03 December 2008

NMdT S10E08 .: Nitty Gritty GS


Guest dj .: Rafa GS (VLC)

1. Truman Thomas. twenty-five miles [SG/Veep]
2. John Hammond. crosscut saw [SG/Atlantic/1968]
3. Mary Wells. satisfaction [LP The Two Sides of MW/Atco/1966]
4. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band. stubborn kind of fellow [SG/Columbia/1965]
5. Joanie Sommers. why don't you do right [EP/WB/1962]
6. Peter Klint. just holdin on [SG/Atlantic/1968]
7. Nada. ritornera vicino a me [SG/Talent]
8. Simon Dupree and the Big Sound. i see the light [SG/Parlophone/1966]
9. John Schroeder. papa's got a brand new bag [LP Working in the Soul Mine/Pye/1966]
10. Xavier Cugat. watermelon man [SG/Mercury]
11. Charlie Palmieri and His Orchestra. uptight [SG/Atlantic]
12. Ricardo Ray. nitty gritty [SG/Alegre]
13. Janet Lawson. dindi [SG/UA]
14. The First Gear. the in crowd [SG/Pye/1965]

12 November 2008

NMdT S10E07 .: The Peanut Duck


>Guest dj .: David Nebot (Peanut Duck Club VLC)

1. Memphis Slim & Les Lionceaux. clap your hands [SG/Fontana]
2. Jackie Duval. it's gonna be a mess [SG/Wag]
3. The Chiffons. when i go to sleep at night [LP]
4. The Francettes. wham [SG/Valiant]
5. Jimmy Vic & the Victors. take a trip [SG/Cherry]
6. Gert Wilden & Orchestra. follow me [LP/Schumaldchen Report]
7. Docteur Nico with African Fiesta. save me [VVAA Cazumbi/NoSmokeRecords/2008]
8. The Sonny Boys. midnight train [VVAA Eat Sprouts/DropOut]
9. The Try Cerz. almost there [VVAA Scum of the Earth]
10. Ambertones. clap your hands [SG/Newman]
11. Monguito Santamaria. el dorado [LP Hey Sister/Fania]
12. Eddie Griffin. miss pretty pt 2 [SG/San-Ray]

05 November 2008

NMdT S10E06 .: Tighten Up!


Guest dj .: David Robles (Tighten Up VLC)

1. Osaka Monaurail. (i'm coming back to) the coming back [LP Reality For the people/Unique/2007]
2. James Brown. stoned to the brown pt I [SG/Polydor/1973]
3. Clarence Wheeler and the Enforcers. broasted or fried[LP/The Love I've Been Looking For/1971]
4. Willie Bobo. fried neckbones and home fries [SG/Verve]
5. Dave baby Cortez. gettin to then point[SG/Chess]
6. Cal Tjader. soul bird (tin tin dao) [SG/Verve]
7. Clea Bradford. my love's monster [SG/cadet]
8. Earnest Jackson. love and happines [SG/Stone Records]
9. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. what if we all stopped paying taxes? [SG/Daptone]
10. Vicki Anderson. if you don't give what i want (i gotta get it some other place) [SG/King]
11. The Sound Stylistics. down home style [SLP/Freestyle/2007]

29 October 2008

NMdT S10E05 .: Got to find a Way


1. The Jet Stream. all's quiet on west 23rd [SG/Smash]
2. The Third Rail. no return [SG/Epic/1967]
3. The Rainy Daze. my door is always open [SG/White Whale/1968]
4. The Indians. been so long [SG/Elektra/1969]
5. The Critters. no one but you [SG/Prancer/1965]
6. Shadden & the King Lears. all i want is you [SG/Arbet/1967]
7. The Forsaken. babe [SG/MTA/c1966]
8. John & Paul. i'm walkin [SG/Tip]
9. 6 Tickets to Shangri-La. i've got to find a wa [SG/Talmu/1967]
10. The Boys Next Door. suddenly she was gone [SG/Soma/1965]
11. The Nuclear Vision. because we've got love [SG/Skee]
12. The Restless Feelin's. a million things [SG/UA/1966]
13. The Rainy Daze. make me laugh [SG/White Whale/1968]
14. i Roll's 33. il mondo che verra [SG/CBS]
15. Variations. what's happening [SG/Oedon]
16. Los Brujos. desesperacion [SG/Mandioca]

22 October 2008

NMdT S10E04 .: People From the USA, Reaction!


1. The State of Mind. goin' away [SG/Chavis/1966]
2. Hot Water. reaction [SG/Norman/1970]
3. The Outlaws. mamzell [EP/Cremer/196?]
4. Les Sparks. palladium [EP/Ducretet]
5. The Hollies. don't run and hide [SG/Odeon]
6. The New Order. you've got me high [SG/WB/1966]
7. The Sneakers. watcha gonna do [SG/Hot Line/1965?]
8. The Nashville Teens. what you gonna do [SG/MGM/1965]
9. The Hi-Fi's. she's the one [SG/Interphon/1964]
10. The Trend. shot on sight [SG/Fontana/1967]
11. Tony Mark et les Markmen. cinq balles dans le rouge [EP/AZ/196?]
12. Los GoGo. tu lo tienes mi amor [EP/Columbia/1967]
13. Ray Brown and the Whispers. ain't it strange [SG/Festival/1966]
14. Nobody's Children. jungo partner [SG/UA/1966]
15. The Magnificent Brotherhood. cracker [LP]

15 October 2008

NMdT S10E03 .: It's Alligator Time!


1. X-Cellents. hang it up [SG/Sure Play/1966]
2. Jimmy Stokley and the Exiles. it's alligator time [SG/LTD/1966]
3. The Baskerville Hounds. space rock pt 2 [SG/Tema/1965]
4. Them. I happen to love you [SG/Stateside]
5. The Changin' Times. how is the air up there [SG/Philips/1966]
6. Gaylan Ladd. her loving way [SG/MGM/1965]
7. The Loved Ones. surprise surprise (for you) [SG/Ambassador/1967]
8. The Remains. diddy wah diddy [SG/Epic/1966]
9. The Sneakers. watcha gonna do [SG/Hot Line/1964]
10. Los Flecos. estas lejos [EP/Vergara/1965]
11. Los Cheyenes. llore por ti [EP/RCA Victor/1965]
12. Don & Jerry. in the cover of night [SG/Fabor]
13. Nobody's Children. jungo partner (a wortless cajun) [SG/UA/1966]
14. The Tuesday Club. only human [SG/Philips/1967]
15. Wig / Wags. i'm on my way down the road [SG/SAMA/1967]

01 October 2008

NMdT S10E02 .: Hey Mr Policeman, I'm So Sad ...


1. Family. hey mr policeman [LP Music in a Doll's House/Reprise/1968]
2. Family. see through windows [LP Music in a Doll's House/Reprise/1968]
3. Savoy Brown. stay while the night is young [LP Raw Sienna/1970/London]
4. Savoy Brown. is that so [LP Raw Sienna/1970/London]
4. Information. face to the sun [SG/Zel/1970] UK 2/2
5. The Magic Mixture. i'm so sad [LP This is .../Saga/1968]
6. The Magic Mixture. urge to leave [LP This is .../Saga/1968]
7. Icarus. silver surfer [LP The Marvel World of Icarus/Grit/1971]
8. Icarus. black panther [LP The Marvel World of Icarus/Grit/1971]
9. Jeff Cooper & the Stoned Wings. git some [SL Tribute to Jimi Hendrix/Europa]
10. Clear Light. sand [LP Clear Light/Elektra/1967]
11. La Maquina del Sonido. enciende una luz (let's live for today) [SG/CBS/1969]
12. Alberto Montero. birds and butterflies [LP 2008]

24 September 2008

NMdT S10E01 .: What Did I Say About the Box, Sandra?


01. Spirit. dream within a dream [LP The Family Plays Together/Ode/1968]
02. The Moon. someday girl [SG/Imperial/1968]
03. Joyride. his blues [SG/World Pacific/1968]
04. If. what did I say about the box, Jack? [SG/Capitol/1970]
05. The Poppy Family. shadows on my wall [SG/London]
06. Jim & Jean. strangers in a strange land [LP Changes/Verve Forecast/1966]
07. Fraternity of Man. wispy paisley skies [SG/ABC/1968]
08. Harvey Mandel. dry your eyes [SG/Philips]
09. Jim & Jean. changes [LP Changes/Verve Forecast/1966]
10. The Association. enter the young [LP and then ... along comes/Valiant/1966]
11. La Maquina del Sonido. sandra [SG/CBS]
12. Bob Seger System. ivory [SG/Capitol/1969]
13. Help. keep in touch [SG/Decca/1971]
14. Swingin' Medallions. here it comes again [SG/Smash/1966]

28 May 2008

NMdT S09E15 .: A's and B's part ii


Second part of a two episodes show featuring double sider 45's!

1. David Clayton-Thomas. say boss man [SG/Decca/1969]
2. Kevin King Lear. (you got) the power of love [SG/PageOne]
3. The ID. watch out [SG/Spin/1967]
4. The Moquettes. you came along[SG/MGM/1964]
5. The Force Five. i want you babe [SG/Ascot/1965]
6. Don and Jerry with The Fugitives. in the cover of night [SG/Fabor/1965]
7. Steampacket. shes's down [SG/Knäppupp/1967]
8. Boston Tea Party. is it love [SG/Fona/1967]
9. The Innovation. i acn make it without you [Sg/RCAVictor/1967]
10. The Tears. read all about it [SG/Scorpio/1966]
11. The Renaissance. the name of the game is love [SG/Toddlin Town]
12. The Touch. no shame [SG/Public/1968]
13. Finestuff. i want you [SG/Ra-Sel/]
14. Jefferson Lee. sorcerella [SG/OriginaSound/1969]
15. Crowd+1. try [SG/Capitol]
16. Plastic Penny. baby you're not to blame [SG/PageOne/1968]

21 May 2008

NMdT S09E14 .: A's and B's part i


Two episodes show featuring double sider 45's!

1. David Clayton-Thomas. done somebody wrong [SG/Decca/1969]
2. Kevin King Lear. mr pearly [SG/PageOne]
3. The ID. you got me hummin [SG/Spin/1967]
4. The Moquettes. right string [SG/MGM/1964]
5. The Force Five. gee too tiger [SG/Ascot/1965]
6. Don and Jerry with The Fugitives. i can't quit [SG/Fabor/1965]
7. Steampacket. baby you've got it [SG/Knäppupp/1967]
8. Boston Tea Party. don't leave me alone [SG/Fona/1967]
9. The Innovation. heartaches and headaches [Sg/RCAVictor/1967]
10. The Tears. weatherman [SG/Scorpio/1966]
11. The Renaissance. that someone isn't me [SG/Toddlin Town]
12. The Touch. so fine [SG/Public/1968]
13. Finestuff. big brother [SG/Ra-Sel/]
14. Jefferson Lee. book of love [SG/OriginaSound/1969]
15. Crowd+1. don't hold back [SG/Capitol]
16. Plastic Penny. your way to tell me go [SG/PageOne/1968]

14 May 2008

NMdT S09E13 .: It's About Aum


1. Edward Bear. mind police [LP Bearings/Capitol]
2. Aum. aum [SG/Fillmore/1969]
3. Power. children ask (if he is dead) [SG/MGM/1967]
4. HP Lovecraft. it's about time [LP HPII/Philips/1968]
5. The American Revolution. crying eyes and an empty heart [LP/Flick-Disc/1968]
6. The Changin' Tyimes. young and innocent girl [SG/Philips/1966]
7. The Moon. mothers and fathers [LP Without Earth/Imperial/1968]
8. The Moon. pleasure [LP Without Earth/Imperial/1968]
9. The Moon. i should be dreaming [LP Without Earth/Imperial/1968]
10. Cosmic Brotherhood. sunshine world [SG/A&M/1969]
11. George Baker Selection. i wanna love you [SG/Colossus/1970]
12. The Yellow Payges. judge carter [SG/Uni/1968]
13. The Tate Gallery. newspaper man [SG/EmiOdeon/1970]

07 May 2008

NMdT S09E12 .: Ahora Me Amas, Paquera!


1. The Wazoos. inside of me [SG/National/1967]
2. The Lost Tribe. fools live alone [SG/UA/1969]
3. Los Walkers. ahora me amas (now you love me) [SG/Music Hall/1969]
4. Terry Knight and the Pack. how much more (have I got to give) [SG/Lucky 11/1966]
5. Flowerz. flyte [SG/Kingston/1968?]
6. The Sound Specials. I wasn't satisfied [SG/BVP/1966]
7. Joe Frank & the Knights. won't you come on home [SG/ABC Paramount/1966]
8. The Good Feelings. I'm captured [SG/LIberty/1967]
9. The Jynx Pack. i can't make up my mind [SG/Mercury/1965]
10. Clefs of Lavender Hill. so I'll try [SG/Date/1966]
11. The Silvery Boys. o paquera [SG/Fermata/1967]
12. The Roulettes. soon you'll be leaving me [SG/Parlophone/1963]
13. Charlie Brown's Generation. trash [SG/Atco]
14. The Higher Elevation. here comes sunshine [SG/Liberty/1968]
15. The Shake. once again [SG/HeyGirl/2007]

23 April 2008

NMdT S09E11 .: Atchika Boum


1. Janko Nilovic. atchika boum [SG/Philips/1976]
2. Jean Paul el Troglodita. everything is gonna change [VVAA Obsession/Bullyrecords.com/2008]
3. Gal Costa. vou recomeçar [LP Gal Costa/Philips/1969]
4. The Forum Quorum. girl make up your mind [LP Decca/1968]
5. Arnaud Rodriguez. murtituri [VVAA Obsession/Bullyrecords.com/2008]
6. Saint Steven. over the hills/animal hall [LP St Steven/Probe/1969]
7. The Savage Resurrection. someone's changing [LP Savage Resurrection/Mercury/1968]
8. HP Lovecraft. it's about time [LP HP ii/Philips/1968]
9. Houston Fearless. mr soul [LP Houston Fearless/Imperial/1969]
10. Wigwam. helsinki [SG/Imperial/1969]
11. The Tapestry. miss julie's private school [SG/Compass/1967]
12. Salvation. someday the gray will come [SG/UA/1968]
13. The Devil's Brigade. dreaming is [SG/UA/1968]

05 March 2008

NMdT S09E10 .: I Want You, Nadine


1. Eden's Children. sure looks real [LP sure looks real/ABC/1968]
2. The Touch. no shame [SG/Public/1968]
3. Le Orme. senti l'estate che torna [SG/CarJb/1968]
4. The Guild. you can see the trees [SG/Philips/1966]
5. Eden's Children. awakening [LP sure looks real/ABC/1968]
6. Flow. mr invisible [SG/CTI/1971]
7. The Capricorn College. mab, mystic woman [SG/Bentler/1972]
8. Blonde on Blonde. conversationally making the grade [LP Contrasts/Janus/1969]
9. Spirit of John Morgan. i want you [SG/Exit Carnaby/1969]
10. The Fox. man in a fast car [LP/For Fox Sake/1970]
11. Southwest F.O.B. nadine [SG/HIP/1968]
12. Stained Glass. necromancer [SG/Capitol/1969]
13. Fumestones. let me take you for a while [EP]

20 February 2008

NMdT S09E09 .: Casa Mia


1. Cornerstone. holly go softly [SG/RCA Victor/1970]
2. 49th Parallel. twilight woman [SG/Venture]
3. Le Orme. casa mia [SG/CarJukeBox/1969]
4. Pookah. blue and peaceful [SG/UA/1969]
5. New York Rock Ensemble. kiss her once [SG/ATCO/1967]
6. Gary Walker & Carnabeats. cutie morning moon [SG/Philips]
7. Dave Miller Set. a bread and butter day [SG/Spin/1968]
8. The Cryan Shames. mr unreliable [SG/Columbia/1967]
9. The Last Chapter. words for you [SG/Skip]
10. The Counselors. it must be love [SG/Ironbeat/1966-67]
11. The Sidekicks. miss charlotte [SG/RCA Victor/1967]
12. The Five Emprees. little miss sad [SG/Freeport/1965]
13. Torquays. shake a tail feather [SG/Punch]
14. Love Society. without you [SG/Scepter/1968]
15. Elegant Four. time to say goodbye [SG/Mercury/1966]

23 January 2008

NMdT S09E08 .: Sacrifice to Zabalú


1. Mandingo. sacrifice to the sun [LP Sacrifice/1975/Emi]
2. Power. children ask [SG/MGM/1967]
3. Mike Kennedy. she's walking away [SG/Barclay/1969]
4. Richard Barnes. take to the mountains [SG/Philips/1970]
5. Travel Agency. come to me [LP st/Viva/1968]
6. The Ill Wind. high flying bird [LP Flashes/ABC/1968]
7. Brimstones. it's all over now but the crying [SG/MGM/1966]
8. The Loved Ones. a love like ours [SG/In/1967]
9. Roman Rebellion. every groovy day [SG/RCAVictor/1968]
10. Trocha Angosta. zabalú [SG/MusicHall/1975]
11. Jacobson & Tansley. dream with me [SG/Filmways/1966]
12. The Hook. love theme in E major [SG/Uni/1968]
13. The Natural Gas. sunnydays [SG/Renee/1969]
14. The Trade Winds. new york's a lonely town [SG/RedBird/1965]