20 December 2006

NMdT S08E09 .: Sacumdi' Sacumda'


1. Mike Medicin. night on fire [SG/Fontana/1969]
2. The New Life. blackwoods annie [SG/Amaret/1969]
3. The Headliners. voodoo plan [SG/VIP/1965]
4. The Black River Circus. love's gonna carry me home [SG/MRC]
5. Dave Antrell. friends, give me the strength to carry on [SG/Amaret/1972]
6. Don Fardon. we can make it together [SG/Astor]
7. The Midnight Rebels. groovin' is easy [SG/MR/1969]
8. Hot Soup. gettin' in my way again [SG/Rama]
9. The Richard Kent Style. go go children [SG/Coral]
10. Dave Berry. picture me gone [SG/Decca/1966]
11. Chris Farlowe. moanin' [SG/Columbia]
12. Mina. sacumdi' sacumda' [SG/Discophon/1969]
13. Timebox. a woman that's waitin [SG/Deram]
14. Dusty Greyrock. tears in my heart [SG/RCAVictor]
15. The You Know Who Group. (roses are red) my love [SG/4Corners]
16. Steam Packet. trouble and tea [SG/Polydor/1967]
17. The Perishers. how does it feel [SG/Fontana/1968]
18. Egbert Douwe. het gerucht [SG/Philips/1968]