25 November 2009

NMdT S11E01 .: Lilac Wine Carnival


01. Knocker Jungle. i don't know why [ember/SG]
02. Thorinshield. lonely mountain again [SG/Philips]
03. Burned. all those who enter here [SG/Intrepid]
04. Junior's Eyes. black snake [SG/Polydor/1969]
05. The Tremeloes. suddenly winter [SG/CBS/1967]
06. The Grains of Sand. passin' thru the night [SG/American Music Makers/1967]
07. The Luv Birds. lilac wine [SG/abc]
08. The Precious Few. the carnival [SG/nasco]
09. The Parade. i can see love [SG/AM/1968]
10. The Wellington Arrangement. the look on your face [SG/Decca/1970]
11. The Salt. a whole lot of rainbows [SG/Cotillion]
12. The Sound Iea. the last house on cherry lane [SG/Coral]
13. The Subterranean Monastery. realistic patterns [SG/RcaVictor/1968]
14. The Deep Six. risin sun [SG/Liberty/1965]
15. Shadden and the King Lears. all i want is you [SG/Arbet/1967]