28 April 2010

NMdT S11E07 .: Datura Folk


1. Guido e Maurizio di Angelis. mompracen [OST Sandokan/RCA/1976]
2. Cecilia. mi gata luna [LP/CBS/1972]
3. Cecilia. dear prudence [LP/CBS/1972]
4. Laurie Styvers. gemini girl [ LP Spilt Milk/1971]
5. Mellow Candle. the poet and the witch [LP Swaddling Songs/1972 RE]
6. Alberto Montero. the horizon [LP]
7. Pan & Regaliz. dead of love [SG/Dimension]
8. The New Mix. ursula [LP/UA/1968]
9. The New Mix. the man [LP/UA/1968]
10. Tamalpais Exchange. flying somehow [SG/Atlantic/1970]
11. Sugar Shoppe. privilege [SG/Capitol/1968]
12. The Blue Marble Faun. open your eyes [SG/Look/1969]
13. The Stratfords. never leave me [SG/O'Dell/1964]
14. The Wildflower. coffee cup [LP/A Pot of Flowers/Mainstream/1967]
15. The Harbinger Complex. I think I'm down [LP/A Pot of Flowers/Mainstream/1967]