20 December 2006

NMdT S08E09 .: Sacumdi' Sacumda'


1. Mike Medicin. night on fire [SG/Fontana/1969]
2. The New Life. blackwoods annie [SG/Amaret/1969]
3. The Headliners. voodoo plan [SG/VIP/1965]
4. The Black River Circus. love's gonna carry me home [SG/MRC]
5. Dave Antrell. friends, give me the strength to carry on [SG/Amaret/1972]
6. Don Fardon. we can make it together [SG/Astor]
7. The Midnight Rebels. groovin' is easy [SG/MR/1969]
8. Hot Soup. gettin' in my way again [SG/Rama]
9. The Richard Kent Style. go go children [SG/Coral]
10. Dave Berry. picture me gone [SG/Decca/1966]
11. Chris Farlowe. moanin' [SG/Columbia]
12. Mina. sacumdi' sacumda' [SG/Discophon/1969]
13. Timebox. a woman that's waitin [SG/Deram]
14. Dusty Greyrock. tears in my heart [SG/RCAVictor]
15. The You Know Who Group. (roses are red) my love [SG/4Corners]
16. Steam Packet. trouble and tea [SG/Polydor/1967]
17. The Perishers. how does it feel [SG/Fontana/1968]
18. Egbert Douwe. het gerucht [SG/Philips/1968]

29 November 2006

NMdT S08E08 .: O-Wow!!


Special guest :: David Robles [www.tightenup.tk]

1. The Bamboos. tighten up [LP Step It up/TruThoughts]
2. Cookin' On Three Burners. gravel rash [SG/Freestyle]
3. Neo-Hip-Hot-Kiddies Community. hip walk [SG/Rabbi]
4. The Boogaloo Investigators. let the groove move you [SG/Freestyle]
5. Hi-Fly. hi-fidelity [SG/Tramp]
6. Cal Tjader. evil ways [SG/Fantasy]
7. James Brown at the Organ. evil [SG/Smash]
8. Spirit of St. Louis. she's afraid to cry [SG/Fona]
9. B.W. Souls. marvin's groove [SG/Round]
10. Panic Buttons. o-wow [SG/Gamble]
11. Dave Cortez & the Moon People. hapy soul (with a hook) [SG/Speed]
12. Darrow Fletcher. my young misery [SG/Groovy]
13. Thelma Houston. cheap lovin' [LP Sunshower/Motown]
14. Spanky Wilson & the Quantic Soul Orchestra. don't joke with a hungry man [LP I'm Thankful /TruThoughts]

22 November 2006

NMdT S08E07 .: Rebelde, you better behave!


1. The Young Savages. can't get over you [SG/Roulette]
2. Front Page News. you better behave [SG/Dial]
3. The Gentrys. silky [SG/Bell]
4. Rabbit Mackay. tendency to be free [SG/Uni]
5. The Footprints. never say die [SG/Capitol]
6. The Kidds. straighten up and fly right [SG/Big Beat]
7. The American Express. you & me [SG/Teen Town]
8. The Innovation. your time's gonna come [SG/Amy]
9. The Young Savages. (shake me) can i be dreamin' [SG/Roulette]
10. Pussy Cat. la la lu [SG/RcaVictor]
11. Los Beatniks. rebelde [SG/CBS]
12. The Interns. hard to get [SG/Uptown]
13. The Regents. worryin' kind [SG/Penthouse]
14. The Renaissance. the name of the game is love [SG/Toddlin Town]
15. Mike Furber and the Bowery Boys. you stole my love [SG/Kommotion]
16. The London Knights. go to him [SG/Mike]
17. The Cykle. if you can [SG/Label]
18. The Quiet Jungle. everything [SG/Yorkville]
19. Erik and the Smoke Ponies. i'll give you more [SG/Kama Sutra]

15 November 2006

NMdT S08E06 .: Zorongo!


1. Dusty Springfield. spooky [SG/Philips/1970]
2. Maysa Matarazo. reza (laia ladaia) [SG/RcaVictor/1968]
3. Marcos. la gran esperanza (great expectations) [SG/Philips/1971]
4. Dobie Gillis. forever kind of thing [SG/MAM/1971]
5. Jim & Jean. time goes backwards [SG/Verve/1968]
6. Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg. bonnie and clyde [EP/Fontana/1968]
7. David Garrick. the beautiful people [SG/Belter/1971]
8. Micky y los Tonys. la niña del sol [SG/Novola/1968]
9. Tony Ritchie. rain on my window [SG/Vogue/1967]
10. Medicine Mike. night on fire [SG/Fontana/1969]
11. Jose Bartel. ton cosmonaute [EP/Riviera/1966]
12. Claude Righi. rendez-vous orbital [SG/Riviera/1966]
13. The Black River Circus. a ritual melody [SG/MRC/196?]
14. Luis Pena et son Orchestra. litle carolina [EP/BasBoumo/196?]
15. La Nueva Banda de Santiesteban. zorongo [SG/Belter/1970]
16. Michel Colombier. lobellia [SG/LaCompagnie/1969]

08 November 2006

NMdT S08E05 .: I Keep Forgettin' ... Long Live Art Wood!!


1. Nooney Rickett. bye bye baby [EP/Colpix]
2. The Winkle Pickers. i haven't got you [SG/Colpix]
3. Los Pepes. rojo [SG/Hito]
4. Dave Davani & the D-Men. sho' know a lot about love [SG/Decca]
5. Tony Rivers & Castaways. i love you [SG/Constellation]
6. Kurt Savoy y los Roberts. llamando a tu puerta [EP/Berta]
7. Cefe y los Gigantes. gritaré [EP/Columbia]
8. Renato e Seus Blue Caps. voce nao soube amar [EP/CBS]
9. Os Baobas. down down [SG/Mocambo]
10. The Artwoods. i keep forgettin' [Art Gallery]
11. The Artwoods. things getting better [Art Gallery]
12. The Regents. words [SG/Penthouse]
13. The London Knighs. go to him [SG/Mike]
14. The New Invaders. don't let me down [SG/Invader]
15. Los Infraseres. ungaga unga unga [Demo] [myspace]
16. Les Sinners. les greves d'aujourdd'hui [SG/Jupiter]
17. Pussy Cat. ba ba ba ... boof [EP/Rca]

25 October 2006

NMdT S08E04 .: Nightime's For You


1. Ultimate Spinach. ego trip [LP/MGM]
2. Calliope. california dreamin' [LP Steamed/Buddah]
3. Nazz. rain rider [LP Nazz Nazz / SRC]
4. The Glass Prism. here you are [LP On Joy and Sorrow / RCA]
5. The Boston Tea Party. in their shoes [LP/Flick Disc]
6. Mars Bonfire. ride with me baby [LP/Uni]
7. Mars Bonfire. night-time's for you [LP/Uni]
8. The Travel Agency. come to me [LP/Viva]
9. Buffalo Springfield. special care [LP Last Time Around / ATCO]
10. Eden's Children. call it design [LP sure looks real / ABC]
11. Southwest FOB. beggar man [SG/Hip]
12. Telephone. wondering [SG/Freedom]
13. The New York Rock 'n Roll Ensemble. monkey [LP/ATCO]

18 October 2006

NMdT S08E03 .: Ship of Dreams


1. People. september's son [SG/Explosion]
2. Noah's Ark. paper man [SG/Decca]
3. Incredible Fog. tommy black [SG/Probe]
4. Wild Butter. roxanna [SG/UA]
5. The Match. mirror maze lady [SG/RCA]
6. Fat Mattress. black sheep of the family [SG/Polydor]
7. Neal Ford & the Fanatics. the jones [SG/Hickory]
8. Syndicate of Sound. you [SG/Stateside]
9. The Cleaners. how i feel [SG/Knight]
10. Soul Inc. i belong to nobody [SG/Counterpart]
11. The Northwest Company. she's a woman [SG/Ampex]
12. The Quiet Jungle. ship of dreams [SG/Yorkville]
13. Flowerz. talken about love [SG/Kingston]
14. One. enter my world [SG/Columbia]
15. The Gentrys. silky [SG/Bell]
16. Front Page News. you better behave [SG/Dial]
17. The Footprints. mama rand's [SG/Capitol]

04 October 2006

NMdT S08E02 .: Funtastic Dracula Carnival


Señor Varo and Paloma Borbone, promoters of the Funtastic Dracula Carnival are our special guests today. They will be introducing the festival for those of you foolish who have been in a coma for three months and are not aware that the end of the world is coming in just seven days and we are gonna be celebrating it raving during three days and nights.

You'll listen to the bands that will be playing that weekend:
The Monsters, The Cannibals, Los Fossiles, Los Pataconas,
Andre Williams, The A-Bones, The Spits, Cecilia et ses Ennuis,
The Great Gaylors & The Coyote Men

[+info] www.funtasticdraculacarnival.com

27 September 2006

NMdT S08E01 .: Blak Bari Chari Blooz!!


1. Bamboo. blak bari chari blooz [LP Bamboo/Elektra]
2. Blond. the girl i once had [LP Blond/Fontana]
3. Eduardo Bohr. you came [SG/Columbia]
4. Paul Muggleton. billy snow, jim black [SG/Columbia]
5. Valen. la ciudad de la luz [SG/RCA]
6. Monty. on a changé ma ville [EP/Barclay]
7. Timebox. a woman that's waiting [SG/Deram]
8. Liverpool Five. new directions [SG/RCA Victor]
9. The End. you must do something [SG/Sonoplay]
10. The 5th Dimension. too poor to die [SG/SoulCity]
11. Jesse Thomas. bases are loaded [SG/Tail-Gate]
12. Mary Jane Hooper. that's how strong love is [SG/Liberty]
12. Miki Dallon. cheat and lie [SG/Vogue]
13. The Riot Squad. gotta be a first time [SG/Pye]
14. Graham Bond. springtime in the city [SG/WB]
15. Los Mockers. enseñame el camino [LP/Cocodrilo]

26 July 2006

NMdT S07E33 .: See You In September


1. Spirit. prelude-nothin' to hide [LP Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus / Epic]
2. Nazz. not wrong long [LP Nazz Nazz / SGC]
3. The Herd. understand me [SG/Fontana]
4. The Buckinghams. back in love again [SG/Columbia]
5. Colours. you're high [LP Atmosphere/Dot]
6. The Frost. mystery man [LP Frost Music / Vanguard]
7. The Travel Agency. she understands [LP/Viva]
8. Eclection. morning of yesterday [LP/Elektra]
9. Nancy and Lee. summer wine [LP Nancy & Lee / Reprise]
10. Paul Parrish. suzanne [LP The Forrest of My Mind / Music Factory]
11. Brother Jack McDuff. too many fish in the sea [SG/
12. Ray Charles. go home [SG/ABC]
13. The Strange Bros. Show. shakey jakes [SG/AZ]
14. Jimmy Robins. i can't please you [SG/Jerhart]
15. The Gilberto Sextet. good lovin' [SG/Cotique]
16. Los Indonesios. see you in september [EP/Fundador]

19 July 2006

NMdT S07E32 .: Too Much of Nothing


1. Mind Garage. angel asks [LP/RCA]
2. The Boston Tea Party. i'm telling you [LP/FlickDisc]
3. Spooky Tooth. too much of nothing [LP/Bell]
4. The Alan Bown. my girl the month of may [LP/Music Factory]
5. The Frost. the family [LP Frost Music/Vanguard]
6. The Forum Quorum. your turn to cry [LP/Decca]
7. Erik and the Smoke Ponies. i'll give you more [SG/KamaSutra]
8. The Onion Rings. she's gonna cry [SG/Blue Onion]
9. Gaylan Ladd. her loving way [SG/MGM]
10. Flowerz. flyte [SG/Kingston]
11. The London Knights. go to him [SG/Mike]
12. The Riddles. it's one thing to say [SG/Mercury]
13. The New Invaders. don't let me down [SG/Invader]
14. The Winkle Pickers. i haven't got you [SG/Colpix]
15. Los Nivram. un amor sin igual [EP/Regal]

12 July 2006

NMdT S07E31 .: Little Yellow Pills


1. Affinity. all along the watchtower [LP/Paramount]
2. The Fox. madame magical [LP For Fox Sake/Crewe]
3. The Nite People. morning sun [SG/Fontana]
4. Jackie Lomax. little yellow pills [LP Is this What You Want?/Apple]
5. Bill Deal and the Rhondels. i've got my needs [LP Vintage Rock/Heritage]
6. Mashmakhan. afraid of losing you [LP/Epic]
7. The Glass Prism. who loves me [LP On Joy and Sorrow/RCA]
8. The Regents. words [SG/Penthouse]
9. Pink Floyd. see emily plays [SG/Columbia]
10. Pink Floyd. the gnome [LP The Piper at the Gates of Dawn/Harvest]

05 July 2006

NMdT S07E30 .: Of Elephants and Spinachs


1. Affinity. night flight [LP/Paramount]
2. One with Alan Marshall. don't listen to me [SG/Fontana]
3. The Alan Bown. storybook [LP/Music Factory]
4. The Grassroots. i'd wait a million years [SG/Dunhill]
5. The Glass Prism. she's too much [LP On Joy and Sorrow / RCA]
6. Stained Glass. the necromancer [SG/Capitol]
7. The Illusion. did you see her eyes [SG/Steed]
8. The Sunliners. land of nod [SG/MGM]
9. Ultimate Spinach. where you're at [LP Behold and See / MGM]
10. Eden's Children. things gone wrong [LP Sure Looks Real / abc]
11. The Elephants Memory. takin' a walk [LP/Buddah]
12. Shorty Long. ain't no justice [SG/Soul]
13. Quincy Jones. pussyfoot [SG/abc]

28 June 2006

NMdT S07E29 .: Here Comes Sunshine


1. Eclection. in her mind [LP Eclection / Elektra]
2. Randy Denison. throughout the woods [LP Collage / Mega]
3. Southwest F.O.B. smell of incense [SG/HIP]
4. The Match. mirror maze lady [SG/RCA]
5. The Hellers. take 46 [LP Singers .. Talkers .. Players .. Swingers .. Doers / Command]
6. The Hello People. sunrise meadow [LP Hello People / Philips]
7. The Forum Quorum. misery [LP/Decca]
8. The American Revolution. cold wisconsin nights [LP/Flick Disc]
9. The Association. come on in [LP Birthday / WB]
10. The Parade. sunshine girl [SG/AM]
11. I Califfi. la bellezza [SG/Rifi]
12. The Strawberry Alarm Clock. tomorrow [SG/UNI]
13. The Collectors. looking at a baby [SG/Valiant]
14. The Tingling Mothers' Circus. face in my mind [SG/Roulette]
15. Nirvana. girl in the park [SG/Island]
16. The Pentangle. travellin' song [SG/Sonoplay]

24 May 2006

NMdT S07E28 .: Shake Beloved, Shake!


1. The Love Affair. so sorry [LP Everlasting / CBS]
2. The Glass Prism. beloved [LP Poe Through .. / RCA]
3. The Glass Prism. a dream [LP Poe Through .. / RCA]
4. Kesingtong Market. i would be the one [SG/WB]
5. New Colony Six. i'm just waitin' [LP Colonization / Sentar]
6. The Association. six man band [SG/Hispavox]
7. The Sunliners. well one [SG/MGM]
8. The Rationals. out in the streets (sing) [SG/A2]
9. Patrizia. shake in the morning [SG/Tempo]
10. David Clayton Thomas. brainwashed [SG/Roman]
11. Los Comodines. lo tienes que adivinar [EP/Sayton]
12. The Vagrants. young blues [SG/Fontana]
13. The Loot. i got what you want [SG/Sonet]
14. James Royal. house of jack [SG/CBS]
15. Winston G. cloud nine [SG/Decca]
16. Chris Farlowe. headlines [SG/Immediate]

17 May 2006

NMdT S07E27 .: Pata Pata Wack Wack


1. Shirley Scott. soul shoutin' [SG/Prestige]
2. Jimmy Smith. t-bone steak [SG/Verve]
3. The Dynatones. the fife piper [SG/HBR]
4. Ray Riviera Orchestra. guava [SG/MGM]
5. Señor Soul. pata pata [SG/Belldisc]
6. One G plus Three. summertime [SG/Paramount]
7. Toussaint McCall. the title escapes me [SG/Ronn]
8. Booker T & MGs. be my lady [SG/Stax]
9. Bill Doggett. si si cisco [SG/Sue]
10. Billy Sherrill. tipsy [SG/ABC]
11. Young Holt Trio. wack wack [SG/Brunswick]
12. Les McCann & Eddie Harris. cold duck time [SG/Atlantic]
13. Little Johnny Taylor. somewhere down the line [SG/Galaxy]
13. Sir Albert. sir albert [SG/Rozan]
14. Alvin Cash & the Crawlers. the barracuda [SG/Mar-V-Lus]
15. Lonnie Mack. chickin' pickin' [SG/Fraternity]

10 May 2006

NMdT S07E26 .: El Dorado


1. Bamboo. girl of the seasons [LP Bamboo/Elektra]
2. The Glass Prism. to one in paradise [LP Poe Through .../RCA]
3. The Glass Prism. eldorado [LP Poe Through .../RCA]
4. Sweetwater. take it from the splice, boys [LP Melon / Reprise]
5. New Colony Six. mr, you're a better man than i [LP Colonization / Sentar]
6. The Petards. confussion all day [LP Music for Wild Angels / Dim]
7. Gary Walker & Carnabeats. cutie morning moon [SG/Philips]
8. The Group Image. banana split [LP A Mouth in the Clouds / Community]
9. Paul Parrish. english sparrows [LP The Forest of My Mind / Music Factory]
10. The Little Boy Blues. is love [LP In the Woodland of Weir / Fontana]
11. Fat Mattress. mr. moonshine [LP Fat Mattress / Atco]

03 May 2006

NMdT S07E25 .: Quiero Repostar


1. Los Huracanes. quiero repostar [EP]
2. Ramon 5. mantengan limpia la luna [EP]
3. Los 5 del Este. pequeña rosita [EP]
4. Grupo 15. el forastero Mr. James [EP]
5. Los Wikingos. la loca [SG]
6. Los Brisks. esperando (yeah, i'm waiting) [EP]
7. Los Pepes. rojo [SG/Hito]
8. Los Flecos. estas lejos [EP/Vergara]
9. Los Beta. donkey [SG/Movieplay]
10. Latin Combo. i don't care [EP/Columbia]
11. Eurogrup. que pasa emb els duros? (get out of my life, woman) [EP/Concentric]
12. Amigos de Carlos. hey louie [SG/Movieplay]
13. Los 4 Ros. como el agua de esa fuente [EP/Belter]
14. Shake. samsara

26 April 2006

NMdT S07E24 .: Down Down Down


1. Donnie Burks. then you put me down [LP The Swingin' Sounf of DB / Europa]
2. Brother Jack McDuff. down home style [SG/Liberty]
3. The New York Rock Ensemble. running down the highway [SG/CBS]
4. The Down 5. i'm takin' it home [SG/Parrot]
5. Sandy Nelson. boogaloo down broadway [LP Alligator Boogaloo / Imperial]
6. The Berkeley Kites. what goes up must come down [SG/Minaret]
7. Los Imposibles. down, down, down [LP Part a Go-Go / Animal]
8. Os Baobas. down, down [SG/Mocambo]
9. The Mockenmier Ensemble. cry the rain down [SG/Sonoplay]
10. The Soul Inc. love me when i'm down [SG/Counterpart]
11. The Hara Kee Rees. keeping me down [LP II / Subterrania] website
12. El Zumbido. estas retendome abajo (you're holding me down) [SG/MajorTom]
13. The Guys Who Came Up From Downstairs. growth [SG/Disc-Guys]
14. Noel Odom & the Group. come on down to earth [SG/Tower]
15. The Tremeloes. let your hair hang down [SG/CBS]
16. Ronnie Bird. pour etre toi (down home girl) [EP/Decca]

12 April 2006

NMdT S07E23 .: Au Right Judas!!


1. Bo Hansson. the sun (parallel or 90º) [LP Magician's Hat / Charisma]
2. George Duke. au right [LP The Inner Source / MPS]
3. Young Holt Unlimited. the creeper [LP Mellow Dreamin' / Cotillion]
4. Judas. heaven on their minds [OST JesusChristSuperstar/MCA]
5. Jesus, Maria Magdalena & Apostoles. what's the buzz [OST JesusChristSuperstar/MCA]
6. Springwell. it's for you [SG/London]
7. La Mosca. once upon a time [SG/Guitarra]
8. Steampacket. she's down [SG/Knäppupp]
9. Cykle. in love my friend [SG/Label]
10. The Brass Toad. in the back of my mind [SG/Two Worlds]
11. The Onion Rings. she's gonna cry [SG/Blue Onion]
12. The Box. dreams second hand [SG/Admiral]
13. Don Fardon. we can make it together [SG/Astor]

05 April 2006

NMdT S07E22 .: Coming on Strong


1. Small Faces. up the wooden hills [LP There Are But Four SF / Immediate]
2. Bee Gees. i close my eyes [LP 1st / Atco]
3. Ronnie Von. o carpinteiro (if i were a carpenter) [EP/Polydor]
4. Los Angeles. no estoy contento [SG/Hispavox]
5. Los Pasos. nadie me entiende [SG/Hispavox]
6. 49th Parallel. twilight woman [SG/Venture]
7. Poe. up through the spiral [SG/Uni]
8. Blonde on Blonde. castles in the sky [SG/Ember]
9. The Chery People. i'm the one who loves you [SG/Polydor]
10. Evolution. i must live [SG/Dimension]
11. The Remains. don't tell me the truth [SG/Penniman]
12. Fumestones. let me take you for a while [SG/JoleteMacanaGarageWorks]
13. The Finestuff. i want you [SG/Ra-Set]
14. Stacy's 5th. my lovin' baby [SG/Jubilee]
15. Don Fardon. coming on strong [SG/Astor]
16. Boogaloo Investigators. the sloth / if you reap [ www.thefiveaces.com ]

29 March 2006

NMdT S07E21 .: Watch Your Step, Junk!!


1. The Roulettes. junk [SG/Parlophone]
2. Kent and the Candidates. trouble [SG/DoubleShot]
3. Tages. get up an' get goin' [SG/Platina]
4. The Jaybees. i'm a loner [SG/RCAVictor]
5. The Mike Cotton Sound. make up your mind [SG/Metronome]
6. Keith and Billie. tastes sour don't it [SG/Piccadilly]
7. The Riot Squad. bitter sweet love [SG/Pye]
8. Marbles. i can't see nobody [SG/Polydor]
9. The End. you must do someting [SG/Sonoplay]
10. The Motions. i want you, i need you [EP/Marfer]
11. Steampacket. trouble and tea [SG/Polydor]
12. Love Children. every little step [SG/Deram]
13. Gary Walker and the Rain. i can't stand to loose you [SG/Polydor]
14. The Montanas. difference of opinion [SG/Independence]
15. Jonathan King. cherry, cherry [SG/Decca]
16. American Breed. green light [SG/Stateside]
17. Tony Jackson. watch your step [SG/Pye]
18. Lone Star. muy lejos de aqui (we gotta get out of this place) [EP/HMV]

22 March 2006

NMdT S07E20 .: In the Heat of the Morning


1. The Collectors. looking at a baby [SG/Valiant]
2. The Left Banke. barteres and their wives [SG/Smash]
3. Fat Mattress. black sheep of the family [SG/Polydor]
4. Mind Garage. there was a time [SG/RCA]
5. David Bowie. in the heat of the morning [LP The World of / Decca]
6. Pookah. blue and peaceful [SG/UA]
7. Cape Kennedy Construction Co. first step on the moon [SG/Sintonia]
8. Chris Carpenter. this world (is closing in on me) [SG/UA]
9. The Abstracts. smell of incense [SG/Pompeii]
10. Estratagema I. hurry up [SG/diabolo]
11. The Lazy Sundays. all going away [EP/Puzzle]
12. Antoine. un éléphant me regarde [EP/Vogue]
13. Los Brincos. nadie te quiere ya [SG/Novola]
14. Flowerz. talken about love [SG/Kingston]
15. Love Society. without you [SG/Scepter]
16. Manfred Mann. each and every day [EP/Fontana]

08 March 2006

NMdT S07E19 .: Circus Time


1. The Millenium. i just want to be your boyfriend [SG/Columbia]
2. Chuck Conlon. midnight reader [SG/Martin]
3. The Nightcrawlers. running wild [SG/Kapp]
3. The Left Banke. she may call you up tonight [SG/Smash]
4. The Phaetons. three weeks, four days and fifteen hours [SG/WB]
5. The Velvet Crest. na-na song [SG/Bold]
6. Front Page News. you better behave [SG/Dial]
7. The Epic Splendor. cowboys and indians [SG/HotBiscuit]
8. The Joyride. the big bright green pleasure machine [SG/WorldPacific]
9. Carrot Tree. circus time [SG/RCA]
10. The Birdwtchers. mary mary [SG/Mala]
11. Lone Star. sin su amor (heart full of soul) [EP/HMV]
12. Los Sirex. si, lo hago por ti (i am talking about you) [SG/Vergara]
13. Micky y los Tonys. ya no estas [SG/Novola]
14. Los Impala. cada vez [EP/Sonoplay]
15. Wau & los Arrrghs. nunca la quise [LP Cantan en Español / Voodoo Rhythm]
16. El Zumbido. estas retendome abajo [SG/Major Tom]
17. Kim Weston. a thrill a moment

01 March 2006

NMdT S07E18 .: Grits n' Corn Bread


1. The London Studio Group. the big itch [LP Jimmy Strikes Back/DeWolfe]
2. The London Studio Group. jimmy strikes back [LP Jimmy Strikes Back/DeWolfe]
3. Flow. mr invisible [SG/CTI]
4. Syl Johnson. try me [SG/Twilight]
5. The Blues Magoos. feelin' time (i can feel it) [SG/abc]
6. Mongo Santamaria. black-eyed peas [SG/Columbia]
7. Joe Groundhog Richardson. take it off [SG/MajorMinor]
8. Soul Runners. grits 'n corn bread [SG/MoSoul]
9. Young Holt unlimited. country slicker joe [SG/Brunswick]
10. Mel Torme. right now [SG/Atlantic]
11. Madeline Bell. ain't gonna cry anymore [LP Doin' Things / Philips]
12. El Klan. when love goes wrong [LP love is a Swedish Thing / Interdisc]
13. Clarence Armstrong. beaver pt. I [SG/Money]
14. Billy Clark with the Maskman. soul party II [SG/Columbia]
15. The Twinkle Stars. twinkle stars boogaloo [LP Oscar Harris & Twinkle Stars 2 / Blue Elephant]
16. Augusto Algueró. great expectations [LP Mi Gran Amor / Polydor]
17. Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger. save the country [LP Streetnoise / Atco]

22 February 2006

NMdT S07E17 .: Take a Jet if You Can


1. Audience. eye to eye [SG/Philips]
2. 49th Parallel. now that i'm a man [SG/Venture]
3. Tony Ritchie. rain on my window [SG/Vogue]
4. The Restless Feelin's. a million things [SG/UA]
5. The Epic Splendor. cowboys and indians [SG/HotBiscuit]
6. The Natural Gas. sunnydays [SG/Renee]
7. Sweet Smoke. morning dew [SG/Amy]
8. The Nite People. morning sun [SG/Fontana]
9. Mind Garage. what's behind those eyes [SG/RCA]
10. Mephistopheles. take a jet [SG/Reprise]
11. The Pilgrimage. bad apple [SG/Mercury]
12. The New Yorkers. mr kirby [SG/Scepter]
13. The Next Exit. break away [SG/WarnerBros]
14. Cykle. if you can [SG/Label]
15. The Clichés. why why why [SG/Wes Mar]
16. Terry Knight and the pack. how much more (have i got to give)[SG/Lucky11]
17. The Spikedrivers. let me tell you how i lost my mind [SG/Hispavox]