29 December 2004

NMdT S06E08 .: Groupie Intoxication


1. Jim & Jean. time goes backwards [SG]
2. Phil Cordell. red lady [SG]
3. Pau Riba. kithou [SG]
4. Control. nadie ... nada [SG]
5. Evolution. i must live [SG]
6. Fresh Air. i've lost my faith [SG]
7. Tenderfoot Kids. intoxication [SG]
8. Whisky David. groupie [SG]
9. Marsha Hunt. walk on gilded splinters [SG]
10. The Left Banke. lazy day [SG]
11. Wanderlea. prova de fogo [EP]
12. Los 5 del Este. nada todavia (we ain't got notin' yet) [EP]
13. New Colony Six. dawn is breaking [SG]
14. i Bruzi. un cuore di sasso [SG]
15. The Fifth Order. Today i got a letter [SG]
16. The Berkeley Kites. waht goes up must come down [SG]
17. The Rugbys. stay with me [SG]

22 December 2004

NMdT S06E07 .: Love is a Beautiful Thing


1. Little Sonny. wade in the water [SG]
2. Egbert Douwe. het gerucht [SG]
3. Doris. don't [SG]
4. Billie Davis. make the feeling go away [SG]
5. The Motions. i want you i need you [EP]
6. The Loot. i got what you want [SG]
7. The Quik. love is a beatiuful thing [SG]
8. Noel Odom & the Group. come on down to earth [SG]
9. Mike Wallace & the Caretakers. whitsand bay [SG]
10. Don Fardon. how do you break a broken heart [SG]
11. Carlos Bisso & Conexion nº 5. nena, te quiero tanto [SG]
12. John Smith & the New Sound. just a loser [SG]
13. Paul Muggleton. billy snow, jim black [SG]
14. Noel Deschamps. bye bye monsieur [EP]
15. Liz Brady. partie de dames [SG]
16. Claude Righi. rendez-vous orbital [SG]
17. Jocelyne. la la la la la [EP]

15 December 2004

NMdT S06E06 .: Instrumental Assassination pt. I


1. Animated Egg. inside looking out [LP Psychedelic Sounds]
2. Fred Bongusto. las tentaciones de Georgia [LP OST Ordenes son Ordenes]
3. Georges Raudi. stercock [45]
4. Señor Soul. psychotic reaction [45]
5. Wynder K Frog. harpsichord shuffle [LP Out of the frying pan]
6. Bill Doggett. funky whistler [45]
7. i Marc 4. blues work [LP s/t Nelson]
8. Dolly. negro zumbon [LP s/t]
9. Los Sonidos de FM. los adolescentes [EP]
10. Don Sebesky. shake a lady [LP the jazz rock syndrome]
11. TR Seleccion. turn my chicken loose [45]
12. Ekseption. canvas [LP s/t]
13. Jess & James. song whithout lyrics [LP Move]
14. 101 Strings. blues for the guru [LP Love is Blue]
15. Peels. fun [45]
16. The 4 Instants. bogattini [LP At the Discotheque]

01 December 2004

NMdT S06E05 .: Teenager Depression and Love Rejections


1. Barry Wingley. walk on the grass [SG]
2. Group Therapy. bad news [SG]
3. Vejtables. anything [SG]
4. Vejtables. i still want you [SG]
5. Del-Vetts. that's the way it is [SG]
6. New Colony Six. i confess [SG]
7. Outsiders. what`s wrong with you [SG]
9. Gatos Negros. eres un demonio (evil hearted you) [EP]
10. Los Soñadores. sin saber por qué [SG]
11. Los Jovenes. esperándote [EP]
12. Los Beta. que más quisiera yo [EP]
13. Los Mustang. no hay más que ver [SG]
14. The Vogues. lies [SG]
15. The Takers. think [SG]
16. Steam Packet (SWE). trouble and tea [SG]
17. Georgie Fame . because i love you [SG]