. mind machine [SG/Public]
10. Terry Britten. bargain day [SG/Columbia]
11. Bruno Castiglia e i Bisonti. viso di luce [SG/City]
12. Charlie Earland's Erector Set. yes suh' [SG/Eldorado]
13. The Bit A Sweet. out of sight, out of mind [SG/MGM]
14. The Grassroots. midnight confessions [SG/RCA]
15. Love Children. easy squeezy [SG/Deram]
16. The Shake. oh, no [Demo] http://www.theshake.net