26 October 2005

NMdT S07E05 .: Every Little Thing She Does


1. Araxes. something to say [SG/GMA/1972]
2. Marsha Hunt. walk on gilded splinters [SG/Polydor/1969]
3. Shock. i want to laugh [SG/EMIRegal/1971]
4. The Natural Gas. sunny days [SG/Renee/1969]
5. Brass Buttons. hell will take care of her [SG/Cotillion/1968]
6. Neal Ford and the Fanatics. the jones [SG/Hickory]
7. The Yak. every little thing [SG/Tooth]
8. Simon Dupree & the Big sound. like the sun like the fire [SG/Parlophone/1967]
9. Lulu. morning dew [SG/EPIC/1968]
10. Telephone. wondering [SG/Freedom/1971]
11. Frogeaters. the promise [SG/Mercury]
12. Clarel Betsy. resolution [SG/Decca/1973]
13. Henri Shotgun. because i love you [SG/Sonopresse]
14. The Real Kids. all kindsa girls [SG/Sponge/1977]

19 October 2005

NMdT S07E04 .: Funtastic Dracula Carnival


Señor Varo introduces the bands that will play at the first
Funtastic Dracula Carnival 29/30/31 Oct VLC

1. Betty Harris. mean man
2. Nathaniel Mayer. village of love
3. Nathaniel Mayer. i want love and affection (not the house of correction)
4. Reverend Beat-Man. come back to me lord
5. Palookaville. bogatini
6. Betty Harris & Lee Dorsey. love lots of lovin'
7. Betty Harris. there's a break in the road
8. Los Chicos. free time rodeo
9. Wau & los Arrrghs. te vas a quemar
10. Wau & los Arrrghs. nunca la quise (i never loved her)
11. The Kids. this is rock and roll!!
12. The Kids. freedom liberty and democracy
13. Betty Harris. mean man