29 November 2006

NMdT S08E08 .: O-Wow!!


Special guest :: David Robles [www.tightenup.tk]

1. The Bamboos. tighten up [LP Step It up/TruThoughts]
2. Cookin' On Three Burners. gravel rash [SG/Freestyle]
3. Neo-Hip-Hot-Kiddies Community. hip walk [SG/Rabbi]
4. The Boogaloo Investigators. let the groove move you [SG/Freestyle]
5. Hi-Fly. hi-fidelity [SG/Tramp]
6. Cal Tjader. evil ways [SG/Fantasy]
7. James Brown at the Organ. evil [SG/Smash]
8. Spirit of St. Louis. she's afraid to cry [SG/Fona]
9. B.W. Souls. marvin's groove [SG/Round]
10. Panic Buttons. o-wow [SG/Gamble]
11. Dave Cortez & the Moon People. hapy soul (with a hook) [SG/Speed]
12. Darrow Fletcher. my young misery [SG/Groovy]
13. Thelma Houston. cheap lovin' [LP Sunshower/Motown]
14. Spanky Wilson & the Quantic Soul Orchestra. don't joke with a hungry man [LP I'm Thankful /TruThoughts]

22 November 2006

NMdT S08E07 .: Rebelde, you better behave!


1. The Young Savages. can't get over you [SG/Roulette]
2. Front Page News. you better behave [SG/Dial]
3. The Gentrys. silky [SG/Bell]
4. Rabbit Mackay. tendency to be free [SG/Uni]
5. The Footprints. never say die [SG/Capitol]
6. The Kidds. straighten up and fly right [SG/Big Beat]
7. The American Express. you & me [SG/Teen Town]
8. The Innovation. your time's gonna come [SG/Amy]
9. The Young Savages. (shake me) can i be dreamin' [SG/Roulette]
10. Pussy Cat. la la lu [SG/RcaVictor]
11. Los Beatniks. rebelde [SG/CBS]
12. The Interns. hard to get [SG/Uptown]
13. The Regents. worryin' kind [SG/Penthouse]
14. The Renaissance. the name of the game is love [SG/Toddlin Town]
15. Mike Furber and the Bowery Boys. you stole my love [SG/Kommotion]
16. The London Knights. go to him [SG/Mike]
17. The Cykle. if you can [SG/Label]
18. The Quiet Jungle. everything [SG/Yorkville]
19. Erik and the Smoke Ponies. i'll give you more [SG/Kama Sutra]

15 November 2006

NMdT S08E06 .: Zorongo!


1. Dusty Springfield. spooky [SG/Philips/1970]
2. Maysa Matarazo. reza (laia ladaia) [SG/RcaVictor/1968]
3. Marcos. la gran esperanza (great expectations) [SG/Philips/1971]
4. Dobie Gillis. forever kind of thing [SG/MAM/1971]
5. Jim & Jean. time goes backwards [SG/Verve/1968]
6. Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg. bonnie and clyde [EP/Fontana/1968]
7. David Garrick. the beautiful people [SG/Belter/1971]
8. Micky y los Tonys. la niña del sol [SG/Novola/1968]
9. Tony Ritchie. rain on my window [SG/Vogue/1967]
10. Medicine Mike. night on fire [SG/Fontana/1969]
11. Jose Bartel. ton cosmonaute [EP/Riviera/1966]
12. Claude Righi. rendez-vous orbital [SG/Riviera/1966]
13. The Black River Circus. a ritual melody [SG/MRC/196?]
14. Luis Pena et son Orchestra. litle carolina [EP/BasBoumo/196?]
15. La Nueva Banda de Santiesteban. zorongo [SG/Belter/1970]
16. Michel Colombier. lobellia [SG/LaCompagnie/1969]

08 November 2006

NMdT S08E05 .: I Keep Forgettin' ... Long Live Art Wood!!


1. Nooney Rickett. bye bye baby [EP/Colpix]
2. The Winkle Pickers. i haven't got you [SG/Colpix]
3. Los Pepes. rojo [SG/Hito]
4. Dave Davani & the D-Men. sho' know a lot about love [SG/Decca]
5. Tony Rivers & Castaways. i love you [SG/Constellation]
6. Kurt Savoy y los Roberts. llamando a tu puerta [EP/Berta]
7. Cefe y los Gigantes. gritaré [EP/Columbia]
8. Renato e Seus Blue Caps. voce nao soube amar [EP/CBS]
9. Os Baobas. down down [SG/Mocambo]
10. The Artwoods. i keep forgettin' [Art Gallery]
11. The Artwoods. things getting better [Art Gallery]
12. The Regents. words [SG/Penthouse]
13. The London Knighs. go to him [SG/Mike]
14. The New Invaders. don't let me down [SG/Invader]
15. Los Infraseres. ungaga unga unga [Demo] [myspace]
16. Les Sinners. les greves d'aujourdd'hui [SG/Jupiter]
17. Pussy Cat. ba ba ba ... boof [EP/Rca]