25 April 2012

NMdT S13E06 .: Clear the Air, the Summer Rainbow is Here


01. Jacco Gardner. clear the air [SG Action Weekend 2012]
02. The Joyride. his blues [SG World Pacific 1967]
03. Superfine Dandelion. crazy town [SG Mainstream 1967]
04. Moorpark Intersection. I think I'll just go and find me a flower [SG Capitol 1968]
05. Every Mother's Son. pony with the golden mane [SG MGM 1968]
06. Sagittarius. hotel indiscreet [SG CBS 1967]
07. The Smoke Ring. first reaction [SG Certron 1969]
08. P.K. Limited. my imagination [SG Colgems 1970]
09. Polymers Children. summer rainbow [SG Musicor 1970]
10. The Dard. I know [SG Evolution 1970]
11. The Denmarcs. as a friend [SG Whirl 1965]
12. Duke Baxter. absolute zero [SG Mercury 1970]
13. A.C.T. love peace and freedom [SG Chivalry 1974]
14. Jacco Gardner. a house on the moon [SG Action Weekend 2012]

Lots of sunshine coming through the window today. We open with the marvellous first solo single by Jacco Gardner (get it here before limited copies are gone!) and then we continue the trip in the States with various studio-only groups (i.e. David Axelrod behind the Moorpark Intersection) and some rare releases like the Denmarcs from Ohio or A.C.T from Michigan