24 September 2008

NMdT S10E01 .: What Did I Say About the Box, Sandra?


01. Spirit. dream within a dream [LP The Family Plays Together/Ode/1968]
02. The Moon. someday girl [SG/Imperial/1968]
03. Joyride. his blues [SG/World Pacific/1968]
04. If. what did I say about the box, Jack? [SG/Capitol/1970]
05. The Poppy Family. shadows on my wall [SG/London]
06. Jim & Jean. strangers in a strange land [LP Changes/Verve Forecast/1966]
07. Fraternity of Man. wispy paisley skies [SG/ABC/1968]
08. Harvey Mandel. dry your eyes [SG/Philips]
09. Jim & Jean. changes [LP Changes/Verve Forecast/1966]
10. The Association. enter the young [LP and then ... along comes/Valiant/1966]
11. La Maquina del Sonido. sandra [SG/CBS]
12. Bob Seger System. ivory [SG/Capitol/1969]
13. Help. keep in touch [SG/Decca/1971]
14. Swingin' Medallions. here it comes again [SG/Smash/1966]