28 November 2007

NMdT S09E07 .: Dandelion Colours


1. Caravan. and i wish i were stoned [LP if i could do it all over again ... /London/1970]
2. Tin Tin. manhattan woman [SG/Polydor/1971]
3. Bruno Lomas. yo soñe [SG/Discophon/1970]
4. The Epitome. sleep [SG/KamaSutra/1969]
5. Fred Bongusto. las tentaciones de giorgia [OST Ordenes son Ordenes/Diresa/1973]
6. Mind Garage. life [LP Mind Garage/RCA/1969] wst virg rev Michal
7. Nova Local. hitch hike [LP nova1/Decca/1967]
8. Pan & Regaliz. magic colours [SG/Dimension/
9. Whatt Four. dandelion wine [SG/Mercury/1967]
10. Kilroy. what could it be? [Demo]
11. Kilroy. heart of stone [Demo]
12. The Association. everything that touches you [LP Birthday/WB]

14 November 2007

NMdT S09E06 .: Bogattini Buzzzzzz!!


1. Herbie Hancock. the thief [OST Blow Up/MGM]
2. The Merced Blue Notes. thompin [SG/Galaxy/US North CA SF Bay area]
3. The Spinners. nothin' [SG/Smash/US]
4. Los Nivram. tema de peter gunn [EP/Regal/1965/Mallorca, Spain]
5. The 4 Instants. mashed potatoes [LP Discotheque/Arc/1966/UK]
6. Orquesta Samy Cates. rock on the beach [SG/Panorama/FR]
7. Orquestre Guy Christian. ballading rock [SG/Panorama/FR]
8. The Merced Blue Notes. rufus jr [SG/Galaxy/US]
9. Gene Ludwig. the vamp [SG/Travis/1965/US Pittsburgh]
10. The Topper's. bumpin' on sunset [SG/DiscJockey/Argentina]
11. Sounds incorporated. bullets [SG/Columbia/1964/UK]
12. Jimmy Gordon. buzzzzzz [SG/Challenge/UK]
13. The 4 Instants. bogattini [LP Discotheque/Arc/1966/UK]
14. The Unknowns. peith's song [SG/Parrot/US FL Paul Revere related]
15. The Rationals. out in the streets [SG/A2/US Detroit]
16. Thee Midniters. whittier blvd [SG/Chattahoochie/1965/US LA]
17. Black River Circus. a ritual melody [SG/MRC/1969/US]
18. Los Clever's. enciende mi pasion(light my fire) [SG/DiscJockey/ARG]

07 November 2007

NMdT S09E05 .: Walk on the Grass


1. Spanky and our Gang. yesterday's rain [LP Anything You Choose/Mercury/1969]
2. Pidgeon. the main line [LP st/Decca/1969]
3. Pidgeon. springtime girl [LP st/Decca/1969]
4. The Oz Band. i'm not the same [SG/Cub/1968]
5. Opus IV. five minutes to train time [SG/LEA]
6. Barry Wigley. walk on the grass [SG/Accion/1972]
6. The Oz Band. winter rain [SG/Cub/1968]
7. the Cherry People. i'm the one who loves you [SG/Polydor/1970]
8. Kiss Inc. kids are crying [SG/Bell]
9. Blond. sun in her hand [LP Blond/Fontana]
10. Los Bichos. el baile terminó [SG/MusicHall]
11. Kano y los Bulldogs. la llamada [SG/RCA]
12. Tarantula. love is for peace [SG/AM/1968]
13. Pintura Fresca. manies (peanuts) [LP st/Sondor]
14. Banana. club de vampiros [SG/Music Hall]

24 October 2007

NMdT S09E04 .: Of Snakes, Fishers and Jokers


1. Gabor Szabo. three king fishers [LP Bacchanal/Syke/]
2. Sisa. cap a la roda [LP La Musica Progresiva Española Vol 1/Ariola/1971]
3. Edelweiss. sunday [SG/Top/1973]
4. Bobbie Gentry. okolona river bottom band [SG/Capìtol]
5. Junior. the snake [SG/RCA/1973]
6. Almas Humildes. jokers blues [SG/Discophon/1970]
7. Square Set. that's why [SG/CBS]
8. The Polyversal Souls. muswelhill run [SG/Fryers/2006]
9. Jeff Cooper and the Stoned Wings. road's end [LP Tribute to Jimi Hendrix/Europa]
10. The Ill Wind. little man [LP Flashes/ABC/1968]
11. Omnibus. the man song [LP st/UA/1970]
12. One. dont listen to me [SG/Fontana/1970]
13. Maquina. wild side of life [2LP Maquina En Directo/1972/Diabolo]

17 October 2007

NMdT S09E03 .: Fuzzy Patterns


1. The Executioners. the noose [SG/Action]
2. The Bush. feeling sad and lonely [SG/Hiback]
3. Sonny Flaharty and the Mark V. you bring these tears to me [SG/Philips]
4. Flowerz. talken about love [SG/Kingston]
5. The Third Booth. mysteries [SG/Independence]
6. Sistema Quinto. dracula [SG/The Voice Of Music]
7. The Cherokees. a wondrous place [SG/MGM]
8. The Bad Boys. that's what i'll do [SG/WB]
9. The Dantes. 80-96 [SG/Jamie]
10. The Ugly Ducklings. nothin' [SG/Yorktown]
11. Lindy Blaskey and the Lavells. you ain't tuff [SG/Challenge]
12. The New Breed. green eyed woman [SG/Diplomacy]
13. The Great Scotts. ball and chain [SG/Triumph]
14. The Roosters. one of these days [SG/Progressive Sounds of America]
15. Tages. fuzzy patterns [SG/Parlophone]
16. The Tears. read all about it [SG/Scorpio]
17. The Cyrkle. don't cry, no fears, no tears comin' your way [SG/Columbia]
18. Don y su Banda Club. accion [SG/SonoPlay]

03 October 2007

NMdT S09E02 .: It's Funtastic Time


1. The Critters. everything but time [LP Younger Girl/Kapp/1966]
2. Crowd+1. try [SG/Capitol]
3. Vagrants. i can't make a friend [SG/Fontana/1966]
4. The Guilloteens. hey you [SG/HBR/1965]
5. The Shanes. i wanna go bowlin' [EP/Columbia/1966]
6. Los Mustang. no vendras [EP/LaVozDeSuAmo/1965]
7. The 4 Instants. night train [LP Discotheque/Society]
8. The Dantes. 80-96 [SG/Jamie/1966]

Funtastic Dracula Carnival bands
9. The Trashmen. surfin bird [SG/Garrett]
10. BlowFly. should i fuck this big fat ho
11. The Fabulous Ottomans. shake shout soul
12. The Fabulous Ottomans. touch of your love
13. King Salami & the Cumberland 3. mojo workout
14. King Salami & the Cumberland 3. rootie tootie baby
15. The Trashmen. same lines [SG/Tribe/1966]
16. Los Peyotes. el humo te hace mal [LP]
17. Wau y los Arrrghs. niña [LP]
18. The Rip Offs. fed up

26 September 2007

NMdT S09E01 .: Honey and Gall


1. McDonald & Giles. tomorrow's people [LP ST/Cotillion/1970]
2. Esko Affair. morning dull fires [SG/Mercury/1969]
3. Los Gatos. escapando de mi [SG/Vik/1970]
4. Spanky & Our Gang. hong kong blues/nowhere to go [LP Anything You Choose/Mercury/1969]
5. The Goodees. condition red [SG/Hip/1968]
6. The Pipe Dream. in the middle of the night [SG/RCAVictor]
7. The Avant Garde. honey and gall [SG/Columbia/1968]
8. The Holy Mackarel. scorpio red [SG/Reprise/1968]
9. The Critters. for ever no more [LP Younger Girl/Kapp/1966]
10. Los Walkers. piensa en mañana [SG/MusicHall/1970]
11. The Travel Agency. she understands [LP ST/Viva/1968]
12. The North Atlantic Invation Force. black on white [SG/Mr.G/1968]
13. The V.I.P.s. dont let it go [EP/Fontana/1966]
14. Brian Henderson. what kind of woman are you [SG/Capitol]

25 July 2007

NMdT S08E27 .: See You in September!


1. The Wind in the Willows. she's fantastic and she's yours [LP st/Capitol/1968]
2. The Shame. dreams don't bother me [SG/Poppy]
3. The Renaissance. that someone isn't me [SG/Toddlin Town]
4. The Dantes. can't get enough of your love [SG/Jamie/1966]
5. King Bees. rhythm and blues [SG/RCA Victor/1966]
6. The Frost. family man [LP Frost Music/Vanguard/1969]
7. The Sparklings. now it's your turn to cry [SG/VR/1967]
8. The Wylde Heard. stop it girl [SG/1966]
9. The Footprints. mama rand's [SG/Capitol/1967]
10. The Cobblestones. i'll hide my head in the sand [SG/Den-Lay/1967]
11. The Glitterhouse. child of darkness [LPColor Blind/Dynovoice/1968]
12. The Fruit Machine. the wall [SG/AmericanMusicMakers]
13. The Tomcats. running at shadows [EP/Fundador/1966]
14. Johnny & the Mark V. sands of malibu [SG/Revue]
15. Les Charlots. j'ai oublié bon bouchoir [EP/Vogue/1967]
16. Los Indonesios. see you in september [EP/Fundador/1968]

18 July 2007

NMdT S08E26 .: Sinking Ship, No Return!


1. Mars Bonfire. ride with me, baby [LP Mars Bonfire/Uni/1968]
2. Edward Bear. sinking ship [LP Bearings / Capitol]
3. Dave Miller Set. let's get together [SG/Spin]
4. Smokey and his Sister. in a dream of silent seas [SG/Columbia/1967]
5. Fat Water. amalynda guinevere [SG/MGM/1969]
6. The Tower. in your life [SG/Decca/1968]
7. David Bowie. in the heat of the morning [LP The World Of/Decca/1970]
8. Blues Project. i can't keep from crying [LP What's Shakin'/Elektra/1966]
9. Tim Buckley. understand your man [LP st/Elektra]
10. Linn County. think [LP Proud Flesh Soothseer/Mercury/1968]
11. The Tower. slow motion mind [SG/Decca/1968]
12. Boston Tea Party. in their shoes [LP/FlickDisk/1968]
13. The Third Rail. no return [SG/Epic/1967]
14. The Optic Nerve. ain't that a man [EP/Cryptovision/1986]

07 July 2007

NMdT S08E25 .: It's a Beautiful Day


1. Caravan. if i could do it all over again, i'd do it all over you [LP/London/1970]
2. Goblin. death dies [SG/Cinevox/1975]
3. Linn County. cave song [LP Proud Flesh Soothseer/Mercury/1968]
4. The Tea Company. love could make the world go round [LP Have Some Tea With/Smash/1968]
5. Quarteto 1111. os faunos [EP/Columbia/1967]
6. It's a Beautiful Day. white bird [LP st/Columbia/1968]
7. Dulces Años. caretas de carton [SG/MoviePlay/1971]
8. Mind Garage. what's behind those eyes [SG/RCA/1969]
9. Araxes. something to say [SG/gma/1973]
10. Augusto Martelli. summertime [SG/Discophon/1970]
11. Rado, Ragni & MacDermot. washing the world [SG/RCA]

27 June 2007

NMdT S08E24 .: Tormento Goes Euroyeye


1. The Tea Company. you keep me hangin on [LP come and have some tea/Smash/1968]
2. Louie and the Lovers. it's the morning [LP Rise/Epic/1970]
3. St George & Tana. so tenderly [SG/Kapp]
4. Sweet Smoke. baby sweet baby [SG/Jan-Gi/1969]
5. The Shanes. let's go bowling [EP/Emi/1966]
6. The End. you must do something [SG/Sonoplay/1966]
*RIP Hugh Attwool (original drummer) - died on June 12th
7. The Ugly Beats. trouble's over [LP Bring on the Beats/GetHip]

Tormento Goes Euroyeye
[+info] www.euroyeye.es
8. The Phantom Keys. in the summertime
9. The Phantom Keys. velvet illusions
10. The Jaybirds. harpstrut
11. The Jaybirds. i wanna be free
12. The Five Aces. missing link
13. Instant Flight. freeway
14. Maquina. burning butts
15. Los Imposibles. una vez más

20 June 2007

NMdT S08E23 .: Catalyptic Ship of Dreams


1. Spanky & Our Gang. yesterday's rain [LP Anything You Choose / Mercury]
2. The Match. mirror maze lady [SG/RCA]
3. The Spaulding Wood Affair. something about you [SG/Kapp]
4. Brass Buttons. hell will take care of her [SG/Cotillion]
5. The Quiet Jungle. ship of dreams [SG/Yorkville]
6. Louie and the Lovers. if the night [LP Rise/Epic]
7. The Third Booth. mysteries [SG/Independence]
8. The National Gallery. self portrait [LP st/Philips]
9. Aorta. catalyptic [LP st/Columbia]
10. Seatrain. gramercy [SG/Capitol/1972]
11. The Shame. too old to go 'way little girl [SG/Poppy]
12. The Exception. jack rabbit [SG/Sintonia]
13. Clefs of Lavender Hill. so i'll try [SG/Date]
14. The Ugly Beats. don't girl[LP/Bring on the Beats/Get Hip]

16 May 2007

NMdT S08E22 .: Dove Vai, Mama?


1. Aguaviva. cantaré [LP/Aguaviva/Accion]
2. Pidgeon. the wind blows cold [LP/Pidgeon/1969]
3. Nada. ritornera vicino a me (afterglow of your love)[SG/RCA]
4. The Capes of Good Hope. lady margaret [SG/Round/1966]
5. The Wildweeds. i'm dreaming [SG/CadetConcept/1968]
6. Spirit. prelude-nothin' to hide [LP Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus/1970]
7. Mushroom. where i belong [SG/Ariola/1971]
8. Tucky Buzzard. free ticket [SG/Hispavox/1971]
9. The Sopwith Camel. frantic desolation [LP s/t/KamaSutra]
10. Grains of Sand. nice girl [SG/Philips/1967]
11. Dave Miller Set. hope [SG/Spin]
12. The Nashville Teens. looking for you [SG/Sintonia/1970]
13. Brunetta. dove vai? (summer wine) [EP/Marfer/1968]
14. Sylvana Velasco. mama [SG/RCAVictor/1968]
15. Trini Lopez. sinner man [EP/Reprise/1965]
16. Herman Grimes. i'll make you smile again [SG/Musicland]

02 May 2007

NMdT S08E21 .: Gente Linda


1. Eden's Children. call it design [LP Sure Looks Real/1968]
2. Agamenon. blow up the candle [LP Agamenon/Guerssen/1975]
3. Vainica Doble. las 12 caras de eva [SG/opalo/1971]
4. Wild Butter. roxanne [SG/UA/1970]
5. Kesington Market. i would be the one [SG/WarnerBros]
6. Juan y Juan. gente linda [SG/RCA/1971]
7. Manolo y Ramon. lagrimas, sonrisas [SG/CPI/1970]
8. Doris. don't [SG/Odeon/1970]
9. John Dunn. she's just a dream [SG/FlickCity]
10. Group Therapy. who'll be next [SG/RCAVictor/1968]
11. The Parliaments. a new day begins [SG/ATCO]
12. Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign. berkeley barb want ad [LP Sausalito Heliport/Columbia/1969]
13. Human Instinct. renaisance fair [SG/Time/1968]
14. Jim & Jean. the planet june [SG/Verve/1967]
15. John George. goodbye [SG/Janus]

25 April 2007

NMdT S08E20 .: Cuco Go Fly


1. Byzantium. baby i can hear you calling me [LP Byzantium/WarnerBros/1972]
2. La Mosca. warning signal [SG/Guitarra/1970]
3. Agamenon. cuco go fly [LP/Agamenon/Guerssen/1975]
4. Jim & Jean. topanga road [SG/Verve/1968]
5. The Moody Blues. tuesday afternoon [SG/Deram/1967]
6. Steampacket. she's down [SG/Knäppupp]
7. The Stained Glass. a scene in between [SG/RCAVictor/1967]
8. The Warm Sounds. smeta murgaty [SG/Deram/1968]
9. The Little Boy Blues. mr tripp wouldn't listen [LP In the Woodland of Weir/Fontana/1968]
10. The Zombies. maybe after he's gone [LP Odessey & Oracle / Date]
11. The Mood Mosaic. a touch of velvet, a string of brass [SG/Columbia]
12. Central Park. flower hill [SG/Amy/1968]
13. Blue Cheer. babaji (twilight raga)[SG/Philips/1971]

18 April 2007

NMdT S08E19 .: Can't Find a Way


1. The Bunch. still [SG/CBS]
2. Los Z-66. love (is just a game) [SG/Odeon/1970]
3. Albert Collins. cookin' catfish [SG/20thCenturyFox]
4. King Bees. what she does to me [SG/RCAVicotr]
5. The Five Americans. don't blame me [SG/HBR]
6. Don and the Goodtimes. you were a child [SG/Jerden]
7. Joe Frank & the Knights. can't find a way [SG/ABC]
8. The Tuesday Club. only human [SG/Phiips]
9. Clefs of Lavender Hill. one more time [SG/date]
10. The Distant Cousins. stop running around girl [SG/date]
11. The Tears. read all about it [SG/Scorpio]
12. Mike Furber and the Bowery Boys. you stole my love [SG/Kommotion]
13. The London Knights. go to him [SG/mike]
14. The Cobblestones. i'll hide my head in the sand [SG/Den-Ric]
15. The Fortune Tellers. angel love me [LP Remember the Future & Taste Broken Cups]

21 March 2007

NMdT S08E18 .: Duffin' Around


Special guest :: David Robles [www.tightenup.tk]

1. Brother Jack McDuff & David Newman. duffin' around [LP Double Barrelled Soul/Atlantic]
2. New Mastersounds. pure [LP This is What We Do/One Note]
3. Kim Weston. brothers & sisters (get together) [LP Kim Kim Kim/Volt]
4. Della Reese. who is she and what is she to you [LP Let Me in Your Life/Lee Magid]
5. Sly & the Family Stone. underdog [SG/Epic]
6. Long John Baldry. sunshine of your love [LP Wait For Me/Janus]
7. Wilson Simonal. as menininhas do leblon [EP/Odeon]
8. Chubby Checker. karate monkey [SG/Parkway]
9. James Brown at the Organ. who's afraid of Virginia Wolf [SG/Smash]
10. Lyn Collins. me and my baby got a good thing going [SG/People]
11. Bobby Byrd. hot pants, i'm coming [SG/BrownStone]
12. The Sweet Vandals. papa's got a brand new bag [SG/Unique]
13. The Hi-Fly Orchestra. soul bossa nova [LP Samboogaloo/Tramp]
14. The Impressions. seven years [SG/Curtom]

28 February 2007

NMdT S08E17 .: Keep Looking


1. The Mood Mosaic. bond street PM [SG/Columbia]
2. The King Bees. on your way down the drain [SG/RCAVictor]
3. Los Yaki. las estatuas de marfil [EP/Capitol/1966]
4. Remo Four. the skate [LP Attention/Fontana]
5. The Mixers. keep looking [SG/Decca/1967]
6. The Herd. this boy's always been true [SG/Parlophone/1966]
7. Dave Miller Set. someone is sure to [SG/Spin]
8. The Trav'lers. shadow of defeat [SG/Atlantic]
9. The Impacts. don't you dare [SG/Lavender]
10. Joe Harris. a little bit of rain [SG/Belter]
11. Raphael. hoy mejor que mañana [EP/LaVozDeSuAmo/1967]
12. Pino Donaggio. no tengo la culpa [SG/1966]
13. The Brisks. si mañana será asi [EP/Belter/1965]
14. Los Nivram. un amor sin igual [EP/Regal/1965]
15. Los Cirros. hay muchos como yo [CD/1969]
16. Los Cirros. la telaraña [CD/inedita]

21 February 2007

NMdT S08E16 .: Le Coeur Qui Jazze


1. Lalo Schifrin. blues a go-go [LP VVAA Strictly for Playboys/Verve]
2. Les McCann. les skate [LP Plays the hits/Limelight/1966]
3. Manfred Mann. bare hugg [LP Mann Made/HMV/1965]
4. France Gall. le coeur qui jazee [EP/Philips/1965]
5. Oscar Brown Jr. humdrum blues [EP/CBS]
6. The Delegates. pigmy part 2 [SG/Aura]
7. Henry Mancini. birdie num-num [OST The Party/RCAVictor/1968]
8. Mantequilla y su Conjunto. blue note [EP/Belter/1963]
9. Mose Allison. it didn't turn out that way [LP I Don't Worry About a Thing/Atlantic]
10. Donald Byrd. see see rider [LP VVAA Strictly for Playboys/Verve]
11. Josef Laufer. take it easy [LP Many Faces/Panton/1968]
12. The Peddlers. what'll I do? [LP The Fantastic Peddlers/Fontana/1967]
13. Os Brazoes. momento B/8 [LP Os Brazoes/Fermata/1970]
14. The Fencemen. sour grapes [SG/Liberty]
15. The Mustangs. topsy 65 [SG/Providence]

14 February 2007

NMdT S08E15 .: Wait For My Love


1. Grahame Bond. love is the law [LP Love is the Law/Pulsar/1968]
2. Lee Michaels. tomorrow [LP Carnival of Life/AM]
3. Cressida. lights in my mind [LP Cressida/Vertigo]
4. Sugarloaf. chest fever [LP Sugarloaf/Liberty]
5. Vanity Fare. on your own [SG/PageOne]
6. Half Crown. here comes the day [SG/Pirate's/1971]
7. Capricorn College. mab, mystic, woman [SG/Bentler]
8. Krokodil. blue flashing circle [SG/Liberty]
9. The Face. wait for my love [SG/Liberty]
10. J.Paniagua. un desig antic [SG/Regal/1970]
11. Lee Michaels. love [LP Carnival of Life/AM/1968]
12. Los Beta. hey, girl (you make me cry) [SG/Sonoplay/1968]

07 February 2007

NMdT S08E14 .: Yavash Yavash


01. Los Belmont's. la carta (the letter) [SG/Orfeon]
02. The Classmen. any old time [SG/Pearce/1967]
03. The Classic IV. princess gloom [SG/R-Wal]
04. The Riot Squad. try to realise [SG/Pye]
05. The Fabulous Pack. i've got news for you [SG/LuckyEleven/1967]
06. i Corsari. yavash yavash [SG/Sesion/1967]
07. Los Cheyenes. tu no llegaste a mí [SG/RCAVictor/1966]
08. Lone Star. sin su amor (heart full of soul) [EP/HMV/1966]
09. The Fabulous Echoes. cry i do [SG/Liberty]
10. The Cult. you know you really hurt me girl [SG/20thCent/1966]
11. The Druids. a man should never cry [SG/Columbia]
12. The Cicadas. that's what i want [SG/RCAVictor]
13. The Cinders. good lovin's hard to find [SG/RIC/1965]
14. Don and the Goodtimes. you were a child [SG/Jerden/1966]
15. The Clique. stay by me [SG/Scepter/1967]
16. Johnny & the Mark V. sands of malibu [SG/Revue]
17. The Guerrillas. lawdy rolla [SG/Polydor]

31 January 2007

NMdT S08E13 .: Un Viejo Sueño


1. Byzantium. come fair one [LP st/WarnerBros/1972]
2. Krokodil. tell me what you want (tell tale) [SG/Liberty]
3. Grin. end unkind [SG/Spindizzy/1972]
4. December's Children. dirty city [SG/Liberty]
5. Gypsy. gypsy queen part I [SG/Metromedia/1970]
6. Shock. i want to laugh [SG/Regal/1971]
7. J.Paniagua. un viejo sueño [SG/Regal/1970]
8. Elizabeth. you should be more careful [LP st/Vanguard/1968]
9. Blonde on Blonde. i need my friend [LP Contrasts/Janus]
10. Morning Glory. stone good day [LP/Fontana/1968]
11. Genesis. suzanne [SG/Mercury/1968]
12. Lee Michaels. sounding the sleeping [SG/AM/1968]
13. i Dik Dik. guardo te e vedo mio fliglio [SG/Ricordi]

24 January 2007

NMdT S08E12 .: Smokey!!


1. The London Studio Group. smokey [MLP Jimmy Strikes Back/De Wolfe/1969]
2. Günter Fischer Quartett. das schloss [LP Das Zündet/Amiga]
3. Elvis. animal instinct [OST Harum Scarum/RCA]
4. Blue Mitchell. deeper in black [LP Collision in Black/BlueNote]
5. i Marc 4. sweet beat [LP st/Nelson/1970]
6. Wynder K. Frog. cool hand stanley [LP Into the Fire/UA/1970]
7. Ted Atking Orch. game trap [LP Pop Music for Dancing/Concert Hall]
8. Don Sebesky. the word [LP the Jazz Rock Syndrome/Verve/1968]
9. Ray Ellis. satisfaction [LP Big Hits for Swingers/Atlantic/1966]
10. Madeline Bell. ain't gonna cry anymore [LP Doin' Things/Philips/1968]
11. Augusto Algueró. great expectations [LP Mi Gran Amor/Polydor/1971]
12. Spooky Tooth. forget it, i got it [LP st/Bell]
13. Graham Bond with Magick. we put our magick on you [LP/Mercury]

17 January 2007

NMdT S08E11 .: Strawberry Wednesday


1. Lighthouse. eight miles high [SG/RCA]
2. The Guild. you can see the trees (but not the forest)[SG/Philips]
3. The Fruit Machine. the wall [SG/American Music Makers]
4. John Dunn. she's just a dream [SG/Flick City]
5. The Stained Glass. how do you expect me [SG/RCAVictor]
6. The Clique. splash [SG/Scepter]
7. Los Pasos. el pobre (yo soy así)[SG/Hispavox]
8. Sidewalk Skipper Band. strawberry tuesday [SG/Capitol]
9. The Gentrys. i just got the news [SG/Sun]
10. Johnny Hallyday. viens [EP/Philips]
11. The Family Tree. she had to fly [SG/RCA]
12. The Hobbits. pretty young thing [SG/Decca]
13. The Collection. paper crown of gold [SG/RCAVictor]
14. The Yak. every little thing [SG/Tooth]

10 January 2007

NMdT S08E10 .: Hold On To Your Mind


1. Elizabeth. not that kind of guy [LP st/Vanguard/1968]
2. Unidades. siempre juntos [SG/Zartos/1976]
3. The Love Affair. so sorry [LP/Everlasting/1968]
4. The Epic Splendor. cowboys and indians [SG/The Hot Biscuit Disc Co.]
5. Sugarloaf. green eyed lady [LP st/Liberty]
6. One. stop pulling and pushing me [SG/Fontana/1971]
7. Andwella. hold on to your mind [SG/Reflection/1970]
8. Fat Mattress. happy my love [LP II/Atco/1970]
9. The Capricorn College. mab, mystic woman [SG/Bentler]
10. Morning Glory. jelly gas flame [LP Two Suns Worth/Fontana]
11. Glass Prism. who loves me [LP On Joy and Sorrow/RCA]