07 March 2012

NMdT S13E05 .: We Got Some Objections


01. The Lollipops. I see it now [SG/Karusell/1966]
02. Los Pasos. tiempos felices [SG/Hispavox/1966]
03. Syndicate of Sound. rumors [SG/Bell/1966]
04. The Geneva Convention. something beautiful [SG/Beverly Hills/1969]
05. The Hung Jury. buses [SG/Colgems/1967]
06. The Countdown 5. uncle kirby (from Brazil) [SG/Cinema/1967]
07. Noel Odom & the Group. pardon my complete objection [SG/Uptown/1969]
08. John & Paul. I'm walkin' [SG/Tip/1965]
09. The Uniques. strange [SG/Paula/1966]
10. The Uniques. you ain't tuff [SG/Paula/1966]
11. The Skeptics. wondering [SG/Spring/1968]
12. The Wild Thing. weird hot nights (suffer baby) [SG/S.P.Q.R./1966]
13. The In. just give me time [SG/Hickory/1966]
14. The Mustang. why [SG/Ascot/1967]
15. Chuck Rowe. come with me to Albany [SG/Speedway/c1967]
16. The Lincolns. we got some [SG/Dot/1966]
17. The Lincolns. pop kat [SG/Dot/1966]