09 February 2011

NMdT S12E06 .: Love, Hate, Revenge


01. The Guild. the sun shines for you [SG/Twinight/1969]
02. The Jackals. linda come lately [SG/Liberty/1969]
03. Los Pasos. ojo por ojo [SG/Hispavox/1967]
03. Majic Ship. green plant [SG/Bt Puppy/1969]
04. Power. children ask (if he is dead) [SG/MGM/1967]
05. The Sound Solution. i had the notion [SG/Strobe/c1968]
06. The Virgin Sleep. love [SG/Deram/1967]
07. The Virgin Sleep. halliford house [SG/Deram/1967]
08. Episode Six. love hate revenge [SG/Elektra/1967]
09. Jameson. places times and the people [SG/Verve/1967]
10. Tommy Flanders. the moonstone [SG/VerveForecast/1968]
11. Cosmic Sounds. aquarius [SG/1967/Elektra]
12. The Newlook. east of the dawn [SG/TRX/1968]
13. Stop. hip girl [SG/Garland/1969]