23 February 2005

NMdT S06E15 .: Smiling Phases


Guest spinner :: Miguel Patilla

1. Sullivan. haschish-faction [LP Le Pays des Marveilles/Vogue]
2. Mad Curry. antwerp [SG/Pirates]
3. The Cherry People. i'm the one who loves you [SG/Polydor]
4. Davy Jr & Guess Who. everybody's allright [SG/Ronnex]
5. Los 5 del Este. no puedo creer [EP/Odeon]
6. H20. ven a mi [SG/Diabolo]
7. Lemon Tree. William Chalker's time machine [SG/Parlophone]
8. The Gods. hey bulldog [SG/Columbia]
9. The Midnite Rebels. smiling phases [SG/MR Records]
10. The Bunch. still [CBS]
11. Eddy Mitchell. mes promesses [EP/Barclay]
12. Johnny Hallyday. du respect [EP/Philips]
13. Giuliano Girardi. hush [SG/Discophon]
14. The Ides of March. vehicle [SG/WBros]
15. Gene Latter. holding a dream [SG/re-Mousetrap]
16. Nobody's Children. i can't let go [SG/Bullet]
17. The Blackburds. get out of my life woman [EP/Philips]

16 February 2005

NMdT S06E14 .: Love is the Law


1. Reflections. (just like) romeo & juliet [SG/GoldenWorld]
2. The Clique. i'll hold out my hand [SG/WhiteWhale]
3. Dobie Gillis. a forever kind of thing [SG/MAM]
4. Archaeopterix. no more living without loving [SG/Polydor]
5. BJ Thomas. living again [SG/Discophon]
6. Toussaint McCall. my love is a guarantee [SG/CEM]
7. The Quik. love is a beautiful thing [SG/Deram]
8. Carlos Bisso & Conexion nº 5. baby i love you so [SG/RCA]
9. Calibre 38. i felt you for love [SG/Sintonia]
10. The Red Squares. mr bus driver [SG/Parlophoe]
11. Los No. la llave [EP/Vergara]
12. Lone Star. de dia y de noche [EP/HMV]
13. The Mockingbirds. how to find a lover [SG/Decca]
14. The Merseybeats. i stand accused [SG/Fontana]
15. Grahame Bond. love is the law [SG/Pulsar]
16. Roberto Carlos. eu te amo. eu te amo, eu te amo [SG/CBS]
17. The Left Banke. and suddenly [SG/Smash]

09 February 2005

NMdT S06E13 .: Everyone Makes a Mistake


1. David Bowie & Lower Third. i dig everything [SG]
2. The Riot Squad. gotta be a first time [SG]
3. Chris Farlowe. everyone makes a mistake [SG]
4. Whichwhat. parting [SG]
5. Maquina. burnign butts [SG]
6. Blues Magoos. feelin' time (i can feel it) [SG]
7. Vertice. take me away [SG]
8. Los Grimm. want my love again [SG]
9. Shock! no se puede ser superman [SG]
10. Don & Banda Club. accion [SG]
11. Erasmo Carlos e sus Tremendoes. o dono da bola [SG]
12. The Rokes. non far finta di noi [SG]
13. The Four Seasons. dody [SG]
14. The Grass Roots. depressed feeling [SG]
15. The Mojo Men. dance with me [SG]
16. The Sparkles. the hip [SG]
17. The Invictas. the hump [SG]
18. The Rogues. roger's reef [SG]

02 February 2005

NMdT S06E12 .: The Smell of Incense


1. Viglietti. yo vivo en un tiempo de guerra [LP Tropicos]
2. Capricorn College Brass. junius [SG]
3. Lalo. la balsa [SG]
4. Roberto Carlos. fiquei tao triste [SG]
5. Alice Dona. c'est pas prudent [EP]
6. Fat Mattress. iridescent butterfly [SG]
7. The Abstracts. smell of incense [SG]
8. The Vejtables. anything [SG]
9. The Beau Brummels. i want you [SG]
10. The Paupers. black thank you package [SG]
11. The Critters. Gone for Awhile [SG]
12. Moby Grape. sitting by the window [LP s/t]
13. Salloom Sinclair & the Mother Bear. griffin [LP s/t]
14. The Shocking Blue. the bird of paradise [SG]
15. La Mosca. free [SG]
16. Bruno Lomas. yo soñé [SG]