29 December 2004

NMdT S06E08 .: Groupie Intoxication


1. Jim & Jean. time goes backwards [SG]
2. Phil Cordell. red lady [SG]
3. Pau Riba. kithou [SG]
4. Control. nadie ... nada [SG]
5. Evolution. i must live [SG]
6. Fresh Air. i've lost my faith [SG]
7. Tenderfoot Kids. intoxication [SG]
8. Whisky David. groupie [SG]
9. Marsha Hunt. walk on gilded splinters [SG]
10. The Left Banke. lazy day [SG]
11. Wanderlea. prova de fogo [EP]
12. Los 5 del Este. nada todavia (we ain't got notin' yet) [EP]
13. New Colony Six. dawn is breaking [SG]
14. i Bruzi. un cuore di sasso [SG]
15. The Fifth Order. Today i got a letter [SG]
16. The Berkeley Kites. waht goes up must come down [SG]
17. The Rugbys. stay with me [SG]

22 December 2004

NMdT S06E07 .: Love is a Beautiful Thing


1. Little Sonny. wade in the water [SG]
2. Egbert Douwe. het gerucht [SG]
3. Doris. don't [SG]
4. Billie Davis. make the feeling go away [SG]
5. The Motions. i want you i need you [EP]
6. The Loot. i got what you want [SG]
7. The Quik. love is a beatiuful thing [SG]
8. Noel Odom & the Group. come on down to earth [SG]
9. Mike Wallace & the Caretakers. whitsand bay [SG]
10. Don Fardon. how do you break a broken heart [SG]
11. Carlos Bisso & Conexion nº 5. nena, te quiero tanto [SG]
12. John Smith & the New Sound. just a loser [SG]
13. Paul Muggleton. billy snow, jim black [SG]
14. Noel Deschamps. bye bye monsieur [EP]
15. Liz Brady. partie de dames [SG]
16. Claude Righi. rendez-vous orbital [SG]
17. Jocelyne. la la la la la [EP]

15 December 2004

NMdT S06E06 .: Instrumental Assassination pt. I


1. Animated Egg. inside looking out [LP Psychedelic Sounds]
2. Fred Bongusto. las tentaciones de Georgia [LP OST Ordenes son Ordenes]
3. Georges Raudi. stercock [45]
4. Señor Soul. psychotic reaction [45]
5. Wynder K Frog. harpsichord shuffle [LP Out of the frying pan]
6. Bill Doggett. funky whistler [45]
7. i Marc 4. blues work [LP s/t Nelson]
8. Dolly. negro zumbon [LP s/t]
9. Los Sonidos de FM. los adolescentes [EP]
10. Don Sebesky. shake a lady [LP the jazz rock syndrome]
11. TR Seleccion. turn my chicken loose [45]
12. Ekseption. canvas [LP s/t]
13. Jess & James. song whithout lyrics [LP Move]
14. 101 Strings. blues for the guru [LP Love is Blue]
15. Peels. fun [45]
16. The 4 Instants. bogattini [LP At the Discotheque]

01 December 2004

NMdT S06E05 .: Teenager Depression and Love Rejections


1. Barry Wingley. walk on the grass [SG]
2. Group Therapy. bad news [SG]
3. Vejtables. anything [SG]
4. Vejtables. i still want you [SG]
5. Del-Vetts. that's the way it is [SG]
6. New Colony Six. i confess [SG]
7. Outsiders. what`s wrong with you [SG]
9. Gatos Negros. eres un demonio (evil hearted you) [EP]
10. Los Soñadores. sin saber por qué [SG]
11. Los Jovenes. esperándote [EP]
12. Los Beta. que más quisiera yo [EP]
13. Los Mustang. no hay más que ver [SG]
14. The Vogues. lies [SG]
15. The Takers. think [SG]
16. Steam Packet (SWE). trouble and tea [SG]
17. Georgie Fame . because i love you [SG]

24 November 2004

NMdT S06E04 .: Fiddle Sticks!


1. Evolution. i'm walking high [SG]
2. Spinach. action man [SG]
3. Vanity Fare. megowd [SG]
4. Santana. waiting [SG]
5. Diplomats of Solid Sound. swamp chop [EP]
6. Evil Eddie & the Super Slinkys. 3 on the B [SG]
7. Dave Baby Cortez. fiddle sticks [SG]
8. John Philip Soul & Soul Marching Band. soul strut [SG]
9. The Stags. sour grapes [SG] www.the-stags.com
10. Flashback Five. feeling may [LP La Balada dels Cavallers que Diuen Ni]
11. Shocking Blue. harley davidson [SG]
12. The Quik. love is a beatiful thing [SG]
13. The Invictas. long tall shortie [SG]
14. The CLeaners. if you want me [SG]
15. Jimmy Gordon. something else [SG]
16. Liz Brady. partie de dames [SG]

10 November 2004

NMdT S06E03 .: The Andromeda Catwalk


1. Blue mitchell. i ain't jivin [LP collision in black]
2. Xavier Cugat. soul sauce [LP cugat party]
3. Gene Drayton Unit. el escondido [SG]
4. Skooby. groovy andromeda [SG]
5. Frank Popp Ensemble. catwalk [SG]
6. Chicago Cubs Clarck St. Band. slide [SG]
7. El Klan. when love goes wrong [LP love is a swedish thing]
8. Toussaint McCall. my love is a guarantee [SG]
9. Doris. don't [SG]
10. Chubby Checker. stoned at the bathroon [SG]
11. Archaeopterix. no more living without loving [SG]
12. Whichwhat. parting [SG]
13. Shocking Blue. the bird of paradise [SG]

03 November 2004

NMdT S06E02 .: Travellin' Songs


1. Allen Toussaint. either
2. Grahame Bond. the nazz
3. Don Julian & the Larks. brother what it is
4. Grahame Bond. love is the law
5. Tim Buckley. no man can find the war
6. The Pentangle. travellin song
7. Buffalo Springfield. hung upside down
8. Don Fardon. dreaming room
9. Georgie Fame. peaceful
10. Nick Drake. hazy jane II
11. Mose Allison. i'm not talking
12. Jimmy McGriff. step one
13. Dick Oliver. the chicken
14. Wild Bill Davis. weasel's kid
15. Canary Sect. hot water town

22 July 2004

NMdT S05 .: 2003-04

Fifth season, from Oct 2003 to July 2004, but playlists and sound files not available for all the shows.

Download most shows of the 5th season here.: Feb-June 2004 [427 Mb]

NMdT 21-07-04
[mp3 not available]

1. Capricorn College Brass. junius
2. Episode Six. i confess
3. New Colony Six. i confess
4. The Gentrys. friends
5. The Castaways. a man's gotta be a man
6. Jimmy Gordon. buzzzzzz
7. Preston Epps. bongola
8. Chicago Cubs Clark St Band. pennant fever
9. Jimmy Smith. stay lose
10. Diplomats of Solid Sound. bullfrog boogaloo
11. The Roulettes. junk
12. The Riot Squad. i take it that we're through
13. The Zombies. what more can i do
14. Lou Rawls. gotta find a way
15. Don Fardon. how do you break a broken heart

NMdT 14-07-04
[mp3 not available]

1. J.Trombey. stringbed nº1
2. Les McCann. flamingo
3. 101 Strings. strings for ravi
4. Mr Bloe. curried soul
5. The Viscounts. dig
6. Jimmy Gordon. buzzzzzz
7. The Castaways. goodbye babby
8. New Colony Six. dawn is breaking
9. Group Therapy. bad news
10. The Gentrys. goddess of love
11. The Mockingbirds. how to find a lover
12. The Red Squares. mr bus driver
13. Los Silvertons. por ti estoy sufriendo
14. Don 6 Banda Club. accion
15. Tommy James & Shondells. breakaway
16. The Riot Squad. workin' man
17. The Quik. king of the world

NMdT 30-06-04
[mp3 not available]

1. Brenton Wood. lovey dovey kinda lovin'
2. Col Bagshot & Incredible Bucket Band. gina
3. Don Fardon. dreamin room
4. Union 70. confia en mi
5. Tyrone Scoth & Truth. feeling like it's gone
6. Chicago Cubs. slide
7. Chicago Cubs. pennant fever
8. Ray Charles. same thing ...
9. Willie Mitchell. up hard
10. Solomon Burke. keep lookin
11. The Buena Vistas. hot shot
12. Joe Jeffrey. the train
13. PP Arnold. speak to me
14. Robert Parker. happy feet
15. James Cotton Blues Band. good time charlie
16. Joe Groundhog Richardson. take it off
17. Señor Soul. psychotic reaction

NMdT 23-06-2004

1. Capricorn College Brass. junius
2. Booker T & MGs. be my lady
3. David Whitaker. la poupee dans la vitrine
4. Les Gottamou. all about my girl
5. Michel Cogoni. oublie quelle est si belle (the cruel sea)
6. Les Krew. respect
7. Calibre 38. i felt you for love
8. Yerba Mate. 04-12-13
9. John Smith & New Sound. just a loser
10. Los Brujos. un lugar elegido
11. Question Mark & Mysterians. smoke
12. Lone Star. de dia y de noche
13. Bob Crewe Generation. an angel is love
14. Brooklyn Bridge. your kite my kite

NMdT 16-06-04

1. The Viscounts. dig
2. The Silvertones. dig it
3. Pancho Villa & the Bandits. aint that bad
4. The Viceroys. come on
5. Clarence Armstrong. beaver
6. The Vips. it
7. The Walker Brothers. everythig is gonna be alright
8. The Foundations. jerkin the dog
9. Howard Tate. night owl
10. John Schroeder. papa's got a brand new bag
11. Les Baxter. soul groove
12. Joe Groundhog Richardson. take it off
13. Davy Jones & Voodoo Funk Machine. voodoo
14. Marsha Hunt. hot road poppa
15. Manfred Krug. hor auf
16. Bob Crewe Generation. black queens bead
17. Big Jim Sullivan. talllyman
18. Wanderlea. prova de fogo

NMdT 09-06-04
[mp3 not available]

1. Augusto Martelli. feelin
2. Manah McKay. daydream
3. Sergio Mendes. scarborough fair
4. Mina. sacumdi sacumda
5. Mark Wirtz Orchestra. comin home baby
6. El Klan. when love goes wrong
7. Slam Creepers. hold it babay
8. Georges Raudi. stercok
9. El Chicles. watermelon man
10. Michel Polnareff. la mouche
11. Pierre Tisserand. l'indien
12. Maquina. lands of perfection
13. Paul Nicholas. lamp lighter
14. Control. nadie ... nada
15. Los Puntos. siento el dolor
16. Lalo. la balsa
17. La Joven Guardia. el extraño del pelo largo
18. The Box Tops. happy times
19. Lalo. pierdo tu amor
20. Los Genios. el nuevo dia
21. Doble Dinamita. mundo joven
22. Los Canarios. pain
23. El Klan. one mint julep

NMdT 02-06-04
[mp3 not available]

1. Ivan. yendo a ninguna parte
2. Carlos Amaya. ya lo ves
3. Georges Chelon. est-ce que tu resteras
4. Michel Cogoni. oublie quelle est si blue (cruel sea)
5. Emilhenco. ballading rock
6. i New Dada. non dirne piu
7. The Sounds Incorporated. keep movin
8. Sam the Sham & Pharaohs. ju ju hand
9. Los Brisks. si mañana sera asi
10. Los No. sentada a mi lado
11. Micky & los Tonys. pretty baby
12. Les Sunlights. cest fini
13. Martha Velez. let the goodtime roll
14. Vigon. harlem shuffle

NMdT 26-05-04
[mp3 not available]

1. Joe Groundhog Richardson. blues to take it off by
2. The Boogaloo Investigators. bullfrog boogaloo
3. The Animated Egg. inside looking out
4. Les Maledictus Sounds. emission psychadelique
5. The Capricorn College. junius
6. La Mosca. once upon a time
7. The Episode Six. moring dew
8. Crabby Appleton. hunger for love
9. The Shoes. na-na-na
10. Los Gatos Negros. que contento estoy
11. Joe Groundhog Richardson. take it off
12. Los Brujos. ese dinero
13. Jacques Dutronc. les petites announces
14. Noel Deschamps. ca va bien pour moi

NMdT 19-05-04

1. The Viceroys. tiger shark
2. The Outsiders. what makes you ..
3. The Barbarians. are you a boy or are you a girl
4. Los Gatos. la balsa
5. Los Brisks. si mañana sera asi
6. Los Flecos. estas lejos
7. Los Comodines. lo tienes que adivinar
8. Los Picapiedra. la discotheque
9. Los Pasos. nadie me entiende
10. Alice Dona. cest pas prudent
11. Eddy Mitchell. ma maitresse decole (dont school a fool)
12. Ronnie Bird. je voudrais dire (i'll go crazy)
13. Noel Deschamps. ils etarent trois (trapped)
14. Les 5 Gentlemen. si tu reviens chez moi
15. Les Lionceaux. jete veux tout a moi (i wanna be your man)
16. The Odd Persons. somebody help me

NMdT 12-05-04
[mp3 not available]

1. Richard Groove Holmes. workin on a groovy thing
2. Jimmy McGriff. i cant get no satisfaction
3. Dave Pike Set. blind man blind man
4. Lionel Hampton. raunchy rita
5. The Presidents. mission impossible
6. Bro Jack McDuff. cant get satisfied
7. Jr Walker & All Stars. i know im losing you
8. James Rivers. bird brain
9. Mark III Trio. good grease
10. The Five DuTones. we want more
11. Bill Doggett. hold it

NMdT 05-05-04

1. Nancy & Lee. summer wine
2. Evolution. loving me
3. The Amboy Dukes. psalms of aftermath
4. Smash. decision
5. The Rolling Stones. 2000 light years from home
6. Neil McArthur. shes not there
7. The Tomcats. running at shados
8. Davey Payne & Medium Wave. a walk in the sunshine
9. The Winnerys. every day
10. Los Rockeros. no lo veras
11. Los Gatos Negros. que contento estoy
12. Los 5 del Este. nada todavia
13. Los No. la llave

NMdT 28-04-04

1. People. septembers son
2. Colonel Bagshot's Incredible Buckett Band. gina
3. Davey Payne & Medium Wave. looking towards the sky
4. The Roulettes. the junk
5. Georgie Fame. in the meantime
6. Mike Wallace & Caretakers. whitsand bay
7. John Smith & New Sound. just a loser
8. Michel Delpech. inventaire 66
9. Noel Deschamps. bye bye monsieur
10. Antonie et les Problemes. dodecaphonie
11. Les Aristocrats. je ne voix quelle
12. La Mosca. once upon a time
13. Los Grimm. want my love again
14. Albert Band. ella tiene el cabello rubio
15. Apocalypse. neurotic reaction
16. John Wooley & Born. look and you will find
17. Los Puntos. siento el dolor

NMdT 21-04-04

1. Xavier Cugat. tabasco
2. Los Sonidos de FM. los adolescentes
3. Philipe Nicaud. la rupture
4. Capricorn College Brass. capricorn college
5. Frank Miller Hispania Soul. melenas club
6. The End. yoyo
7. Guy Darrell. what's her name
8. Alan Price Set. no one ever hurt so bad
9. Graham Bond. we put our magik on you
10. Howard Tate. everyday i have the blues
11. Joe Jeffrey. the train
12. Pancho Villa & the Bandits. ain't that bad
13. The Mum Boys. children of the night
14. Wanderlea. prova de fogo
15. Wanderlea. vou lhe contar
16. Los Picapiedra. en la discotheque

NMdT 14-04-04

1. Los Brincos. so good to dance
2. Juan & Jr. tres dias
3. Grupo 15. el forastero mr james
4. Los Brisks. por tu amor
5. Los Continentales. mister D
6. El Duo Dinámico. cuanto mas lejos estoy
7. Los Comodines. lo tienes que adivinar
8. Los Soñadores. vete
9. Doble Dinamita. mundo jover
10. Conexion. strong lover
11. Latin Combo. i dont care
12. Los Kifers. el sol es una droga
13. Los Jovenes. simpatia en soul
14. Los GoGo. tu lo tienes mi amor
15. Frank Miller Hispania Soul. melenas club

NMdT 07-04-04

1. Lone Star. mi generacion
2. Los Brisks. esperando
3. Micky & los Tonys. i'm over
4. Los Flecos. estás lejos
5. El Duo Dinamico. el ole
6. Los No. niña difícil
7. Los Impala. todo es extraño
8. Los Cheyenes. conoces el final
9. Los Salvajes. al capone
10. Los Dixies. black cat
11. Sammy y los Leivas. tu ultimo amor
12. Los Pasos. ojo por ojo
13. Los Diapasons. hago musica rock'n roll
14. Control. nadie ... nada

NMdT 24-03-04

1. Ennio Morricone. svolta definitiva
2. Capricorn Colleg Band. mab mystic woman
3. Control. nadie nada
4. Los Puntos. siento el dolor
5. Clock. hang on
6. The Remains. tell me the truth
7. Love. [live Liverpool 2003]
8. Michel Delpech. les enfants de temps d'ajour d'hui
9. Les Sinners. les greves d'ajour d'hui
10. Noel Deschamps. bye bye monsieur
11. Georgie Fame. fully booked
12. Reuben Wilson. twenty five miles

NMdT 03-03-04

1. Bill Doggett. fingertips
2. James Rivers. bird brain
3. Clarence Armstrong. beaver pt I
4. Four Gents. soul sister
5. JJ jackson. i dig girls
6. Bill Doggett. sapphire
7. Shirley & Jessie. you can't fight love
8. Travis Wammack. have you ever had the blues
9. Los Comodines. puedo? (should i?)
10. The End. yo-yo
11. The Quik. king of the world
12. Don Fardon. how do you break a broken heart
13. Tages. leaving here
14. Woolley & Born. look and you will find
15. Evolution. water
16. Paul Revere & Raiders. let me
17. The New Breed. want ad reader
18. The American Breed. step out of your mind
19. Los Pasos. nadie me entiende

NMdT 25-02-04

1. Bill Doggett. the worm
2. Pancho Villa & the Bandits. aint that bad
3. Bobby Freeman. c'mon & swim
4. The British Walkers. shake
5. The End. why?
6. Los Comodines. lo tienes que adivinar (you just gotta know my mind)
7. Davy Jones & Voodoo Funk Machine. voodoo
8. Jerry Williams. keep on
9. The Rokes. non far finta di noi
10. Michel Delpech. les enfants du temps d'aujourd d'hui
11. Les Aristocrates. je ne vois quelle
12. Les Chancelliers. la generation d'aujourd d'hui
13. Woolley & Born. you're lying
14. Evolution. water
15. The New Breed. one more for the good guys

NMdT 18-02-04

1. Madeline Bell. step inside love
2. James Royal. sitting in the station
3. Les McCann. red top
4. Pete Terrace. do the boogaloo
5. John Schroeder Orchestra. agent double O soul
6. Wilson Simonal. nao tenho lagrimas
7. Mark Wirtz. comin home baby
8. Georges Raudi. stercok
9. David Whitaker. strip poker at caesar's palace
10. Toussaint McCall. the title escapes me
11. Martha Velez. let the good times roll
12. Mitch Ryder. sock it to me baby
13. The Quik. king of the world
14. Doris. don't
15. Keith Powell & Billie Davis. tastes sour don't it
16. Les Sunlights. plusd'amis
17. Donovan. superlungs my supergirl

NMdT 11-02-04

1. Blue Mitchel. jojuja
2. Jimmy Nichol. dont come back
3. Les McCann. green green rocky road
4. Don Sebesky. meet a cheetah
5. Doris. don't
6. Georges Raudi. stercok
7. Colors. hush
8. Richard de Bordeaux & Daniel Beretta. l'orangoutan
9. Philip Nicaud & Eddie Barclay. la rupture
10. David Whitaker. ques ce que jais danse
11. Les Sinners. les greves d'ajourd d'hui
12. Les Chanceliers. la generation d'ajourd d'hui
13. Pagliaro. jai marche pour une nation
14. Los Canarios. trying so hard
15. Los Angeles. has amado alguna vez?