22 February 2006

NMdT S07E17 .: Take a Jet if You Can


1. Audience. eye to eye [SG/Philips]
2. 49th Parallel. now that i'm a man [SG/Venture]
3. Tony Ritchie. rain on my window [SG/Vogue]
4. The Restless Feelin's. a million things [SG/UA]
5. The Epic Splendor. cowboys and indians [SG/HotBiscuit]
6. The Natural Gas. sunnydays [SG/Renee]
7. Sweet Smoke. morning dew [SG/Amy]
8. The Nite People. morning sun [SG/Fontana]
9. Mind Garage. what's behind those eyes [SG/RCA]
10. Mephistopheles. take a jet [SG/Reprise]
11. The Pilgrimage. bad apple [SG/Mercury]
12. The New Yorkers. mr kirby [SG/Scepter]
13. The Next Exit. break away [SG/WarnerBros]
14. Cykle. if you can [SG/Label]
15. The Clichés. why why why [SG/Wes Mar]
16. Terry Knight and the pack. how much more (have i got to give)[SG/Lucky11]
17. The Spikedrivers. let me tell you how i lost my mind [SG/Hispavox]

15 February 2006

NMdT S07E16 .: If Your Love Don't Swing


1. Bruno Lomas. un hombre sin amor [EP/Regal]
2. Los Pepes. rojo [SG/Hito]
3. The Unrelated Segments. it's gonna rain [SG/Liberty]
4. The Soul Inc. i belong to nobody [SG/Counterpart]
5. The Impacts. don't you dare [SG/Lavender]
6. Vinnie Basile. girl [SG/Davy Jones]
7. Os Baobas. down down [SG/Mocambo]
8. Neal Ford & the Fanatics. pain [SG/Hickory]
9. Los Arlequines. no hay amor para mi (there isn't love for me)[SG/RCAVictor]
10. Albert Band. sonido de inquietud [EP/Ekipo]
11. Pete Kelly's Soulution. if your love don't swing [SG/Decca]
12. Lindy Blaskey & the LaVelles. you ain't tuff [SG/Challenge]
13. Limey & the Yanks. out of sight, out of mind [SG/Loma]
14. Erasmo Carlos. vem quente que eu estou fervendo [SG/RGE]
15. Los Jovenes. tu me has roto el corazón (since you broke my heart) [EP/Discophon]
16. Los Flecos. vales poco para mí [SG/Vergara]
17. The Renegades. un giorno tu mi cercherai [SG/Ariston]
18. Los Buitres. ya no me importas [EP/Columbia]
19. Mouse & the Traps. cryin' inside [SG/Fraternity]

08 February 2006

NMdT S07E15 .: Isbergues 2AM


1. Frogeaters. the promise [SG/Mercury]
2. James Royal. come mai (call my name) [SG/CBS]
3. Basilio. tierras lejanas [SG/Novola]
4. T. Bone Walker. long lost over [SG/Trump]
5. Elvis. animal instinct [LP Harum Scarum]
6. Goldie & the Gingerbreads. the skip [SG/Decca]
7. The Fabulous Counts. jan jan [SG/Moira]
8. Clubman. clubman round-up [SG/British Leyland]
9. Evolution. i'm walking high [SG/Dimension]
10. Jimmy McGriff. since you've been gone [SG/SolidState]
11. Tony and the Mule Station. isbergues 2 a.m. [SG/AZ]
12. Rare Bread. chain reaction [SG/MGM]
13. Bruno Lomas. el dinero (money is) [SG/Discophon]
14. The Sweet Vandals. wake up! [SG/Funkorama]
15. Speaklow. take your time [SG/Funkorama]

01 February 2006

NMdT S07E14 .: Blue and Peaceful


1. People. somebody tell me my name [SG/Capitol]
2. 49th Parallel. twilight woman [SG/Venture]
3. Stacy's 5th. this thing [SG/Jubilee]
4. The Human Instinct. renaissance fair [SG/Time]
5. The Music Machine. come on in [SG/Hispavox]
6. The Kitchen Cinq. you'll be sorry someday [SG/LHI]
7. Terry Knight and the Pack. i've been told [SG/Lucky 11]
8. The Phaetons. 3 weeks, 4 days and 15 hours [SG/WB]
9. Pookah. blue and peaceful [SG/UA]
10. Union. confia en mi [SG/Novola]
11. Clair. my orange room [SG/Marlo]
12. Dusty Greyrock. tears in my heart [SG/RCA]
13. The Romeos. juicy lucy [SG/Mark II]
14. Norman T. Washington. same thing all over [SG/Pama]
15. Speaklow. papa don't take no mess [SG/Funkorama]
16. Spirit of John Morgan. the yodel [SG/Carnaby]