31 May 2002

NMdT S03 .: 2001-02

Third season, from Cot 2001 to July 2002
Only some shows from this season are available to download: Nov-Dec 2001 [58Mb]

NMdT 31/05/2002

1. Love. Orange Skies (DaCapo · Elektra)
2. Richard Groove Holmes. Oklahoma Toad (LP Working on a Groovy Thing · World Pacific)
3. Grant Green. Ease Back (Carryin' On · Blue Note)
4. Shirley Bassey. The Liquidator (45 · HMV)
5. Caterina Caselli. Tutto Nero (45 · CGD)
6. Love. A house isn ot a Motel (Forever Changes · Elektra)
7. The Pentangle. Travellin' Song (45 · Sonoplay)
8. Fairport Convention. Time Will Show the Wiser (s/t · Polydor)
9. Byrds. I Know My Rider I Know You Rider (Eight Miles High)
10. Control. Nadie ... Nada (45 · Belter)
11.Os Mutantes. Ando Meio Desligado (A Divina COmedia)
12. Neil MacArthur. She's Not There (45 · Deram)
13. Walker Brothers. After the Lights Go Out (Portrait)
14. Los Siete. Il Jerk (45 · Zafiro)
15. Eddie Palmieri & Cachao. African Twist (VVAA Toma Boogaloo)
16. Charlie Palmieri. Uptight (LP Latin Bugalú · Atlantic)
17. Joe Cuba Sextet. Oh Yeah (EP · Hit)
18. Cal Tjader & Eddie Palmieri. Modesty Blaise (El Sonido Nuevo · Verve)
19. Lee Morgan. Untitled Boogaloo (The Procrastinator · Blue Note)
20. The Crowns. Since You've Been Gone (VVAA Black is Black vol. 2 · WahWah)
21. Sergio Mendes. My Favourite Things (My Favourite Things · Atlantic)
22. Love. The Daily Planet (Forever Changes)

NMdT 24/05/2002

1. I Marc 4. Picadilli Circus (VVAA Stroboscopia vol.2)
2. Ennio Morricone. Allegretto Per Signora (Mondo Morricone)
3. Augusto Martelli. Summertime (Dicophon 45)
4. John Gregory. Jet Stream (VVAA Sound Gallery)
5. Manolo Gas. Chi Non Lavora Non Fa'Lamore (seleccion 70 10")
6. Les Yper Sound. Teen Tonic (Philips EP)
7. Les Maledictus Sound. Theme Lunaire (Omega 45 RE)
8. Rita. Sexologie (Barclay 45)
9. JC Davis. Monkey (VVAA Jungle Exotica)
10. Los Persuaders. El Surf del Califa (Hispavox Ep)
11. The Spotnicks. What Did I Say? (Discophon EP)
12. Buffalo Springfield. Good Time Boy (BS Again)
13. John Fred & Playboy Band. Hey Hey Bunny (CEM 45)
14. The Buena Vistas. Kick Back (VVAA Superfunk)
15. Etta James. Breaking Point (Argo 45)
16. Diplomats of Solid Sound. Bullfrog Boogaloo (Prescription 45)
17. Les McCann. Boo-go-loo (Bucket O'Grease)
18. the Capitols. We Got a Thing That's in the Groove (LP We Got a Thing - Atco)
19. The Village Callers. I Heard it through the Grapevine (LP Live - Rampart RE)
20. Ike & Tina Turner. A Fool in Love
21. Tony Colton's Big Boss Band. You're Wrong There Baby (VVAA Doin' the Mod)
22. Los Talismanes. East Side Story (VVAA El Soul es una Droga 4)
23. Los Kifers. Oye Mis Ansias de Vivir (VVAA El Soul es una Droga 4)

NMdT 17/05/2002

1. Lalo Schifrin. Ape Shuffle
2. Peter Thomas Sound Orchster. Raumpatrouille (Phillips 45)
3. Cecil Homes. Soulful Sounds
4. Mandrill. Get it All. (Polydor 45)
5. Mr Jamo. You Just Ain't Ready pt. 2 (SSS 45)
6. Cinnamon Gum. Blow Up (Demo)
7. Alvin Cash & the Crawleres. Twine Time (Mar-V-Lus 45)
8. Bill Doggett. Funky Whistler (VVAA Blue Juice vol. 3)
9. Thee Dynatones. The Fife Piper (HBR 45)
10. Donald Byrd. My Babe (Up - Verve)
11. Mary Jane Hopper. That's How Strong My Love Is (Liberty 45)
12. Tina Britt. Sookie Sookie (Blue All the Way LP - Minit Records)
13. Al Wilson. The Snake (Liberty 45)
14. Don Julian. Theme from Savage (VVAA Badmutha)
15. The Capitols. Hold On I'm Coming (We Got a Thing LP - Capitol)
16. Little Joe Curtis. Sock Me Your Love (VVAA Sock it to Me)
17. Dramatics. Your Love Was Strange (Stax 45)
18. Groovie Doobie Groove. The Chicken (Sofa Compilation)
19. Jess & James. Nicky's at the PC (Move LP - Belter)
20. Los Huracanes. Algo por Nada

NMdT 10/05/2002

1. Curtis Mayfield. Get Down (Roots. Buddahh LP)
2. George Duke Trio. Au Right (VVAA Stop My Brain. MPS LP)
3. Wess & Airedales. Hey Joe (s/t Durium LP)
4. John Mayall & Bluesbreakers. Crocodrile Walk (Best of)
5. The Capitols. It's Googaloo Time (We Got a Thing. Atco LP)
6. Lone Star. Aleluya Ella es Mi Amor (Vuelve el Rock)
7. Bobby Bland. Good Time Charlie - Instrumental (Duke 45)
8. Sounds Incorporated. Detroit (Columbia 45)
9. Blues Project. Wake Me Shake Me (Projections. Verve LP)
10. Los No. La LLave (RE)
11. The Mauds. C'Mon & Move (VVAA Shot on Sight)
12. The Rokes. No No No (s/t EMI LP)
13. The Easybeats. Wedding Ring (It's 2 Easy. Repertoire CD)
14. Los Impalas. Taxi (Sonoplay 45)
15. Music Machine.Ppeople in Me (Original Sound 45)
16. Love. Daily Planet (Forever Changes. RE)
17. Square Set. California Dreaming (s/t LP RE)
18. Gil Grant & Jay Stevens. Come On Down to My Boat (Belter 45)
19. The Mockers. Decídete (s/t LP RE)
20. Them. I Can Only Give You Everything (Complete Recordings CD)
21. We The People. When I Arrive (VVAA Pebbles nº7 LP)
22. Sonics. Strychnine (Psycho Sonic. Big Beat CD)
23. Count Five. Psychotic Reaction 45

NMdT 03/05/2002

1. Lou Donaldson. The Humpback (Mr. Shing-a-ling. Blue Note)
2. Richard Groove Holmes. Soul Power (Soul Power. Prestige LP)
3. Jimmy McGriff. Blue Juice (The Worm. SolidState LP)
4. Ramsey Lewis. The In Crowd (The In Crowd. Argo LP)
5. The Blues Project. I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (The BP Anthology)
6. Square Set. Somebody Help Me (LP Reed)
7. Jess & James. Nicky's at PC (Move. Belter LP)
8. Brian Bennett. Soul Mission (London Ilustrated Noise. RE)
*Maquetas - Demos -
*9. Atlantic TDI. Make It Funky (Sofa Compilation)
10. Groovie Doobie Groove. The Chicken (Sofa Compilation)
11. So What. Sisifo (Sofa Compilation)
12. Doris. You Never Come Closer (Did You Give The World Some Love Today?RE)
13. Rita. Erotica (Barclay 45)
14. Brian Auger. Season of the Witch (Open. Polydor LP)

NMdT 26/04/2002

¬ Disco del mes - April recommended LP:
Don Sebesky & the Jazz Rock Syndrome
¬ Maquetas - Demos:
Sofa Compilation :: Atlantic TDI + Groovie Doobie Groove + So What?
¬ BigBossMan, BigBossMan y otra de BigBossMan
¬ Fondo Musical ... Background Music by ...
The Animated Egg. LP Psychodelic Sound
¬ Y además .... besides ...
Young Holt Unlimited. Creeping (LP Melow Dreaming)
Jimmy McGriff. Think (LP The Worm)
Sandy Nelson. Papa´s Got a Brand New Bag (LP Boss Beat)
Sugarman 3. Funky So and So. Daptone45
Brian Auger. Black Cat (LP Open)
Etta James. Take Out Some Insurance. Chess45
Erma Franklyn. You've Been Cancelled. Bruswick45
Billy Stewart. Summertime. Chess45
Bobbie Gentry. Okolona River Bottom Band. Capitol45
Larry Wald. Siempre Estoy Triste. Philips45

NMdT 06/03/2002
Instrumentales a Go-Gó

1. Lalo Schifrin. Ape Shuffle
2. Augusto Algueró. Discoteque
3. Deodato. Also Sprach Zarathrusta. 45
4. The Duke of Burlington. Devils Trillo (Flash LP re)
5. Pop Concerto Orchestra. Pop Concerto. 45
6. Incredible Bongo Band. Apache (Bongo Rock LP)
7. El Chicles. Bantu. 45
8. Los Relámpagos. Bwana. 45
9. La Nueva Banda de Santiesteban. Zorongo. 45
10. The Pyranha Sound. Casino Royal. 45
11. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. The Work Song. 45
12. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66. Laia Ladaia (The Fool on the Hill LP)
13. Mongo Santamaria. The Now Generation (Stone Soul LP)
14. Wynder K. Frog. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Out of the Frying Pan LP)
15. The Mohawks. Mony Mony
16. John Keating. Jesuschrist Superstar (Space Experience LP)
17. Ekseption. Canvas (s/t LP)

NMdT 27/02/2002

1. John Mayall & Bluesbreakers. Crocodrile Walk
2. ? & the Mysterians. Midnight Hour. 45
3. Tages. Get Up and get Going
4. Antoine & les Problemes. Je Dis Ce Que Je Pense Et Je Vis Comme Je Veux. 45
5. Nino Ferrer. Alexandre. 45
6. Jaques Dutronc. jai Tout Lu, Tout Vu, Tout Bu. 45
7. Jack Tresse. Je Susis Un Elephant. 45
8. Augusto Martelli. Beryls Tune. 45
9. Los Huracanes. Cambio (Change). 45
10. Los Canarios. Peppermint Frappe.
11. Los Buenos. Groovey Woovy.
12. Los No. La LLave
13. Los Mockers. Decidete
14. The Rokes. Take a Look. (s/t LP)
15. Mina. No. 45
16. Ennio Morricone. Allegretto Per Signora
17. Wynder K. Frog. Green Door (Out of the Frying Pan LP)
18. Brian Auger. Indian Rope Man (Streetnoise LP)
19. The Clique. The Fish Down Gina's. 45
20. Man. Erotica. 45

NMdT 20/02/2002

1. Don Sebesky. Lugano Lady
2. Jimmy McGriff. The Healin' Feelin'
3. Lee Morgan. Untitled Boogaloo
4. Charles Earland. Spinky
5. Richard Groove Holmes. You've Got It Bad
6. Lionel Hampton. Raunchy Rita
7. Les McCann. La Brea
8. Wynder K. Frog. Harpischord Shuffle
9. Roy Budd. Get Carter
10. Montego Joe. Fat Man
11. Bill Doggett. Let's Do The Continental Twist
12. Sugar Loaf. Soul Walk
13. Brother Jack McDuff. The Heating System
14. Jimmy Smith. Sunny

NMdT 09/01/2002

1. Les McCann. Sack o'Woe (Soul Hits)
2. Billy Larkin & the Delegates. Ain't Gonna Move(Ain't That a Groove)
3. Cal Tjader & Eddie Palmieri. Modesty Blaise
4. Lionel Hampton. Vibraphone Blues
5. Little Johnny Taylor. True Love
6. Brother Jack McDuff. Down Home Style. 45
7. Dave Baby Cortez. Sticks and Stones. 45
8. Shake Keane. Chain of Fools.
9. Buddy Rich Big Band. Hello i Love You
10. Buddy Rich Big Band. Comin Home Baby (Buddy and Soul)
11. Marv Johnson. Baby Baby. 45
12. Los Huracanes. Algo por Nada
13. The Chaps. Ascension to Virginity (Candy OST 45)
14. Kahuna Kawentzman. Go Go Sitar
15. Big Jim Sullivan. Tallyman (Sitar a Go Go)
16. Les Yper Sound. Teen Tonic. 45
17. Maquina. Burning Butts. 45
18. Patchwork. Afro Disisiac. 45
19. Deodato. Also Sprach Zarathrusta. 45
20. The Meters. Look Ka Py Py
21. Judy Clay & William Bell. Love Eye-tis. 45
22. Vanilla Fudge. She's Not There (s/t)

NMdT 19/12/2001

1. Byrdie Green. Return of the Prodigal Son
2. Cal Tjader. Evil Ways
3. Joe Pastrana & Orchestra. My Shing A Ling. (Broasted or Fried Comp.)
4. Dave Pike. Jet Set (Jazz for the jet Set)
5. Sonny Phillips. Be Yourself (Sure Nuff)
6. Les McCann. Work Song (Soul Hits)
7. Roy C. High School Dropout. 45
8. Jamo Thomas. I Spy for the FBI. 45
9. Solomon Burke. Keep Looking.
10. The Capitols. I Got to Handle It (We Got a thing...)
11. Robert Parker. Happy Feet. 45
12. Rufus Thomas. Funky Chicken.
13. Funky Mississippi. 45
14. Alvin Cash & Registers. Philly Freeze. 45
15. Bar-Kays. Knucklehead. 45
16. Sly & Family Stome. M-Lady. 45
17. Andre Williams. The Stroke
18. Tina Britt. Sookie Sookie (Blue All the Way)
19. Love. Bummer in the Summer (Forever Changes)
20. Jaques Dutronc. Les Cactus. 45
21. Tages. Get Up and Get Going
22. Claude Francois. Reste. 45
23. The Square Set. That's What i Want

NMdT 12/12/2001
*mp3 available (link at the top of this post)

1. Franck Chacksfield. Peter Gunn (All Time Top TV Themes)
2. Herbie Hancock. Blow Up Theme
3. The Nilsmen. Sandstep. 45
4. The Artwoods. Looking For a Saxophonist
5. Manfred Mann. Mr Anello (Soul of Mann)
6. Bobby and Betty. Go to the Moon pt. I. 45
7. Wong Ku Yon - Sun Kong. Mazinger Z. 45
8. Hugo Montenegro. Moog Power. 45
9. Tom Dissevelt. Vibracion (Musica Para un Guateque Sideral EP)
10. Augusto Martelli. Beryl's Tune. (Il Deo Serpiente OST. 45)
11. The Folkswingers. Time Won't Let Me (Raga Rock)
12. Big Jim Sullivan. Translove Airways (Sitar a Go Go)
13. Lord Sitar. Black is Black. 45
14. Sugarman Three. Soul Donkey
15. Alvin Cash & the Registers. Let´s Do Some Good Timing. 45
16. Billy Preston. Billy's Bag. 45
17. Georgie Fame. Outrage. 45
18. Ossie Lane Show. Midnight Hour (Maddox 2)
19. Lionel Hampton. Psychedelic Sally (Aint It Good For You Baby? comp)
20. Duke of Burlington. Viva Tirado pt. I (Flash)
21. Los Relámpagos. Bwana. 45
22. Los Pekenikes. Tabasco. 45
23. Ekseption. Body Party. 45

NMdT 05/12/2001
*mp3 available (link at the top of this post)

1. The Three Sounds. Still I'm Sad (Live at the Lighthouse)
2. Jimmy McGriff & Junior Parker. Good Things Don't Happen Every Day (Good Things ...)
3. Mose Allison. I've Got a Right to Cry (Mose Allison Sings)
4. Bunny Sigler. There's No Love Left. 45
5. Lee Rogers. Sad Affair. 45
6. Marv Johnson. Baby Baby .45
7. Carolyn Franklyn. I Don't Want to Lose You. 45
8. Bill Deal & the Rhondells. Day by Day my Love Grows Stronger. 45
9. Otis Redding. I'm Depending On You. 45
10. Chuck Wood. Seven Days Too Long. 45
11. Clarence Carter. Snatching it Back. 45
12. Don Covay & the Goodtimers. See Saw. 45
13. The Flirtations. How Can You Tell Me. 45
14. Graham Bond Organisation. I Want You (The Sound of 65)
15. Small Faces. Baby Don't You Do It (From the Beginning)
16. Question Mark & the Mysterians. Don't Break This Heart of Mine (96Tears)
17. The Kinks. Tired of Waiting For You. 45
18. Mark Four. Hurt Me If You Will
19. keith Powel & Billie Davis. Tastes Sour Don't It. 45
20. Walker Brothers. After the Light Go Out
21. Tim Bucley. Grief in My Soul (1º)
22. The Blues Project. I Can't Keep From Crying (Projections)
23. Zombies. She's Not There
24. Los No. Niña Difícil. 45
25. Los Huracanes. Me Haces Mal (Tomando Café comp)
26. Los Impala. Todo es Extraño. 45
27. Adriano Celentano. Torre Poderosa (Stai Lontana Da Me)
28. Georgie Dann. Quieres o No Quieres. 45

NMdT 28/11/2001
*mp3 available (link at the top of this post)

1. John Patton. Chittlins Con Carne (Understanding)
2. Reuben Wilson. Knock On Wood (Blue Mode) DISCO del MES
3. Grant Green. Daddy Grapes (His Majesty King Funk)
4. The Meters. Look-Ka Py Py. 45
5. Ike & Tina Turner. Flee Flee Fla. 45
6. Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson. We Got Our Bag. 45
7. Bill Deal & the Rhondels. Day By Day My Love Grows Stronger. 45
8. Sir Arthur. Louie, Louie. 45 CANCION del MES
9. Antoine. Qu'est Ce Qui Ne Tour Ne Pa Rond Chez Moi. 45
10. Nino Ferrer. Alexandre. 45
11. Los Impala. Taxi. 45
12. The Tomcats. A Tu Vera. 45
13. Miguel Rios. Ahora Que He Vuelto (Despierta)
14. Brian Auger. Tiger. 45
15. Sugarman 3. Daisy's Boogaloo. 45
16. Donald Austin. Crazy Legs. 45
17. Jerry-O. Funky Boogaloo. 45
18. The Raw Meat. Funky Humpback. 45
19. Joe Bataan. Subway Joe (Toma Boogaloo comp.)
20. Fire. Flight to Cuba (Broasted or Fried comp.)
21. Joe Cuba. Oh Yeah. 45

NMdT 21/11/2001

1. Jimmy McGriff. Fat Cakes. 45
2. Keith Mansfield. Funky Fanfare (Grand Luxe comp.)
3. James Royal. House of Jack. 45
4. Manfred Mann. My Generation (Soul of Mann)
5. Les McCann. Sack O'Woe (LM Plays Soul Hits)
6. Lou Donaldson. Midnight Creeper (Midnight Creeper)
7. Los Albas. A Little Bit Hurt. 45
8. Los Huracanes. Me Haces Mal (Tomando Café comp)
9. Los Brincos. A mí con Esas. 45
10. Georgie Dann. Quieres o No Quieres. 45
11. The Love Affair. I'm Happy. 45
12. The Blues Project. Wake Me Shake Me (Projections)
13. Los Kifers. Oye Mis Ansias de Vivir (El Soul es una Droga vol. 4)
14. David McCallum. Batman Theme
15. Lionel Hampton. Psychedelic Sally (Aint It Good For You Baby? comp)

NMdT 14/11/2001
*mp3 available (link at the top of this post)

1. Martin Denny. Quiet Village
2. Lionel Hampton. And the Angels Sing
3. Los Patos. Voodoo Ju Ju Obsession. 45
4. Deodato. Also Sprach Zaratrusta. 45
5. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66. Scarborough Fair. 45
6. Les McCann. Somebody Stole My Chitlins (More or Les McCann)
7. Sir Arthur. Louie Louie. 45 CANCION DEL MES
8. The Beautiful People. Rainbow Tree. 45
9. The Beautiful People. Green Tambourine. 45
10. Hugo Montenegro. Dizzy. 45
11. Georgie Dann. Quieres o No Quieres (Nao Vem Que Nao Tem). 45
12. Nino Ferrer. Alexandre. 45
13. Los Sirex. Qué Bueno, Qué Bueno. 45
14. Los Canarios. Trying So Hard. 45
15. Los Buenos. Looking Back. 45
16. Frank Chacksfield & Orchestra. Peter Gunn (All Time Top TV Themes)
17. Brother Jack McDuff. Win Lose or Draw. 45
18. Reuben Wilson. Bambu (Blue Mode) LP DEL MES
19. Les Reed. Big Drum. 45
20. Quincy Jones. They Call Me Mr Tibbs
21. Jimmy Castor Bunch. Luther the Antropoid (Second Phase)

NMdT 07/11/2001

1. Jimmy Smith. Organ Ginder Swing (Organ Grinder Swing)
2. Reuben Wilson. 25 Miles (Blue Mode) LP del Mes
3. Georgie Fame. Pussycat (Two Faces of Fame)
4. Richard Groove Homes. No Trouble on the Mountain (New Groove)
5. Brenton Wood. Some Got It Some Don't. 45
6. Pucho and Latin Soul Brothers. The Groover (Saffron Soul)
7. Mongo Santamaría. The New Generation (Stone Soul)
8. The Capitols. We've Got a Thing In the Groove (LP We've Got ...)
9. James Last. Heya Masse Ga (Voodoo party)
10. Big Jim Sullivan. Translove Airways (Sitar A Go Go)
11. Lord Sitar. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing in the Shadow. 45
12. Caterina Caselli. Tutto Nero (Paint It Black). 45
13. Juan Ramón. Enamorado de la Novia de un Amigo Mio. 45
14. Los Gatos Negros. Todo Cambió (No Milk Today). 45
15. Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. Day Tripper (Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66)
16. Os Mutantes. Bat Macumba (Os Mutantes)
17. Zanini. Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas (Nao Vem Que Nao Tem). 45
18. Rene Gustaffson. Son of a Precher Man. 45
19. Donnie Burks. Big Bad Pete (The Swinging Sound Of Soul)
20. Seeburg Spotlite Band. Twine Time (rec. Funk Spectrum 3)
21. Mose Allison. Parchman Farm (Mose Allison Sings)
22. The Blues Project. I Can´t Keep From Crying Sometimes
23. Ramsey Lewis Trio. Hang On Sloopy. 45
24. Johnny Griffith Inc. Grand Central Shuttle. 45

NMdT 31/10/2001
In Memoriam: Especial Dia de Difuntos

1. Franck Pourcel. The James Bond Theme (12/11/00)
2. Pete Rodriguez. I Like It Like That (1/12/00)
3. Brother Jack McDuff. Ain't It (23/1/00)
4. Piero Umiliani. Railroad (-/2/01)
5. Lorez Alexandria. Until It's Time For Me To Go (22/5/01)
6. John Lee Hooker. Mustang Sally & GTO (21/6/01)
7. Joe Henderson. Felicidade (30/6/01)
8. Ernie K-Doe. I'm the Boss (5/7/01)
9. Betty Everet. Happy Endings (19/8/01)
10. 5th Dimension. California My Way (Ron Townson 2/8/01)
11. The Birds. Good Times (Kim Gardner 26/10/01)
Traca Halloween ...
12. Bob Guy. Dear Jeepers (Rec. Cucamonga)
13. Andres Pajares. Drácula Ye Yé (Pajareando)
14. Jan Davis. Watusi Zombie (Rec. Jungle Exotica)
15. James Last. Se A Cabo (Voodoo Party)
16. M. Migliardi. Apollo Beat (Easy Tempo vol. 5)
17. Les Maledictus Sound. Theme Lunaire. 45
18. MHubler & SSchwab. Lion and the Cucumber (Vampyros Lesbos)
19. Gene Page. Run Tina Run (BSO Blacula)
20. Fairport Convention. It's Alright Ma' It's Only Withcraft
21. El Padre Mariver. Terrible. 45

NMdT 24/10/2001

1. Richard Groove Holmes. You've Got It Bad (New Groove)
2. Charles Earland. Black Talk! (Black Talk!)
3. Graham Bond Organisation. Last Night (There's a Bond Between Us)
4. Ossie Lane Show. Midnight Hour (Maddox 2)
5. NuSound Express. Ain't It Good Enough (rec. Ain't It Good Enough For You)
6. Village Callers. I Don't Need No Doctor (Live!)
7. Quincy Jones. Money Is. 45
8. Shorty Long. Here Comes the Judge. 45
9. Sir Arthur. Louie, Louie. 45
10. Los No. Niña Difícil
11. Los No. Incomprendidos
12. Los Arlequines (rec. Tomando Café)
13. Lee Rogers. Sad Affair. 45
14. Dobie Gray. The In Crowd. 45
15. Cliff Noble & Co. Love Is Alright. 45
16. Bill Deal & the Rhondells. Day by Day my Love Grows Stronger. 45
17. Ramsey Lewis Trio. Hang On Sloopy. 45
18. Les McCann. Red Top (Bucket Full O'Grease)
19. Sonny Phillips. Be Yourself (Sure 'Nuff)
20. Stevie Wonder. Pearl (s/t)
21. Grant Green. Cantaloupe Woman (His Majesty King Funk)

NMdT 17/10/2001

1. Jimmy Smith. Organ Grinder's Swing (Organ Grinder Swing)
2. Donald Byrd. My Babe (Up)
3. Richard Groove Holmes. No Trouble on the Mountain (New Groove)
4. Charles Kynard. Reelin' with the Feelin' (Reelin with ...)
5. Brother Jack McDuff. Let My People Go. 45
6. Albert Collins. Coockin Catfish (rec Evil Ways 6)
7. Quincy Jones. Money Runner. 45
8. Lalo Schiffrin. Scorpio's Theme (BSO Dirty Harry)
9. Big Jim Sullivan. Translove Airways (Sitar A GoGo)
10. Lord Sitar. I Can See For Miles (rec Sound Gallery vol. 2)
11. Village Callers. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Live)
12. Bobby Wilson Connection and the 3 C's. New Orleans (United Artists Recorded Music Library)
13. Los Gritos. Tuset Street. 45
14. Augusto Algueró. Laugh, Laugh. 45
15. Los No. Niña Difícil. 45
16. The 5 Gentlemen. Hosana. 45
17. Nino Ferrer. Mao Mao. 45
18. Los Siete. Il Jerk. 45
19. Caterina Caselli. Tutto Nero. 45
20. Dave Allan & the Arrows. Blue's Theme (BSO Hell's Angels)
21. Antoine. Un Elephante Me Regarde. 45
22. Blackeyed Peas. Took Me So Long
23. Mongo Santamaría. Cloud Nine (Stone Soul)

NMdT 03/10/2001

1. Deodato. Así Hablo Zaratrusta. 45
2. Jimmy Smith. Groove Drops (Grove Drops)
3. Reuben Wilson. Knock on Wood (Blue Mode)
4. Sugarman 3. Daisy's Boogaloo. 45
5. Jimmy McGriff. Fat Cakes. 45
6. Shake Keane. Chain of Fools
7. Big Jim Sullivan. Tallyman (Sitars a GoGo)
8. James Royal. House of Jack. 45
9. Mongo Santamaria. See Saw (Stone Soul)
10. Alan Hawkshaw. Rocky Mountain Runabout (Rec. Blow Up Exc. Blend 1)
11. Carolyn Franklyn. Boxer. 45
12. Marsha Hunt. Hot Road Popa. 45
13. Village Callers. Hector (Live)
14. Nino Ferrer. La Bande a Ferrer. 45
15. Jean Claude Descamp. Porquoi Pas. 45
16. Juan Ramon. Enamorado de la Novia de un Amigo Mio. 45
17. Los No. Niña Difícil. 45
18. Los Kifers. El Sol es una Droga (Rec. El Soul es una Droga)
19. Los Tomcats. Get Off Of My Cloud. 45
20. Miguel Rios. Ponle un Poco de Sabor a tu Vida (Despierta)
21. Brian Auger. Tiger. 45
22. Gil Grant & Jay Stevens. Come On Down to my Boat. 45
23. Antoine. Qu'est-ce Que Ça Peut Faire de Vivre Sans Maison. 45