25 September 2012

NMdT S14E01 .: Wasn't the Summer Short?


01. Saturday's Children. deck five [SG Dunwich 1966]
02. Noel. hey yesterday where's my mind [SG Tower 1969]
03. The Lewis and Clarke Expedition. blue revelations[SG Colgems 1967]
04. Gordon, greensleeves [SG Uptown 1967]
05. The Best Things. chicks are for kids [SG United Artists 1967]
06. The Critters. no one but you [SG Prancer 1965]
07. The Soothsayers. I don't know [SG Acropolis 1966]
08. The Scoundrels. come home with me [SG Verve 1966]
09. Allah-Las. tell me (what's on your mind) [SG Innovative Leisure 2011]
10. Michael and the Medallions. I wanna talk to you [SG Bragg 1965]
11. The Travelling Salesmen. days of my years [SG Rca Victor 1967]
12. The Boys from New York City. take it or leave it [SG Laurie 1967]
13. The Hardtimes. goodbye [SG World Pacific 1966]
14. Dion. daddy rollin (in your arms) [SG Laurie 1968]
15. The Honey Jug. warm city baby [SG Hip 1967]
16. Aquarian Age. old man don't cry [SG Mercury 1969]
17. The Victorians. wasn't the summer short [SG 1967 Bang]

We kick off the 14th season with a bunch of moody garage and folk rockers from all over the States. From the phasing echoes of Noel Odom trying to find his mind ("what if I won, what if I lost?") to the teenage angst of the Soothsayers, finding some revelations with the Lewis and Clarke expedition and some hidden gems like the Greensleeves adaptation by Gordon Kjellberg. Also the early efforts of New Jersey's Critters, a devoted band here at NMdT, or the Travelling Salesmen looking to their back pages written in the days of their years. Towards the end, the hunting rhythm of the Daddy Rollin by Dion and the beautiful harpsichord melodies of the Honey Jug. It all finish with the Aquarian Age, a studio artyfact related to the Cuff Links team, and a beautiful ode to the summer by the Victorians.

Oh, and don't forget to get your hands on the debut album by LA's Allah-La's, which includes the single featured here plus more luminiscent melodies for the dune and meadows days. A HUGE fave here!