30 March 2011

NMdT S12E07 .: House With a Crystal Roof


1. The Joyride. the crystal ship [SG/World Pacific/1966]
2. Zephyr. high-flying bird [SG/Warner Bros/1972]
3. Reparata and the Delrons. summer laughter [SG/Mala/1968]
4. Reparata and the Delrons. heaven only knows [SG/Mala/1968]
5. The Societie. bird has flown [SG/Deram/1967]
6. The Eclectic Mouse. where do the hounds go [SG/Capitol/1969]
7. Music Combination. crystal [SG/American Music Makers/c1967]
8. Gary Knight. the world 2000 [SG/Philips/c1968]
9. Michael. i'd only laugh [SG/Roulette/1967]
10. New Hudson Exit. waiting for her [SG/Date/1967]
11. The Ricochetts. losing you [SG/Quill/1966]
12. The Critters. forever or no more [SG/Kapp/1966]
13. The Orbits. house without a roof [SG/SSS/1969]
14. Chosen Lot. time was [SG/Sidra/c1967]