17 March 2010

NMdT S11E06 .: Mundo Colorido


1. Now. deja vu [SG/Cotillion/1968]
2. Nuevos Horizontes. el sol en mi maleta [SG/Columbia/1971]
3. Vanusa. mundo colorido [EP/RCA/1969]
4. Edwin. chien de rue [SG/HMV]
5. The Blue Marble Faun. open your eyes [SG/Look]
6. The Thousand Faces. sweet little cup (of lovin') [SG/Era/1968]
7. North Atlantic Invasion Force. blue and green gown [SG/Congressional/1967]
8. The What-Knots. ain't dead yet [SG/Dial/1967]
9. Judd Hamilton. sunshine man [SG/Air/
10. Kin Vassy. that's the bag i'm in [SG/Uni]
11. Thumper. montreal [SG/AM]
12. Changing Colours. da-da-da-da [SG/Tower/1969]
13. Tomorrow's Children. take a good look [SG/Brookmont/1967]
14. The Hangmen. dream baby [SG/Monument]
15. The Box. dream second hand [SG/Admiral]
16. Spirits of Blue Lightning. love muscle [SG/Lavender/1968]

10 March 2010

NMdT S11E05 .: Goo Goo Annie


1. Lennox. brothers conversation [SG/Ariola/1972]
2. Mephistopheles. take a jet [SG/Reprise/1969]
3. Georgia Clay. i'll never go back to minneapolis [SG/Sire]
4. The Yellow Payges. the two of us [SG/Uni/1969]
5. Great Price. other rock & roll [SG/Castle]
6. Ash. sad over you [SG/Probe]
7. Stars and Stripes. listen [SG/Starshine]
8. Sympathie. short story [SG/Discophon/1974]
9. Symphonic Metamorphosis. let the light so shine [SG/London/1971?]
10. The Magic Lanterns. frisco annie [SG/Atlantic/1970]
11. Tommy Sterne. goo goo barabajagal [SG/Belter/1969]
12. Furia. furia [SG/BP/1071]
13. Toby Jug. brotherhood [SG/Decca/1971]

03 March 2010

NMdT S11E04 .: Everything Fine Up There


1. Surprise Package. everything fine [SG/Columbia]
2. The Scoundrels. up there [SG/ABC]
3. The Excentrics. what can i do what can i say [SG/GloLite]
4. The Nocturnals. because you're gone [SG/Regency]
5. The Gamblers. who will buy [SG/Coral/1967]
6. Dukes Noblemen. thank for your loving [SG/Philips/1968]
7. Southbound Freeway. roll with it [SG/Atco]
8. King Set. mon brouillard [SG/AZ]
9. The Birdwatchers. mary mary [SG/Mala/1967]
10. The Reasons Why. tell her one more time [SG/Amy/1966]
11. The Forsaken. gotta get movin [SG/MTA]
12. Cast of Thousands. my jenny wears a minny [SG/Tower/1966]
13. The Hard Times. they said no [SG/World Pacific/1967]
14. The Johnnys. nothing sacred [SG/WB]
15. The Oustiders. i'm not trying to hurt you [SG/Capitol/1967]
16. The Vagrants. i don't need yoour loving [SG/Atco/1968]