01 December 2010

NMdT S12E05 .: It's a Good Thing


1. The Life. one o'clock noon time [SG/Hi/1968]
2. Tony and Terri. i want you [SG/Mercury/1965]
3. The Jades. all's quiet on west 23rd [SG/Liberty/1970]
4. Hardwater. plate of my fare [SG/Capitol/1969]
5. Hardwater. good old friends [SG/Capitol/1969]
6. Alexander Rabbit. i didn't even thank her [SG/A&M/1969]
7. The Sound Solution. i had the notion [SG/Strobe/c1968]
8. Nirvana. rainbow chaser [SG/Island/1968]
9. Los Gatos. viento, dile a la lluvia [SG/Vik/1968]
10. The American Revolution. cold wisconsin nights [SG/Flick-Disc/1968]
11. The Sunshine Company. happy [SG/Imperial/1967]
12. Websters New Word. henry thachet [SG/RCAVictor/1966]
13. Think. it's a good thing [SG/Columbia]
14. Think. california is getting so heavy [SG/Columbia]
15. Los In. happy jack [SG/CBS/1967]
16. Jack Bedient and the Chessmen. love workshop [SG/Columbia/1967]
17. The Higher State. and in time [LP Darker by the Day/13O'CLock/2009]

24 November 2010

NMdT S12E04 .: Cut You A-Loose


1. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band. big time operator [EP/Columbia/1966]
2. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band.zoot's sermon [EP/Columbia/1966]
3. The Classic VI. princess gloom [SG/R-Wal]
4. Barry Lee & the Actions. try me [SG/Wine and Roses/1966]
5. Doug Robertson and the Good Guys. quiet riot [SG/Jerden/1964]
6. Billy the Kid Emerson. the whip (pt 1&2) [SG/M-Pac/1963]
7. The Merced Blue Notes. rufus JR [SG/Galaxy/1965]
8. The Merced Blue Notes. thumping [SG/Galaxy/1965]
9. Ricky Allen. cut you a-loose [SG/Age/1963]
10. Mickey Baker's Soul Sound. soul taste [EP/AZ/1966]
11. Mickey Baker's Soul Sound. after watz [EP/AZ/1966]
12. Howard Tate. night owl [SG/Verve/1967]
13. Shirley & Jessie. you can't fight love [SG/Wand/c1965]
14. Shirley & Jessie. ivory tower [SG/Wand/c1965]
15. Harlow Wilcox. groovy grobworm [SG/Impel]
16. Don Gardner. my baby likes to boogaloo [SG/Tru-Glo-Town/1966]

10 November 2010

NMdT S12E03 .: Fools Live Alone


1. La Maquina del Sonido. sandra (a girl named sandoz) [SG/CBS/1969]
2. The Shadows of Time. search your soul [SG/Sol/1969]
3. The Liberty Bell. look for tomorrow [SG/BackBeat/1969]
4. The Affection Collection. time rests heavy on my hands [SG/United Artists/1968]
5. The Thousand Faces. a thousand faces [SG/Era/1968]
6. The Freedom. trying to get a glimpse of you [SG/Mercury/1968]
7. The Lost Tribe. fools live alone [SG/United artists/1969]
8. Andwella. hold on to your mind [SG/Reflection/1970]
9. The Tower. slow motion mind [SG/Decca/1968]
10. North Atlantic Invation Force. blue and green gown [SG/Congressional/1967]
11. The Hombres. take my overwhelming love [SG/VerveForecast/1968]
12. The Kidds. straighten up and fly right [SG/Big Beat/]
13. The Barracudas. wait for tomorrow [SG/Critique/1967]
14. Montanas. hey diddle diddle [SG/Decca/1969]
15. The Fortunes. someone to care [SG/Press/1966]

27 October 2010

NMdT S12E02 .: Tell the Story, Walter Wright!


1. Telephone. love is there [SG Ariola 1971]
2. Livin Ends. jolyn [SG Atlantic 1969]
3. The Ark. poverty train [SG MGM 1967]
4. Kin Vassy. blue bird [SG Uni 1970]
5. Greatest Show on Earth. tell the story [SG Harvest 1970]
6. Thorinshield. lonely mountain again [SG Philips 1967]
7. Circus Maximus. negative dreamer girl [SG Vanguard 1967]
9. The Jackals. linda come lately [SG Liberty 1969]
10. The Rooneys. walter wright [SG Columbia]
11. US Males. open up your heart [SG Britannia 1968]

Shorter show than usual this week (42 min). I was late!

06 October 2010

NMdT S12E01 .: Will Ya Open Your Eyes?


01. Dust. i know i know [SG/YAS]
02. The Guise. girls, make up your mind [SG/Musicland]
03. Danny Hutton. dreamin' isn't good for you [SG/MGM]
04. Blue Marble Faunn. open your eyes [SG]
05. The Underground. satysfyin' sunday [SG Mainstream/1966]
06. Skunks. i need no one [SG/WP/1968]
07. The Rainy Daze. my door is always open [SG/WhiteWhale/1968]
08. The Jet Stream. crazy me [SG/Smash/1968]
09. The Boys 'n Ivy. soul kitchen [SG/Pampa]
10. The Rumbles. it's my turn to cry [SG/Mercury/1966]
11. The Rumbles. fourteen years [SG/Mercury/1966]
12. The Creatures. it must be love [SG/Columbia/1966]
13. Pinkerton's Assort' Colours. will ya? [SG/Decca/1966]
14. The Shy Guys. lay it on the line [SG/Panik/1968]
15. The Shy Guys. we gotta go [SG/Panik/1968]

19 May 2010

NMdT S11E08 .: Ni Rastro de Ellas


1. France Gall. teenie-weenie-boppie [EP Philips]
2. The Peels. time marches on [SG Karate 1966]
3. Ellas. lloviรณ [SG CEM 1968]
4. Bridge. love is there [SG Roulette 1970]
5. The Fortunes. things I should have known [EP Ariston 1965]
6. The Big Ben's. c'e chi per amore (the last time) [EP Ariston 1965]
7. John & Paul. I'm walkin' [SG Tip 1965]
8. The Pretty Things. buzz the jerk [EP Fontana 1966]
9. Mark Markham and the Jesters. goin' back to marlboro country [SG Power 1966]
10. The Collectors. fat bird [SG WB 1968]
11. The Hard Times. they said no [SG World pacific 1967]
12. The Collectors. make it easy [SG WB 1968]
13. The Rumbles LTD. jezebel [SG Mercury 1967]
14. The Tuesday Club. only human [SG Philips 1967]
15. Fumestones. sin rectificar [SG Hey Girl! 2010]
16. Las Aspiradoras. ni rastro de polvo [SG Hey Girl! 2010]
17. Bobby Blue. ride with me baby [SG Imperial]

28 April 2010

NMdT S11E07 .: Datura Folk


1. Guido e Maurizio di Angelis. mompracen [OST Sandokan/RCA/1976]
2. Cecilia. mi gata luna [LP/CBS/1972]
3. Cecilia. dear prudence [LP/CBS/1972]
4. Laurie Styvers. gemini girl [ LP Spilt Milk/1971]
5. Mellow Candle. the poet and the witch [LP Swaddling Songs/1972 RE]
6. Alberto Montero. the horizon [LP]
7. Pan & Regaliz. dead of love [SG/Dimension]
8. The New Mix. ursula [LP/UA/1968]
9. The New Mix. the man [LP/UA/1968]
10. Tamalpais Exchange. flying somehow [SG/Atlantic/1970]
11. Sugar Shoppe. privilege [SG/Capitol/1968]
12. The Blue Marble Faun. open your eyes [SG/Look/1969]
13. The Stratfords. never leave me [SG/O'Dell/1964]
14. The Wildflower. coffee cup [LP/A Pot of Flowers/Mainstream/1967]
15. The Harbinger Complex. I think I'm down [LP/A Pot of Flowers/Mainstream/1967]

17 March 2010

NMdT S11E06 .: Mundo Colorido


1. Now. deja vu [SG/Cotillion/1968]
2. Nuevos Horizontes. el sol en mi maleta [SG/Columbia/1971]
3. Vanusa. mundo colorido [EP/RCA/1969]
4. Edwin. chien de rue [SG/HMV]
5. The Blue Marble Faun. open your eyes [SG/Look]
6. The Thousand Faces. sweet little cup (of lovin') [SG/Era/1968]
7. North Atlantic Invasion Force. blue and green gown [SG/Congressional/1967]
8. The What-Knots. ain't dead yet [SG/Dial/1967]
9. Judd Hamilton. sunshine man [SG/Air/
10. Kin Vassy. that's the bag i'm in [SG/Uni]
11. Thumper. montreal [SG/AM]
12. Changing Colours. da-da-da-da [SG/Tower/1969]
13. Tomorrow's Children. take a good look [SG/Brookmont/1967]
14. The Hangmen. dream baby [SG/Monument]
15. The Box. dream second hand [SG/Admiral]
16. Spirits of Blue Lightning. love muscle [SG/Lavender/1968]

10 March 2010

NMdT S11E05 .: Goo Goo Annie


1. Lennox. brothers conversation [SG/Ariola/1972]
2. Mephistopheles. take a jet [SG/Reprise/1969]
3. Georgia Clay. i'll never go back to minneapolis [SG/Sire]
4. The Yellow Payges. the two of us [SG/Uni/1969]
5. Great Price. other rock & roll [SG/Castle]
6. Ash. sad over you [SG/Probe]
7. Stars and Stripes. listen [SG/Starshine]
8. Sympathie. short story [SG/Discophon/1974]
9. Symphonic Metamorphosis. let the light so shine [SG/London/1971?]
10. The Magic Lanterns. frisco annie [SG/Atlantic/1970]
11. Tommy Sterne. goo goo barabajagal [SG/Belter/1969]
12. Furia. furia [SG/BP/1071]
13. Toby Jug. brotherhood [SG/Decca/1971]

03 March 2010

NMdT S11E04 .: Everything Fine Up There


1. Surprise Package. everything fine [SG/Columbia]
2. The Scoundrels. up there [SG/ABC]
3. The Excentrics. what can i do what can i say [SG/GloLite]
4. The Nocturnals. because you're gone [SG/Regency]
5. The Gamblers. who will buy [SG/Coral/1967]
6. Dukes Noblemen. thank for your loving [SG/Philips/1968]
7. Southbound Freeway. roll with it [SG/Atco]
8. King Set. mon brouillard [SG/AZ]
9. The Birdwatchers. mary mary [SG/Mala/1967]
10. The Reasons Why. tell her one more time [SG/Amy/1966]
11. The Forsaken. gotta get movin [SG/MTA]
12. Cast of Thousands. my jenny wears a minny [SG/Tower/1966]
13. The Hard Times. they said no [SG/World Pacific/1967]
14. The Johnnys. nothing sacred [SG/WB]
15. The Oustiders. i'm not trying to hurt you [SG/Capitol/1967]
16. The Vagrants. i don't need yoour loving [SG/Atco/1968]