23 November 2011

NMdT S13E03 .: One of these days we'll walk in the woods


01. Tortilla. old friends [SG/Belter/1971]
02. Friend and Lover. I want to be free [SG/Verve Forecast/1968]
03. Yankee Dollar. sanctuary [SG/Dot/1968]
04. Morning Sun (aka Mourning Sun). dark hair [SG/National General/1969]
05. Mortimer. dedicated music man [SG/Philips/1968]
06. Colours. love heals [SG/Dot/1968]
07. The Thousand Faces. a thousand faces [SG/ERA/1968]
08. The Roosters. one of these days [SG/Progressive Sounds of America/1966]
09. The Roosters. you gotta run [SG/Progressive Sounds of America/1966]
10. Morning Sun (aka Mourning Sun). let's take a walk in the woods [SG/National General/1969]
11. Sounds Unlimited. nobody but you [SG/ABC/1966]
12. The Frowning Clouds. all night long [SG/Saturno/2011]
13. The Guilloteens. wild child [SG/Columbia/1966]

For more info and getting the Frowning Clouds single, go to:
Saturno Records website / Frowning Clouds on facebook

16 November 2011

NMdT S13E02 .: De bananas, puertas y lamentos


01. Les Dauphins. tu marches et tu pleures [EP/Columbia/1965]
02. Mike Furber and the Bowery Boys. you stole my love [SG/Kommotion/1966]
03. St Louis Union. behind the door [SG/Decca/1966]
04. The Monckenmier Ensemble. cry the rain down [SG/Sonoplay/1967]
05. The Outsiders. haunted by your love [LP In/Capitol/1967]
06. The Outsiders. I'm not trying to hurt you [LP In/Capitol/1967]
07. Tommy James and the Shondells. say i am (what i am) [SG/Roulette/1966]
08. The Trashmen. same lines [SG/Tribe/1966]
09. Jimmy White and the Relations. diamond-coated banana bush [SG/Dome/196?]
10. The Reactors. do that thing [SG/Cameo/1966]
11. The Chartbusters. she's the one [SG/Mutual/1964]
12. State of Mind. make you cry [SG/Chavis/1967]
13. Las Aspiradoras. ni rastro de polvo [SG/HeyGirl/2010]
14. Lothar and the Hand People. L-O-V-E [SG/Capitol/1967]
15. Sound Solution. hide your face in shame [SG/Kapp/1969]
16. Coachmen. tyme won't change [SG/MMC/1967]

09 November 2011

NMdT S13E01 .: Ciruelas en noviembre


01. The Human Touch. blues for the million [SG/1970/WB]
02. Jim &Dale. past the state of mind [LP 86% of Us/UA/1968]
03. Jim & Dale. richard cory [LP 86% of Us/UA/1968]
04. Sarofeen & Smoke. susan jane [SG/GWP/1970]
05. The Iguanas. this is what I was made for [SG/Dunhill/1965]
06. Giant Sunflower. february sunshine [SG/Ode/1967]
07. The Lime. beautiful day [SG/Interpolation/1969]
08. Gli Uragani. l'uragano [SG/Sound Phono/c1967]
09. The Tulu Babies. mine forever [SG/Tema/1966]
10. The Beatin' Path. the original nothing people [SG/Fontana/1967]
11. The Yo Yo's . crack in my wall [SG/Coral/1966]
12. The Oxpetals. prune growing in june [SG/Musicor/1967]
13. Why. lily of the valley [SG/Odeon/1969]
14. The Dorians. means and ways [SG/Belter/1970]
15. Sprinters. la habitación blanca (the white room) [LP Exitos Internacionales/Philips/1968]
16. Jordi Soler. hi ha gent [SG/Sol/1970]

Opening show for the 13th season folks! Just a quick question: if anyone have any additional info on the Gli Uragani 45 I would appreciate. This one doesn't appear in any discography I've seen of the well known Gli Uragani. Neither the name on the label matches the members of that group, so maybe is a different Uragani??