23 February 2015

NMdT S15E01 .: The Chase Is On, Man!


01. The Runabouts. the chase [SG Vox 1965]
02. The Jagged Edge. how many times [SG Twirl 1966]
03. The Malibus. cry [SG Malibu 1966]
04. The Headlyters. girl down the street [SG Phalanx 1965]
05. The Jades Ltd. you're not there [SG Tower 1967]
06. Hoppi and the Beau Heems. when i get home [SG Laurie 1968]
07. Lee Grant and the Capitols. that's what worries me [EP Belter 1965]
08. The Vampires. new love [EP sesion 1966]
09. Ian and the Zodiacs. this empty place [SG Philips 1964]
10. Oscar and the Majestics. my girl is waiting [SG u.s.a. 1966]
11. Ritchie Knight and the Mid-Knights. work song [SG Rca Victor 1966]
12. The Bar Boys. hit the road jack [SG Lyar 1968]
13. Destination Soul. i know your kind [SG Uptown 1967]
14. The Razors Edge. baby's on his way [SG Pow 1967]
15. Basis of the Thing. individual of society [SG Chi-Line 1966]
16. Esquires. settle down [SG Scratch 1967]

First show in two years! A bunch of jangly and moody guitar garage beats mostly from the US with a few europeans thrown in the middle. Enjoy!