23 April 2008

NMdT S09E11 .: Atchika Boum


1. Janko Nilovic. atchika boum [SG/Philips/1976]
2. Jean Paul el Troglodita. everything is gonna change [VVAA Obsession/Bullyrecords.com/2008]
3. Gal Costa. vou recomeçar [LP Gal Costa/Philips/1969]
4. The Forum Quorum. girl make up your mind [LP Decca/1968]
5. Arnaud Rodriguez. murtituri [VVAA Obsession/Bullyrecords.com/2008]
6. Saint Steven. over the hills/animal hall [LP St Steven/Probe/1969]
7. The Savage Resurrection. someone's changing [LP Savage Resurrection/Mercury/1968]
8. HP Lovecraft. it's about time [LP HP ii/Philips/1968]
9. Houston Fearless. mr soul [LP Houston Fearless/Imperial/1969]
10. Wigwam. helsinki [SG/Imperial/1969]
11. The Tapestry. miss julie's private school [SG/Compass/1967]
12. Salvation. someday the gray will come [SG/UA/1968]
13. The Devil's Brigade. dreaming is [SG/UA/1968]