25 October 2006

NMdT S08E04 .: Nightime's For You


1. Ultimate Spinach. ego trip [LP/MGM]
2. Calliope. california dreamin' [LP Steamed/Buddah]
3. Nazz. rain rider [LP Nazz Nazz / SRC]
4. The Glass Prism. here you are [LP On Joy and Sorrow / RCA]
5. The Boston Tea Party. in their shoes [LP/Flick Disc]
6. Mars Bonfire. ride with me baby [LP/Uni]
7. Mars Bonfire. night-time's for you [LP/Uni]
8. The Travel Agency. come to me [LP/Viva]
9. Buffalo Springfield. special care [LP Last Time Around / ATCO]
10. Eden's Children. call it design [LP sure looks real / ABC]
11. Southwest FOB. beggar man [SG/Hip]
12. Telephone. wondering [SG/Freedom]
13. The New York Rock 'n Roll Ensemble. monkey [LP/ATCO]

18 October 2006

NMdT S08E03 .: Ship of Dreams


1. People. september's son [SG/Explosion]
2. Noah's Ark. paper man [SG/Decca]
3. Incredible Fog. tommy black [SG/Probe]
4. Wild Butter. roxanna [SG/UA]
5. The Match. mirror maze lady [SG/RCA]
6. Fat Mattress. black sheep of the family [SG/Polydor]
7. Neal Ford & the Fanatics. the jones [SG/Hickory]
8. Syndicate of Sound. you [SG/Stateside]
9. The Cleaners. how i feel [SG/Knight]
10. Soul Inc. i belong to nobody [SG/Counterpart]
11. The Northwest Company. she's a woman [SG/Ampex]
12. The Quiet Jungle. ship of dreams [SG/Yorkville]
13. Flowerz. talken about love [SG/Kingston]
14. One. enter my world [SG/Columbia]
15. The Gentrys. silky [SG/Bell]
16. Front Page News. you better behave [SG/Dial]
17. The Footprints. mama rand's [SG/Capitol]

04 October 2006

NMdT S08E02 .: Funtastic Dracula Carnival


SeƱor Varo and Paloma Borbone, promoters of the Funtastic Dracula Carnival are our special guests today. They will be introducing the festival for those of you foolish who have been in a coma for three months and are not aware that the end of the world is coming in just seven days and we are gonna be celebrating it raving during three days and nights.

You'll listen to the bands that will be playing that weekend:
The Monsters, The Cannibals, Los Fossiles, Los Pataconas,
Andre Williams, The A-Bones, The Spits, Cecilia et ses Ennuis,
The Great Gaylors & The Coyote Men

[+info] www.funtasticdraculacarnival.com