27 July 2005

NMdT S06E34 .: See You in September


1. Harumi. talk about it [SG/VerveForecast]
2. Traffic. paper sun [SG/Fontana]
3. Giulano Girardi. hush [SG/Discophon]
4. The Richard Kent Style. no matter what you do [SG/Coral]
5. Los Soñadores. vete [SG/RCA Victor]
6. The Finder's. pata pata [SG/Marfer]
7. Los Wikingos. la loca [SG/Ekipo]
8. People. organ grinder [SG/Capitol]
9. The Premiers. get your baby [SG/Faro]
10. The Blendells. huggie's bunnie's [SG/Reprise]
11. The Spike Drivers. hightime [SG/Reprise]
12. Dusty Greyrock. tears in my heart [SG/RCA Victor]
13. The Premiers. little ways [SG/Faro]
14. The Blendells. la la la la la [SG/Reprise]
15. The Sages. i'm not going to cry [SG/RCA Victor]
16. The Spike Drivers. baby won't you let me tell you how i lost my mind [SG/Reprise]
17. The Renegades. un giorno tu mi cercherai [SG/Ariston]
18. Nobody's Children. don'tcha feel like crying [SG/Bullet]
19. Dave Berry. picture me gone [SG/Decca]
20. Los Indonesios. see you in september [EP/Fundador]

20 July 2005

NMdT S06E33 .: Le Palladium


1. The Sages. in the beginning [SG/RCA]
2. The Stained Glass. we got a long way to go [SG/RCA]
3. The Neal Ford Factory. you made me a man [SG/ABC]
4. Denny Belline and the Rich Kids. money isn't everything [SG/RCA]
5. Garnell Cooper & the kinfolks. long distance [SG/Jubilee]
6. The Headliners. voodoo plan [SG/VIP]
7. The Blendells. huggie's bunnies [SG/Reprise]
8. Les Sparks. palladium (the hip) [EP/Ducretet]
9. Les Sparks. rien n'a d'importance [EP/Ducretet]
10. The In Crowd. inside out [SG/Abnak]
11. Brujos. desesperacion [SG/Mandioca]
12. Vox Dei. doctor jekill [SG/Mandioca]
13. Erasmo Carlos. vem quente que ou estoyu fervendo [SG/RGE]
14. Unrelated Segments. story of my life [SG/HBR]
15. The Minimum Daily Requirements. i'm grounded [SG/Tower]
16. the Fenways. be careful little girl [SG/Bevmar]
17. Los Glosters. no no no [CD EP]
18. The A-Bones. that jim [The life of Riley]

13 July 2005

NMdT S06E32 .: Rompan Todo!!


Guest spinner :: Miguel Patilla

1. Blackstones. os monstros [VVAA coraçoes de pedra vol 02]
2. Los Angeles Salvajes. sicodelico [VVAA conquer the world vol 01]
3. Kaleidoscope (Mex). colours [LP s/t re]
4. Los Chijuas. the sun is going black [LP s/t re]
5. Los Chijuas. i love you [LP s/t re]
6. Blue's Men. the day the world fried my brain [10" Prohibido Prohibir/re Mystic]
7. Los Shakers. break it all [10" Rompan Todo/re ElectroHarmonix]
8. Los York's. el loco [VVAA Delincuentes]
9. Grupo 606. rompe, cruza o ayudame [VVAA Psicofasicos]
10. Los Locos del Ritmo. triste dia [VVAA Around and Around the World]
11. Os Jovens. coraçao de pedra [VVAA coraçoes de pedra vol 01]
12. Rudy & the Soulsetter. i dig girls [VVAA Bands on Lance]
13. Ladies WC. people [LP s/t Souvenir re]
14. Los Flippers. los cuervos estan de luto [LP Psicodelicias re]
15. Los Amigos de Maria. vuelve a comenzar [LP Rock / re]

06 July 2005

NMdT S06E31 .: Emission Psychadelique


1. Peter Thomas Sound Orchester. raumpatrouille [SG/Philips]
2. Pierre Henry. machine danse [SG/Omega]
3. Wong Ku Yan-Sun Kong. tema de Mazinger Z[SG/Dial]
4. Les Maledictus Sound. emission psychadelique [SG/Omega]
5. Les Yper Sound. teen tonic [EP/Fontana]
6. Bobby and Betty. go to the moon pt I [LP/HappyHouse]
7. Bob Crewe Generation. black queen's beads [SG/Dynovoice]
8. Happy Monsters. clap your tentacles [LP/HappyHouse]
9. Martes 13. espejo roto [SG/Unic]
10. Alacran. sticky [SG/Alacran]
11. Los Grimm. want my love again [SG/Philips]
12. Augusto Algueró. great expectations [LP Mi Gran Amor / Polydor]
13. Wynder K Frog. into the fire [LP into the Fire / UA]
14. Jacques Loussier. ballet photo rouge [EP/Omega]
15. Gershon Kingsley. hey hey [SG/Exit]