30 November 2005

NMdT S07E10 .: Flip, Flop and Fly


1. Zombies. what more can i do [SG/Decca]
2. Los Cirros. la telaraña [inedita CD Los Cirros]
3. Conexion. woman i love you [SG/Movieplay]
4. Chris Farlowe. headlines [SG/Immediate]
5. The End. you must do something [SG/Sonoplay]
6. Eddy Mitchell. j'ai tout perdu (not for me) [EP/Barclay]
7. The Underdogs. love's gone bad [SG/VIP]
8. The Weight. flip, flop and fly [SG/Bertram]
9. Randy & the Holidays. paul revere 250 [SG/Hickory]
10. Los Buitres. ritmo y movimiento [EP/Columbia]
11. Spooner & the Spoons. hey, do you wanna marry? [SG/Fame]
12. Lonnie Mack. chickin' pickin' [SG/Fraternity]
13. The Endevers. she's my girl [SG/Decca]
14. Neal Ford and the Fanatics. mary wanna mary me [SG/Hickory]
15. Paul & Barry Ryan. i love how you love me [SG/Decca]
16. The Roulettes. tell tale it [SG/Columbia]
17. Q'65. cry in the night [SG/Decca]

23 November 2005

NMdT S07E09 .: Instrumental Rumble


0. Link Wray. rumble [in memoriam]
1. The Viceroys. medley [LP At the Granny's Pad/Bolo]
2. Garnell Cooper & the Kinkfolks. long distance [SG/Jubilee]
3. Singing Sam & his Sparks. house o lords [SG/Dee Dee]
4. The Fencemen. sour grapes [SG/Liberty]
5. The Vips. it [VVAA Frolic Diner vol 6/Romulan]
6. The Premiers. get your baby [SG/Faro]
7. The 4 Instants. bogattini [LP Discotheque/Society]
8. Mark III Trio. good grease [SG/Wingate]
9. Charlie Earland's Erector Set. yes suh' [SG/Eldorado]
10. The Fabulous Counts. jan jan [SG/Moira]
11. Ekseption. ritual fire dance [LP Ekseption/Philips]
12. Sandy Nelson. midnight magic [LP Boogaloo Beat/Imperial]
13. James Last. se a cabo [LP Voodoo Party/Polydor]
14. The Pipe. wade in the water [SG/RCA]
15. Señor Soul. psychotic reaction [SG/Double Shot]
16. The Mosquitoes. the fly [SG/Spear]

*Background music :: Big Boss Man. LP Winner

16 November 2005

NMdT S07E08 .: Oh My Gawd!


1. Big Boss Man. kelvin stardust [LP Winner]
2. The Hobbits. pretty young thing [SG/Decca]
3. The Collectors. looking at a baby [SG/Valiant]
4. I Corvi. questo e giusto? (morning dew) [SG/Bluebell]
5. The Cape Kennedy Construction Co. armageddon [SG/Sintonia]
6. Square Set. that's what i want [SG/NGola]
7. The Bunch. you can't do this [SG/CBS]
8. Louis Aldebert. all at once is love [EP/UA/BSO Vivre pour Vivre]
9. Ola & Janglers. yes i can [SG/Discophon]
10. Big Boss Man. oh my gawd![LP Winner]
11. Mega Purple Sex Toy Kit. high [demo]
12. Mega Purple Sex Toy Kit. mi cancion [demo]
13. The Clichés. why why why [SG/WesMar]
14. The Impacts. don't you dare [SG/Lavender]
15. Nobody's Children. don'tcha feel like cryin' [SG/Bullet]
16. Big Boss Man. reach out [LP Winner]

09 November 2005

NMdT S07E07 .: Scotch on the Socks


1. The Shadows. scotch on the socks [SG/Columbia]
2. The Merry Go Round. gonna leave you alone [SG/AM]
3. The Restless Feelin's. a million things [SG/UA]
4. The Stained Glass. we got a long way to go [SG/RCA Victor]
5. The Spike Drivers. hightime [SG/Reprise]
6. Dave Antrell. friends, give me the stenght to carry on [SG/Amaret]
7. The Four Seasons. beggin' [SG/Philips]
8. The Mike Cotton Sound. make up your mind [SG/Metronome]
9. The Moquettes. you came along [SG/MGM]
10. The Shanes. i don't want your love [SG/Columbia]
11. Bruno Lomas. tu me añorarás [EP/Regal]
12. The Critters. new york bound [SG/Kapp]
13. The Critters. it just won't be that way [SG/Kapp]
14. The Critters. gone for a while [SG/Kapp]
15. The Critters. walk like a man again [SG/Kapp]
16. The Critters. don't let the rain fall down on me [SG/Kapp]
18. The Unrelated Segments. the story of my life [SG/HBR]

02 November 2005

NMdT S07E06 .: Up Hard!


1. Goblin. death dies [SG/Cinevox]
2. The Bad Boys. black olives [SG/Paula]
3. The Fencemen. sour grapes [SG/Liberty]
4. The Fabulous Counts. jan jan [SG/Moira]
5. Freddie King. funky[SG/Cotillion]
6. The Golden Toadstools. silly savage [SG/Minaret]
7. Willie Mitchell. up hard [SG/Hi]
8. Les Sparks. palladium (the hip) [EP/Ducretet]
9. Rhinoceros. apricot brandy [SG/Elektra]
10. We the People. love is a beautiful thing [SG/RCA Victor]
11. Les Pythons. nobody [SG/Montreal]
12. Group Therapy. can't stop lovin' you, baby [SG/Philips]
13. Neal Ford & the Fanatics. pain [SG/Hickory]
14. The Critters. new york bound [SG/Kapp]
15. Jonathan King. cherry, cherry [SG/Decca]
16. Tuna Tacos. we gotta lotta do [EP/Soundflat]