21 December 2005

NMdT S07E12 .: Sweet December


1. Sangre. necesito valor [SG/RCA]
2. Chris Carpenter. this world (is closing in on me) [SG/UA]
3. The David. sweet december [SG/VMC]
4. The Collectors. old man [SG/Valiant]
5. The Millenium. it's you [SG/Columbia]
6. Jackie Lomax. sour milk sea [SG/Apple]
7. Terry Knight and the Pack. the train [SG/LuckyEleven]
8. The Glitterhouse. where have you been hiding [LP Colorblind/Dynovoice]
9. The Glitterhouse. hey woman [LP Colorblind/Dynovoice]
10. The Glitterhouse. happy to have you here again [LP Colorblind/Dynovoice]
11. People. riding high [SG/Capitol]
12. Chuck Conlon. won't you say yes to me, girl [SG/Martin]
13. Limey & the Yanks. out of sight, out of mind [SG/Loma]
14. Leer Brothers. love fever [SG/Intrepid]
15. The Huntsmen. so long [SG/Shur·Shot]
16. Leer Brothers. travellin' on [SG/Intrepid]

14 December 2005

NMdT S07E11 .: Coloured Flowers


1. Johnny Pearson. the original choggle choggle [LP Sweet Groove/KPM]
2. Speak Low. take your time [SG/Funkorama]
3. Audience. eye to eye [SG/Philips]
4. Spinach. action man pt II [SG/Ariola]
5. Messieurs Richard de Bordeaux et Daniel Beretta. l'orang-outang [EP/Barclay]
6. The Glitterhouse. tinkerbell's mind [LP Color Blind/Dynavoice]
7. The Glitterhouse. child of darkness [LP Color Blind/Dynavoice]
8. The Hobbits. strawberry child [SG/Decca]
9. The Nova Local. if you only had the time [SG/Decca]
10. Larry's Rebels. coloured flowers [SG/Impact]
11. Crosby, Stills & Nash. pre-road downs [LP CS&N/Atlantic]
12. Tony Roland & Black Velvet. rock'n roll woman [SG/Movieplay]
13. Vertice. take me away [SG/Diabolo]
14. Crow. color [SG/Exit]

30 November 2005

NMdT S07E10 .: Flip, Flop and Fly


1. Zombies. what more can i do [SG/Decca]
2. Los Cirros. la telaraña [inedita CD Los Cirros]
3. Conexion. woman i love you [SG/Movieplay]
4. Chris Farlowe. headlines [SG/Immediate]
5. The End. you must do something [SG/Sonoplay]
6. Eddy Mitchell. j'ai tout perdu (not for me) [EP/Barclay]
7. The Underdogs. love's gone bad [SG/VIP]
8. The Weight. flip, flop and fly [SG/Bertram]
9. Randy & the Holidays. paul revere 250 [SG/Hickory]
10. Los Buitres. ritmo y movimiento [EP/Columbia]
11. Spooner & the Spoons. hey, do you wanna marry? [SG/Fame]
12. Lonnie Mack. chickin' pickin' [SG/Fraternity]
13. The Endevers. she's my girl [SG/Decca]
14. Neal Ford and the Fanatics. mary wanna mary me [SG/Hickory]
15. Paul & Barry Ryan. i love how you love me [SG/Decca]
16. The Roulettes. tell tale it [SG/Columbia]
17. Q'65. cry in the night [SG/Decca]

23 November 2005

NMdT S07E09 .: Instrumental Rumble


0. Link Wray. rumble [in memoriam]
1. The Viceroys. medley [LP At the Granny's Pad/Bolo]
2. Garnell Cooper & the Kinkfolks. long distance [SG/Jubilee]
3. Singing Sam & his Sparks. house o lords [SG/Dee Dee]
4. The Fencemen. sour grapes [SG/Liberty]
5. The Vips. it [VVAA Frolic Diner vol 6/Romulan]
6. The Premiers. get your baby [SG/Faro]
7. The 4 Instants. bogattini [LP Discotheque/Society]
8. Mark III Trio. good grease [SG/Wingate]
9. Charlie Earland's Erector Set. yes suh' [SG/Eldorado]
10. The Fabulous Counts. jan jan [SG/Moira]
11. Ekseption. ritual fire dance [LP Ekseption/Philips]
12. Sandy Nelson. midnight magic [LP Boogaloo Beat/Imperial]
13. James Last. se a cabo [LP Voodoo Party/Polydor]
14. The Pipe. wade in the water [SG/RCA]
15. Señor Soul. psychotic reaction [SG/Double Shot]
16. The Mosquitoes. the fly [SG/Spear]

*Background music :: Big Boss Man. LP Winner

16 November 2005

NMdT S07E08 .: Oh My Gawd!


1. Big Boss Man. kelvin stardust [LP Winner]
2. The Hobbits. pretty young thing [SG/Decca]
3. The Collectors. looking at a baby [SG/Valiant]
4. I Corvi. questo e giusto? (morning dew) [SG/Bluebell]
5. The Cape Kennedy Construction Co. armageddon [SG/Sintonia]
6. Square Set. that's what i want [SG/NGola]
7. The Bunch. you can't do this [SG/CBS]
8. Louis Aldebert. all at once is love [EP/UA/BSO Vivre pour Vivre]
9. Ola & Janglers. yes i can [SG/Discophon]
10. Big Boss Man. oh my gawd![LP Winner]
11. Mega Purple Sex Toy Kit. high [demo]
12. Mega Purple Sex Toy Kit. mi cancion [demo]
13. The Clichés. why why why [SG/WesMar]
14. The Impacts. don't you dare [SG/Lavender]
15. Nobody's Children. don'tcha feel like cryin' [SG/Bullet]
16. Big Boss Man. reach out [LP Winner]

09 November 2005

NMdT S07E07 .: Scotch on the Socks


1. The Shadows. scotch on the socks [SG/Columbia]
2. The Merry Go Round. gonna leave you alone [SG/AM]
3. The Restless Feelin's. a million things [SG/UA]
4. The Stained Glass. we got a long way to go [SG/RCA Victor]
5. The Spike Drivers. hightime [SG/Reprise]
6. Dave Antrell. friends, give me the stenght to carry on [SG/Amaret]
7. The Four Seasons. beggin' [SG/Philips]
8. The Mike Cotton Sound. make up your mind [SG/Metronome]
9. The Moquettes. you came along [SG/MGM]
10. The Shanes. i don't want your love [SG/Columbia]
11. Bruno Lomas. tu me añorarás [EP/Regal]
12. The Critters. new york bound [SG/Kapp]
13. The Critters. it just won't be that way [SG/Kapp]
14. The Critters. gone for a while [SG/Kapp]
15. The Critters. walk like a man again [SG/Kapp]
16. The Critters. don't let the rain fall down on me [SG/Kapp]
18. The Unrelated Segments. the story of my life [SG/HBR]

02 November 2005

NMdT S07E06 .: Up Hard!


1. Goblin. death dies [SG/Cinevox]
2. The Bad Boys. black olives [SG/Paula]
3. The Fencemen. sour grapes [SG/Liberty]
4. The Fabulous Counts. jan jan [SG/Moira]
5. Freddie King. funky[SG/Cotillion]
6. The Golden Toadstools. silly savage [SG/Minaret]
7. Willie Mitchell. up hard [SG/Hi]
8. Les Sparks. palladium (the hip) [EP/Ducretet]
9. Rhinoceros. apricot brandy [SG/Elektra]
10. We the People. love is a beautiful thing [SG/RCA Victor]
11. Les Pythons. nobody [SG/Montreal]
12. Group Therapy. can't stop lovin' you, baby [SG/Philips]
13. Neal Ford & the Fanatics. pain [SG/Hickory]
14. The Critters. new york bound [SG/Kapp]
15. Jonathan King. cherry, cherry [SG/Decca]
16. Tuna Tacos. we gotta lotta do [EP/Soundflat]

26 October 2005

NMdT S07E05 .: Every Little Thing She Does


1. Araxes. something to say [SG/GMA/1972]
2. Marsha Hunt. walk on gilded splinters [SG/Polydor/1969]
3. Shock. i want to laugh [SG/EMIRegal/1971]
4. The Natural Gas. sunny days [SG/Renee/1969]
5. Brass Buttons. hell will take care of her [SG/Cotillion/1968]
6. Neal Ford and the Fanatics. the jones [SG/Hickory]
7. The Yak. every little thing [SG/Tooth]
8. Simon Dupree & the Big sound. like the sun like the fire [SG/Parlophone/1967]
9. Lulu. morning dew [SG/EPIC/1968]
10. Telephone. wondering [SG/Freedom/1971]
11. Frogeaters. the promise [SG/Mercury]
12. Clarel Betsy. resolution [SG/Decca/1973]
13. Henri Shotgun. because i love you [SG/Sonopresse]
14. The Real Kids. all kindsa girls [SG/Sponge/1977]

19 October 2005

NMdT S07E04 .: Funtastic Dracula Carnival


Señor Varo introduces the bands that will play at the first
Funtastic Dracula Carnival 29/30/31 Oct VLC

1. Betty Harris. mean man
2. Nathaniel Mayer. village of love
3. Nathaniel Mayer. i want love and affection (not the house of correction)
4. Reverend Beat-Man. come back to me lord
5. Palookaville. bogatini
6. Betty Harris & Lee Dorsey. love lots of lovin'
7. Betty Harris. there's a break in the road
8. Los Chicos. free time rodeo
9. Wau & los Arrrghs. te vas a quemar
10. Wau & los Arrrghs. nunca la quise (i never loved her)
11. The Kids. this is rock and roll!!
12. The Kids. freedom liberty and democracy
13. Betty Harris. mean man

28 September 2005

NMdT S07E03 .: Up Through the Spiral


1. Sugar Loaf. soul walk [VVAA A Good Example of What it is]
2. Unidades. much more [VVAA Andergraun Vibrations]
3. Byrdie Green. return of the prodigal son [VVAA Soul Jazz vol 01]
4. People. i love you [SG/Capitol]
5. Salloom, Sinclair and the Mother Bear. griffin [LP s/t Cadet]
6. Barbara & Ernie. somebody to love [VVAA The Mighty Mellow]
7. Fever Tree. san francisco girls [SG/Uni]
8. Poe. up up through the spiral [SG/Uni]
9. People. somebody tell me my name [SG/Capitol]
10. The Paupers. it's your mind [LP Magic People / VerveForecast]
11. Francis Lai. all at once it's love [OST Vivre por Vivre]
12. The Dave Clark Five. inside and out [SG/Epic]
13. The Abstracts. see the birdies [SG/Pompeii]
14. Spirit of John Morgan. i want you [SG/Carnaby]

21 September 2005

NMdT S07E02 .: Walkin' en el Parque


Guest spinner :: Rafa Gomez
Local mod/beat collector and dj

1. Della Reese. it was a very good year [LP One More Time / ABC]
2. Hugh Masekela. society's child [LP HM's Latest / UNI]
3. Roy Meriwether Trio. cow cow boogaloo [LP Soul Knight/Capitol]
4. TNT Band. the meditation [SG/Cotique]
5. Los Ros. en el parque [SG/Belter]
6. Bruno Lomas. dame tu amor [SG/Discophon]
7. Samantha Jones. go ahead [SG/Ford]
8. Graham Bond. walkin' in the park [SG/WB]
9. John Drevar. what greater love [SG/Polydor]
10. The Groove. play the song [SG/Parlophone]
11. Peeps. rainbow [SG/GRT]
12. The Rattles. say allright [SG/StarClub]
13. Zuider Zee. peace of mind [SG/CBS]

14 September 2005

NMdT S07E01 .: Groovin' is Easy


1. Crabby Appleton. peace by peace [LP s/t Elektra]
2. The Rugbys. juditha gina [SG/Exit]
3. Three Dog Night. circle for a landing [SG/Stateside]
4. Salloom, Sincalir and the Mother Bear. steals [LP s/t Cadet]
5. Joe Skladzien & OM. there's gonna be a change [SG/Concentric]
6. The Matches. EO Santana [VVAA Andergraun Vibrations]
7. The Perishers. how does it feel [SG/Fontana]
8. Love Children. every little step [SG/Deram]
9. The Midnight Rebels. groovin' is easy [SG/MRrecods]
10. The Cherry People. i'm the one who loves you [SG/Polydor]
11. Tam White. don't make promises [SG/Decca]
12. Goldie & the Gingerbreads. the skip [SG/Decca]
13. T.Bone Walker. long lost lover [SG/Antar]
14. Tuna Tacos. i don't believe it [EP/Soundflat]

27 July 2005

NMdT S06E34 .: See You in September


1. Harumi. talk about it [SG/VerveForecast]
2. Traffic. paper sun [SG/Fontana]
3. Giulano Girardi. hush [SG/Discophon]
4. The Richard Kent Style. no matter what you do [SG/Coral]
5. Los Soñadores. vete [SG/RCA Victor]
6. The Finder's. pata pata [SG/Marfer]
7. Los Wikingos. la loca [SG/Ekipo]
8. People. organ grinder [SG/Capitol]
9. The Premiers. get your baby [SG/Faro]
10. The Blendells. huggie's bunnie's [SG/Reprise]
11. The Spike Drivers. hightime [SG/Reprise]
12. Dusty Greyrock. tears in my heart [SG/RCA Victor]
13. The Premiers. little ways [SG/Faro]
14. The Blendells. la la la la la [SG/Reprise]
15. The Sages. i'm not going to cry [SG/RCA Victor]
16. The Spike Drivers. baby won't you let me tell you how i lost my mind [SG/Reprise]
17. The Renegades. un giorno tu mi cercherai [SG/Ariston]
18. Nobody's Children. don'tcha feel like crying [SG/Bullet]
19. Dave Berry. picture me gone [SG/Decca]
20. Los Indonesios. see you in september [EP/Fundador]

20 July 2005

NMdT S06E33 .: Le Palladium


1. The Sages. in the beginning [SG/RCA]
2. The Stained Glass. we got a long way to go [SG/RCA]
3. The Neal Ford Factory. you made me a man [SG/ABC]
4. Denny Belline and the Rich Kids. money isn't everything [SG/RCA]
5. Garnell Cooper & the kinfolks. long distance [SG/Jubilee]
6. The Headliners. voodoo plan [SG/VIP]
7. The Blendells. huggie's bunnies [SG/Reprise]
8. Les Sparks. palladium (the hip) [EP/Ducretet]
9. Les Sparks. rien n'a d'importance [EP/Ducretet]
10. The In Crowd. inside out [SG/Abnak]
11. Brujos. desesperacion [SG/Mandioca]
12. Vox Dei. doctor jekill [SG/Mandioca]
13. Erasmo Carlos. vem quente que ou estoyu fervendo [SG/RGE]
14. Unrelated Segments. story of my life [SG/HBR]
15. The Minimum Daily Requirements. i'm grounded [SG/Tower]
16. the Fenways. be careful little girl [SG/Bevmar]
17. Los Glosters. no no no [CD EP]
18. The A-Bones. that jim [The life of Riley]

13 July 2005

NMdT S06E32 .: Rompan Todo!!


Guest spinner :: Miguel Patilla

1. Blackstones. os monstros [VVAA coraçoes de pedra vol 02]
2. Los Angeles Salvajes. sicodelico [VVAA conquer the world vol 01]
3. Kaleidoscope (Mex). colours [LP s/t re]
4. Los Chijuas. the sun is going black [LP s/t re]
5. Los Chijuas. i love you [LP s/t re]
6. Blue's Men. the day the world fried my brain [10" Prohibido Prohibir/re Mystic]
7. Los Shakers. break it all [10" Rompan Todo/re ElectroHarmonix]
8. Los York's. el loco [VVAA Delincuentes]
9. Grupo 606. rompe, cruza o ayudame [VVAA Psicofasicos]
10. Los Locos del Ritmo. triste dia [VVAA Around and Around the World]
11. Os Jovens. coraçao de pedra [VVAA coraçoes de pedra vol 01]
12. Rudy & the Soulsetter. i dig girls [VVAA Bands on Lance]
13. Ladies WC. people [LP s/t Souvenir re]
14. Los Flippers. los cuervos estan de luto [LP Psicodelicias re]
15. Los Amigos de Maria. vuelve a comenzar [LP Rock / re]

06 July 2005

NMdT S06E31 .: Emission Psychadelique


1. Peter Thomas Sound Orchester. raumpatrouille [SG/Philips]
2. Pierre Henry. machine danse [SG/Omega]
3. Wong Ku Yan-Sun Kong. tema de Mazinger Z[SG/Dial]
4. Les Maledictus Sound. emission psychadelique [SG/Omega]
5. Les Yper Sound. teen tonic [EP/Fontana]
6. Bobby and Betty. go to the moon pt I [LP/HappyHouse]
7. Bob Crewe Generation. black queen's beads [SG/Dynovoice]
8. Happy Monsters. clap your tentacles [LP/HappyHouse]
9. Martes 13. espejo roto [SG/Unic]
10. Alacran. sticky [SG/Alacran]
11. Los Grimm. want my love again [SG/Philips]
12. Augusto Algueró. great expectations [LP Mi Gran Amor / Polydor]
13. Wynder K Frog. into the fire [LP into the Fire / UA]
14. Jacques Loussier. ballet photo rouge [EP/Omega]
15. Gershon Kingsley. hey hey [SG/Exit]

29 June 2005

NMdT S06E30 .: I Can't Believe!!


1. The Spencer Davis Group. mr second class [SG/UA]
2. Procol Harum. kaleidoscope [SG]
3. Tam White. don't make promises [SG/Deram]
4. Tony Ritchie. together [SG/Vogue]
5. Mouse & the Traps. cryin' inside [SG/Fraternity]
6. The Restless Feelin's. a million things [SG/UA]
7. Unrelated Segments. story of my life [SG/HBR]
8. The Moving Sidewalks. what are you going to do [SG/Wand]
9. Beatniks. gloria [EP/Mocambo]
10. Chylds. i want more lovin' [SG/Giant]
11. The Omegas. i can't believe [SG/UA]
12. Sheridan. lightning never strikes [SG/Gemini]
13. People. ridin' high [SG/Capitol]
14. The Finestuff. big brother [SG/Ra-Set]
15. The Nashville Teens. what you gonna do [SG/MGM]
16. The Bad Boys. that's what i'll do [SG/WB]
17. The Bee Gees. in my own time [EP/Polydor]

22 June 2005

NMdT S06E29 .: Adios Paquito


1. Los Benditos. 1500 [Demo]
2. The Sonics. psycho
3. Beatniks. alligator hat [SG/Mocambo]
4. Los Benditos. dr zurcidos (1-2-5)[Demo]
5. Kit and the Outlaws. dont tread on me [SG/Phlips]
6. Les Problemes. je ne vois rien [SG/Vogue]
7. Sonny Flaharty and the Mark V. hey conductor [SG/Philips]
8. Los Arlequines. there isnt love for me [SG/RCAVictor]
9. Los Beta. que mas quisiera yo [EP/EmiRegal]
10. Los Benditos. out of our tree [Demo]
11. The Invictas. the hump [SG/Sahara]
12. Os Baobas. down down [SG/Mocambo]
13. Max Frost & the Troopers. shape of things to come [SG/Tower]
14. Bobby Brelyn. hanna [SG/Jorel]
15. Jefferson Lee. sorcerella [SG/OriginalSound]
16. The Kidds. straighten up and fly [SG/BigBeat]
17. Satrycon. leave it [SG/Moxie]
18. The Merry-Go-Round. gonna leave you alone [SG/AM]
19. The Sorrows. no no no no [SG/Pye]
20. The MockingBirds. how to find a lover [SG/Decca]
21. i Ribelli. la follia (friday on my mind) [SG/Ricordi]

15 June 2005

NMdT S06E28 .: Moscas y Arañas


Guest spinner :: Miguel Patilla
Spanish 80s & 90s Special

1. Los Negativos. moscas y arañas [SG/Victoria]
2. Agentes Secretos. un ser extraño [SG/Cambaya]
3. Los Furtivos. no puego aguantar mas [SG/re]
4. Los Scooters. eres tu [LP secretos de mi ciudad / Nola]
5. Kamenbert. terciopelo azul [LP Soul Nights / DRO]
6. Los Imposibles. lake tahoe [LP Hoo-Ha!! / Animal]
7. Los Cautivos. no me puedes comprar [MX/KM444]
8. Sex Museum. ya es tarde [LP FuzzzFace / Animal]
9. The Flashback Five. forever young [SG/Mojave]
10. The Mockin' Byrds. don't need love [EP/ThunderPussy]
11. Los Covers. nothing to say [EP/ThunderPussy]
12. The Allnighters. bad trip [SG/Al.leluia]
13. Something. psychocosmic psyderourgic [LP Is / Al.eluia]

01 June 2005

NMdT S06E27 .: The Sunshine Forest


1. The Strawberry Alarm Clock. hummin' happy [LP Incense & Peppermints / Uni]
2. Fat Mattress. magic forest [SG/Polydor]
3. Nirvana. girl in the park [SG/Island]
4. MacArthur Park. i can't get through [SG/Decca]
5. John Gregory. jet stream [VVAA The Sound Gallery]
6. State of Micky and Tommy. with love from 1 to 5 [EP/Mercury]
7. Troublemakers. funny man [SG/HepHouse]
8. The Hobbits. pretty young thing [SG/Decca]
9. The Parade. sunshine girl [SG/AM]
10. Phil Cordell. red lady [SG/Vogue]
11. Pan & Regaliz. magic colors [SG/Dimension]
12. Los Gatos Negros. que contento estoy (im so glad) [SG/Vergara]
13. Ritmos Actuales. mejor sera que me creas (youd better believe me)[EP/Fundador]
14. The Plastic Machines. 25 or 6 to 4 [LP En Directo del Hit Parade/Marfer]
15. Chubby Cheker. stoned in the bathroom [SG/Ariola]
16. Curlee Wurlee. morgen nehme ich dein foto von der wand [SG/Copase]
17. The Shake. cant fight your loving [Demo]

25 May 2005

NMdT S06E26 .: La Inquietud del Cosmonauta


1. McKendree Spring. if the sun should rise [SG/Decca]
2. The Human Instinct. renaissance fair [SG/Time]
3. The Mc Coys. don't worry mother, your son's heart is pure [SG/Bang]
4. The Minimum Daily Requirements. i'm grounded [SG/Tower]
5. The Cherry People. i'm the one who loves you [SG/Polydor]
6. Blonde on Blonde. castles in the sky [SG/Ember]
7. Giorgio. stop [SG/Belter]
8. Jose Bartel. ton cosmonaute [EP/Tempo]
9. Albert Band. sonido de inquietud [EP/Ekipo]
10. The Endevers. she's my girl [SG/Decca]
11. Troublemakers. blow the horn [SG/HepHouse]
12. The Liverpool Five. new directions [SG/RCAVictor]
13. The Square Set. that's what i want [SG/NGola]
14. Xavier Cugat. these boots are made for walking [LP Bang Bang / Decca]
15. Augusto Algueró. discotheque [LP Mi Gran Amor / Polydor]
16. Hindal Butts. in the pocket [SG/m·s]
17. Jamie Lyons. soul struttin' [SG/Laurie]

11 May 2005

NMdT S06E25 .: De Saltamontes y Calcetines


Guest spinner :: Miguel Patilla

1. Nuevos Horizontes. el afinador de citaras [SG/Columbia]
2. Ramon 5. quiero una chica op-art [EP/Discophon]
3. Los Huracanes. el calcetin [EP/Regal]
4. Los Roberts. el saltamontes [SG/Regal]
5. Los Nivram. un amor sin igual [EP/Regal]
6. Los Shakers. me reire [EP/RCAVIctor]
7. Los Shakers. no volvere [EP/RCAVIctor]
8. Els 5 Xics. soy muy hombre (i'm a man) [EP/Sesion]
9. Els Xocs. tot negre (paint it black) [EP/Concentric]
10. Los Yetis. montaña y mar [SG/Regal]
11. Bruno Lomas. yo soñé [SG/Discophon]
12. Bruno Lomas. vendras conmigo (inside looking out) [EP/Regal]
13. Los Banzos. quiero creer [SG/Polydor]
14. Los Cirros. hay muchos como yo [SG/Pax]
15. Frecuencia. cuando tu te vayas [SG/RCA]

04 May 2005

NMdT S06E24 .: The Blue Mode


1. Reuben Wilson. blue mode [LP Blue mode / Blue Note]
2. Lonnie Smith. i cant stand it [LP Live at the Mozambique / Blue Note]
3. Jimmy McGriff & Jr Parker. workin' [LP Good Things Dont Happen Everyday / GrooveMerchant]
4. Dee Edwards. why cant there be love [SG/Belter]
5. Betty Harris. theres a break in the road [SG/SSS]
6. Charles Earland. black talk [LP Black Talk / Prestige]
7. Groove Holmes. no trouble on the mountain [LP New Groove / Groove Merchant]
8. Mary Jane Hooper. thats how strong my love is [SG/Libety]
9. El Klan. when love goes wrong [LP Made in Sweden / Interdisc]
10. Pete Terrace. im gonna make it [LP King of the Boogaloo / Somerset]
11. El Chicano. viva tirado ptI [SG/MCA]

27 April 2005

NMdT S06E23 .: Instrumental Assassination pt. II


1. Orquesta Palobal. the odd couple [LP/Palobal]
2. The London Studio Group. the big itch [Jimmy Strikes Back/10"/DeWolfe]
3. i Marc 4. sweet beat [LP/Nelson]
4. Evolution. i'm walking high [SG/Dimension]
5. Lionel Hampton. lion's den [Grandes del Jazz/LP/Sarpe]
6. The London Studio Group. rollin' easy [Bumper Bundle/LP/DeWolfe]
7. Graham Bond & Magick. the forbidden fruit [We Put Our Magick On You/LP/Mercury]
8. Billy Larkin & the Delegates. ain't gonna move [Ain't That a Groove/LP/WP]
9. Jimmy McGriff. the swingin' sepherd blues [I've Got a New Woman/LP/SolidState]
10. People's Choice. i likes to do it [SG/Phil-La]
11. Donatore di Groove. dont play with my kangaroo [Demo]
12. Quincy Jones. main squeeze [The Lost Man/BSO/Fontana]
13. Sandy Nelson. midnight magic [Boogaloo Beat/LP/Imperial]
14. Jess & James. nicky's at the PC [Move/LP/Belter]
15. Lester Freemen Orch. il re d'inghilterra [SanRemo68/LP/Marfer]

20 April 2005

NMdT S06E22 .: A Man Shoud Never Cry


1. Gary Walker & the Rain. spooky [SG/Polydor]
2. Nirvana. wings of love [SG/Island]
3. The End. loving sacred loving [SG/Sonoplay]
4. The Pretty Things. walking through my dreams [SG/Laurie]
5. The Clique. superman [SG/London]
6. The Strawberry Alarm Clock. the birdman of alkatrash [SG/Uni]
7. The Countdowns. she works all day [SG/RecRds]
8. The Druids. a man should never cry [SG/Columbia]
9. The Mike Cotton Sound. make up your mind [SG/Metronome]
10. The Buckinghamns. don't you care [SG/CBS]
11. The Cleaners. if you want me [SG/Knight]
12. Lalo. pierdo tu amor [SG/RCAVictor]
13. Los Continentales. vivo feliz como soy [SG/SonoPlay]
14. i Corvi. datemi un biglieto d'aereo (the letter) [SG/BlueBell]
15. The Good Feelins. i'm captured [SG/Liberty]
16. John Fred & his Playboy Band. agnes englisg [SG/CEM]
17. Lyme & Cybelle. follow me [SG/WhiteWhale]
18. Made in Sweden. i don't care [SG/Discophon]

13 April 2005

NMdT S06E21 .: Lonesome Ways


1. Outsiders. what's wrong with you [SG/Relax]
2. Outsiders. monkey on your back [SG/Relax]
3. Love Society. without you [SG/Scepter]
4. Kent & the Candidates. trouble [SG/DoubleShot]
5. Dusty Greyrock. tears in my heart [SG/RCAVictor]
6. The Finestuff. big brother [SG/RaSet]
7. Charlie Brown's Generation. trash [SG/Atco]
8. The Vipps. that's my woman [SG/Philips]
9. The New Inspiration. lonesome way [SG/Decca]
10. Cupids Inspiration. dream [SG/Nems]
11. Dave Clark Five. inside and out [SG/Epic]
12. Marbles. i can't see nobody [SG/Polydor]
13. The End. yo-yo [SG/Sonoplay]
14. The Bunch. you can't do this [SG/CBS]
15. The Buckinghams. why don't you love me [SG/CBS]
16. Mirla. dejame en paz [SG/Penelope]
17. Jack Tresse. je suis un elephant [SG/Vergara]
18. Circus. wishing [SG/Movieplay]

06 April 2005

NMdT S06E20 .: de Lorellas and Shakers


Guest spinner :: Miguel Patilla

1. Silvana Velasco. hush [SG/RCA]
2. Lorella y los Shakers. sola estoy [EP/RCA]
3. Mony. schopenhauer [EP/Fontana]
4. Shelly & Nueva Generacion. i'm a poor boy [SG/Philips]
5. Tara. happy [SG/Polydor]
6. Celines y los Mistics. si no eres tu (wasn't it you) [SG/MYK]
7. The Shadows. scotch on the socks [EP/HMV]
8. The New Breeder. want ad reader [SG/HBR]
9. The Hunger. mind machine [SG/Public]
10. Terry Britten. bargain day [SG/Columbia]
11. Bruno Castiglia e i Bisonti. viso di luce [SG/City]
12. Charlie Earland's Erector Set. yes suh' [SG/Eldorado]
13. The Bit A Sweet. out of sight, out of mind [SG/MGM]
14. The Grassroots. midnight confessions [SG/RCA]
15. Love Children. easy squeezy [SG/Deram]
16. The Shake. oh, no [Demo] http://www.theshake.net

23 March 2005

NMdT S06E19 .: Carpenters & Camionneurs


1. Ronnie Von. o carpinteiro (if i were a carpenter) [EP/Polydor]
2. Eddy and the Eddysons. oh so wrong [Flexi Hip'67]
3. Georgie Fame. because i love you [SG/CBS]
4. Sounds Incorporated. bullets [SG/Columbia]
5. Spirit of John Morgan. i want you [SG/Carnaby]
6. All & Nothing. underground vibrations nº 2 [SG/Pussy]
7. Circulos. respect [SG/Unic]
8. Augusto Martelli. summertime [SG/Discophon]
9. The Daisy Clan. love needs love [SG/Belter]
10. Maquina. take it easy [SG/Diabolo]
11. Messieurs Richard de Bordeaux et Daniel Beretta. l'orang-outan [EP/Barclay]
12. Shock. i want to laugh [SG/Regal]
13. Stone & Eric. la musique de camionneur [SG/Accion]
14. Bittersweet. my darkest hour [SG/WhiteWhale]
15. Three Dog Night. eli's coming [SG/Stateside]

16 March 2005

NMdT S06E18 .: Le Tapis Magique


1. Capricorn College. mab mystic woman [SG/Bentler]
2. Estratagema 1. hurry up [SG/Diabolo]
3. Spinach. action man pt2 [SG/Ariola]
4. Jarvis Street Revue. magic man [SG/Columbia]
5. Pretty Things. talkin' about the good times [SG/Laurie]
6. Paul Nicholas. lamp lighter [SG/Polydor]
7. Marc Hamilton. tapis magique [SG/Carrere]
8. Love Sculpture. in the land of the few [SG/Odeon]
9. Episode Six. love hat revenge [SG/Elektra]
10. The Abstracts. see the birdies [SG/Pompeii]
11. Maquina. lands of perfection [SG/Diabolo]
12. Los Picapiedras. la discotheque [SG/Arena]
13. The Kinks. situation vacant [EP/Pye]
14. Wallace Collection. my way of loving you [SG/Pathe]
15. The End. loving, sacred loving [SG/Sonoplay]

09 March 2005

NMdT S06E17 .: Gonna Find a Cave


1. Chris Farlowe. moanin' [SG/Columbia]
2. James Royal. call my name [SG/CBS]
3. Massiel. el era mi amigo [SG/Novola]
4. i Corvi. questo e' giusto (morning dew) [SG/BlueBell]
5. Whichwhat. wonderland of love [SG/MoviePlay]
6. The Loot. whenever you're ready [SG/Sonet]
7. Satrycon. just the two of us [SG/Moxie]
8. The Montanas. difference of opinion [SG/Independence]
9. The Grassroots. who will you be tomorrow [SG/Dunhill]
10. Damon. song of a gypsy
11. Miki Dallon. gonna find a cave [SG/Vogue]
12. The Takers. think [SG/Interphon]
13. Steam Packet. trouble and tea [SG/Polydor]
14. Los Beta. oh mi amor [EP/Regal]
15. The Bunch. you can't do this [SG/CBS]
16. Colonel Bagshot's Incredible Bucket Band. gina [SG/Vogue]
17. Keith & Billie. tastes sour don't it [SG/Piccadilly]
18. The Roulettes. junk [SG/Parlophone]

02 March 2005

NMdT S06E16 .: The Gonzo Slide!


1. Jimmy Smith. ain't that just like a woman [LP HoochieCoocheMan/Verve]
2. Clarence Armstrong. beaver [SG/Money]
3. El Klan. when love goes wrong [LP Love is a Swedish thing/Interdisc]
4. Ossie Lane Show. it's growing [LP Maddox 2 / Edigsa]
5. The Crowns. call me [SG/Pama]
6. Chicago Cubs Clark St Band. slide [SG/Chess]
7. John Phillips Soul & his Stone Marching Band. that memphis thing [SG/Pepper]
8. The London Studio Group. skinhead [LP Bumper Bundle / de Wolfe]
9. The Presidents. mission impossible [SG/Penelope]
10. Señor Soul. pata pata [SG/Belldisc]
11. Clubman. mini scotch [EP/British Leyland]
12. James Booker. gonzo [SG/Peacock]
13. Joe Groundhog Richardson. take it off [SG / Major Minor]
14. The Brothers Two. you got it [SG/Crimson]
15. Bill Doggett. monkey [LP Fingertips / Columbia]
16. Singing Sam & his Sparks. house o lords [SG/DeeDee]
17. Syl Johnson. come on sock it to me [SG/Twilight]
18. The Buena Vistas. hot shot [SG/Swan]

23 February 2005

NMdT S06E15 .: Smiling Phases


Guest spinner :: Miguel Patilla

1. Sullivan. haschish-faction [LP Le Pays des Marveilles/Vogue]
2. Mad Curry. antwerp [SG/Pirates]
3. The Cherry People. i'm the one who loves you [SG/Polydor]
4. Davy Jr & Guess Who. everybody's allright [SG/Ronnex]
5. Los 5 del Este. no puedo creer [EP/Odeon]
6. H20. ven a mi [SG/Diabolo]
7. Lemon Tree. William Chalker's time machine [SG/Parlophone]
8. The Gods. hey bulldog [SG/Columbia]
9. The Midnite Rebels. smiling phases [SG/MR Records]
10. The Bunch. still [CBS]
11. Eddy Mitchell. mes promesses [EP/Barclay]
12. Johnny Hallyday. du respect [EP/Philips]
13. Giuliano Girardi. hush [SG/Discophon]
14. The Ides of March. vehicle [SG/WBros]
15. Gene Latter. holding a dream [SG/re-Mousetrap]
16. Nobody's Children. i can't let go [SG/Bullet]
17. The Blackburds. get out of my life woman [EP/Philips]

16 February 2005

NMdT S06E14 .: Love is the Law


1. Reflections. (just like) romeo & juliet [SG/GoldenWorld]
2. The Clique. i'll hold out my hand [SG/WhiteWhale]
3. Dobie Gillis. a forever kind of thing [SG/MAM]
4. Archaeopterix. no more living without loving [SG/Polydor]
5. BJ Thomas. living again [SG/Discophon]
6. Toussaint McCall. my love is a guarantee [SG/CEM]
7. The Quik. love is a beautiful thing [SG/Deram]
8. Carlos Bisso & Conexion nº 5. baby i love you so [SG/RCA]
9. Calibre 38. i felt you for love [SG/Sintonia]
10. The Red Squares. mr bus driver [SG/Parlophoe]
11. Los No. la llave [EP/Vergara]
12. Lone Star. de dia y de noche [EP/HMV]
13. The Mockingbirds. how to find a lover [SG/Decca]
14. The Merseybeats. i stand accused [SG/Fontana]
15. Grahame Bond. love is the law [SG/Pulsar]
16. Roberto Carlos. eu te amo. eu te amo, eu te amo [SG/CBS]
17. The Left Banke. and suddenly [SG/Smash]

09 February 2005

NMdT S06E13 .: Everyone Makes a Mistake


1. David Bowie & Lower Third. i dig everything [SG]
2. The Riot Squad. gotta be a first time [SG]
3. Chris Farlowe. everyone makes a mistake [SG]
4. Whichwhat. parting [SG]
5. Maquina. burnign butts [SG]
6. Blues Magoos. feelin' time (i can feel it) [SG]
7. Vertice. take me away [SG]
8. Los Grimm. want my love again [SG]
9. Shock! no se puede ser superman [SG]
10. Don & Banda Club. accion [SG]
11. Erasmo Carlos e sus Tremendoes. o dono da bola [SG]
12. The Rokes. non far finta di noi [SG]
13. The Four Seasons. dody [SG]
14. The Grass Roots. depressed feeling [SG]
15. The Mojo Men. dance with me [SG]
16. The Sparkles. the hip [SG]
17. The Invictas. the hump [SG]
18. The Rogues. roger's reef [SG]

02 February 2005

NMdT S06E12 .: The Smell of Incense


1. Viglietti. yo vivo en un tiempo de guerra [LP Tropicos]
2. Capricorn College Brass. junius [SG]
3. Lalo. la balsa [SG]
4. Roberto Carlos. fiquei tao triste [SG]
5. Alice Dona. c'est pas prudent [EP]
6. Fat Mattress. iridescent butterfly [SG]
7. The Abstracts. smell of incense [SG]
8. The Vejtables. anything [SG]
9. The Beau Brummels. i want you [SG]
10. The Paupers. black thank you package [SG]
11. The Critters. Gone for Awhile [SG]
12. Moby Grape. sitting by the window [LP s/t]
13. Salloom Sinclair & the Mother Bear. griffin [LP s/t]
14. The Shocking Blue. the bird of paradise [SG]
15. La Mosca. free [SG]
16. Bruno Lomas. yo soñé [SG]

26 January 2005

NMdT S06E11 .: La Sesion Patilla


Guest spinner :: Miguel Patilla

1. The Roundtable. eli's comin [SG]
2. The Wendigo. gimme some lovin' [SG]
3. Wagon. forever [SG]
4. Los Nivram. sombras [EP]
5. F.R. David. la vie c'est comme ci, comme ça [EP]
6. The Mauroks. susan [SG]
7. Bill Wendry & the Boss Tweeds. tryin' to get you [SG]
8. Elephants Memory. jungle gym at the zoo [SG]
9. Jackie Lomax. the eagle laughs at you [SG]
10. John Farrell & the Movement. tell him [SG]
11. Guy Darrell. what's her name [SG]
12. Tony Ritchie. anybody at the party seen jenny? [SG]
13. The Countdown Five. shaka shaka na na [SG]
14. the Globe Show. gettin' on back [SG]
15. The Mec Op Singers. stop the machine [SG]
16. Los Ros. cuentame cosas tuyas [SG]
17. Los Pops. papelito sexto & un dia de tantos (a day in the life) [EP]

19 January 2005

NMdT S06E10 .: I'm So Glad!


1. Maguy. baby-ness [EP]
2. Eddy Mitchell. chronique pour l'an 2000 [EP]
3. Stella. cauchemaur auto protestateur [EP]
4. Jacques Dutronc. les gens sont fous, les temps sont flous [EP]
5. Les Sunlights. gadget suspect [EP]
6. State of Micky and Tommy. i know what i would do [EP]
7. Los Gatos Negros. que contento estoy (i'm so glad) [SG]
8. Pau Riba. ars erotica [SG]
9. Estratagema I. hurry up [SG]
10. La Mosca. once upon a time [SG]
11. Modificación. across the time [SG]
12. Roberto Carlos. e papo firme [SG]
13. Erasmo Carlos e sus Tremendoes. vem quente que eu estou fervendo [SG]
14. Los Pops. te esperaba (see see rider) [EP]
15. Los Beta. oh. mi amor (oh, my love) [EP]
16. Los Simuns. estoy solo [EP]

12 January 2005

NMdT S06E09 .: The Clubman Round Up


1. Travis Wammack. scratchy [SG]
2. The Invictas. long tall shortie [SG]
3. Los 5 del Este. protestando [EP]
4. Los Martins. dejadnos colaborar [SG]
5. Bruno Lomas. un hombre sin amor [EP]
6. Red Squares. mr bus driver [SG]
7. Annie Philippe. on m'a toujours dit [EP]
8. Wanderlea. acho que vou lhe esquecer [EP]
9. Jocelyne. oui j'ai peur (is it true) [EP]
10. The Cleaners. if you want me [SG]
11. Salloom. Sinclair & the Mother Bear. florida blues [LP s/t]
12. Clubman. clubman round-up [british leyland EP]
13. Five by Five. hung up [SG]
14. The Paupers. think i care [LP magic people]
15. Brujos. ese dinero [SG]
16. Suzy & los Quattro. hey lil' sister [LP ready to go]