29 October 2008

NMdT S10E05 .: Got to find a Way


1. The Jet Stream. all's quiet on west 23rd [SG/Smash]
2. The Third Rail. no return [SG/Epic/1967]
3. The Rainy Daze. my door is always open [SG/White Whale/1968]
4. The Indians. been so long [SG/Elektra/1969]
5. The Critters. no one but you [SG/Prancer/1965]
6. Shadden & the King Lears. all i want is you [SG/Arbet/1967]
7. The Forsaken. babe [SG/MTA/c1966]
8. John & Paul. i'm walkin [SG/Tip]
9. 6 Tickets to Shangri-La. i've got to find a wa [SG/Talmu/1967]
10. The Boys Next Door. suddenly she was gone [SG/Soma/1965]
11. The Nuclear Vision. because we've got love [SG/Skee]
12. The Restless Feelin's. a million things [SG/UA/1966]
13. The Rainy Daze. make me laugh [SG/White Whale/1968]
14. i Roll's 33. il mondo che verra [SG/CBS]
15. Variations. what's happening [SG/Oedon]
16. Los Brujos. desesperacion [SG/Mandioca]

22 October 2008

NMdT S10E04 .: People From the USA, Reaction!


1. The State of Mind. goin' away [SG/Chavis/1966]
2. Hot Water. reaction [SG/Norman/1970]
3. The Outlaws. mamzell [EP/Cremer/196?]
4. Les Sparks. palladium [EP/Ducretet]
5. The Hollies. don't run and hide [SG/Odeon]
6. The New Order. you've got me high [SG/WB/1966]
7. The Sneakers. watcha gonna do [SG/Hot Line/1965?]
8. The Nashville Teens. what you gonna do [SG/MGM/1965]
9. The Hi-Fi's. she's the one [SG/Interphon/1964]
10. The Trend. shot on sight [SG/Fontana/1967]
11. Tony Mark et les Markmen. cinq balles dans le rouge [EP/AZ/196?]
12. Los GoGo. tu lo tienes mi amor [EP/Columbia/1967]
13. Ray Brown and the Whispers. ain't it strange [SG/Festival/1966]
14. Nobody's Children. jungo partner [SG/UA/1966]
15. The Magnificent Brotherhood. cracker [LP]

15 October 2008

NMdT S10E03 .: It's Alligator Time!


1. X-Cellents. hang it up [SG/Sure Play/1966]
2. Jimmy Stokley and the Exiles. it's alligator time [SG/LTD/1966]
3. The Baskerville Hounds. space rock pt 2 [SG/Tema/1965]
4. Them. I happen to love you [SG/Stateside]
5. The Changin' Times. how is the air up there [SG/Philips/1966]
6. Gaylan Ladd. her loving way [SG/MGM/1965]
7. The Loved Ones. surprise surprise (for you) [SG/Ambassador/1967]
8. The Remains. diddy wah diddy [SG/Epic/1966]
9. The Sneakers. watcha gonna do [SG/Hot Line/1964]
10. Los Flecos. estas lejos [EP/Vergara/1965]
11. Los Cheyenes. llore por ti [EP/RCA Victor/1965]
12. Don & Jerry. in the cover of night [SG/Fabor]
13. Nobody's Children. jungo partner (a wortless cajun) [SG/UA/1966]
14. The Tuesday Club. only human [SG/Philips/1967]
15. Wig / Wags. i'm on my way down the road [SG/SAMA/1967]

01 October 2008

NMdT S10E02 .: Hey Mr Policeman, I'm So Sad ...


1. Family. hey mr policeman [LP Music in a Doll's House/Reprise/1968]
2. Family. see through windows [LP Music in a Doll's House/Reprise/1968]
3. Savoy Brown. stay while the night is young [LP Raw Sienna/1970/London]
4. Savoy Brown. is that so [LP Raw Sienna/1970/London]
4. Information. face to the sun [SG/Zel/1970] UK 2/2
5. The Magic Mixture. i'm so sad [LP This is .../Saga/1968]
6. The Magic Mixture. urge to leave [LP This is .../Saga/1968]
7. Icarus. silver surfer [LP The Marvel World of Icarus/Grit/1971]
8. Icarus. black panther [LP The Marvel World of Icarus/Grit/1971]
9. Jeff Cooper & the Stoned Wings. git some [SL Tribute to Jimi Hendrix/Europa]
10. Clear Light. sand [LP Clear Light/Elektra/1967]
11. La Maquina del Sonido. enciende una luz (let's live for today) [SG/CBS/1969]
12. Alberto Montero. birds and butterflies [LP 2008]