27 September 2006

NMdT S08E01 .: Blak Bari Chari Blooz!!


1. Bamboo. blak bari chari blooz [LP Bamboo/Elektra]
2. Blond. the girl i once had [LP Blond/Fontana]
3. Eduardo Bohr. you came [SG/Columbia]
4. Paul Muggleton. billy snow, jim black [SG/Columbia]
5. Valen. la ciudad de la luz [SG/RCA]
6. Monty. on a changé ma ville [EP/Barclay]
7. Timebox. a woman that's waiting [SG/Deram]
8. Liverpool Five. new directions [SG/RCA Victor]
9. The End. you must do something [SG/Sonoplay]
10. The 5th Dimension. too poor to die [SG/SoulCity]
11. Jesse Thomas. bases are loaded [SG/Tail-Gate]
12. Mary Jane Hooper. that's how strong love is [SG/Liberty]
12. Miki Dallon. cheat and lie [SG/Vogue]
13. The Riot Squad. gotta be a first time [SG/Pye]
14. Graham Bond. springtime in the city [SG/WB]
15. Los Mockers. enseñame el camino [LP/Cocodrilo]