05 March 2008

NMdT S09E10 .: I Want You, Nadine


1. Eden's Children. sure looks real [LP sure looks real/ABC/1968]
2. The Touch. no shame [SG/Public/1968]
3. Le Orme. senti l'estate che torna [SG/CarJb/1968]
4. The Guild. you can see the trees [SG/Philips/1966]
5. Eden's Children. awakening [LP sure looks real/ABC/1968]
6. Flow. mr invisible [SG/CTI/1971]
7. The Capricorn College. mab, mystic woman [SG/Bentler/1972]
8. Blonde on Blonde. conversationally making the grade [LP Contrasts/Janus/1969]
9. Spirit of John Morgan. i want you [SG/Exit Carnaby/1969]
10. The Fox. man in a fast car [LP/For Fox Sake/1970]
11. Southwest F.O.B. nadine [SG/HIP/1968]
12. Stained Glass. necromancer [SG/Capitol/1969]
13. Fumestones. let me take you for a while [EP]