09 December 2009

NMdT S11E03 .: De Hush La


01. Armaggeddon. de-hush-la [SG/Capitol]
02. The Greatest Show on Earth. tell the story [SG/Harvest/1970]
03. Art. rome take away three [SG/Fontana/1967]
04. Elderberrry Jak. vance's blues (comin' down on me) [SG/Electric Fox/1970]
05. One. don't listen to me [SG/Fontana/1969]
06. Bare Facts. to think [SG/Josie/1967]
07. Them. square room [SG/Tower]
07. The Licorice Schtik. flowers flowers [SG/Dot/1967]
08. Bridge. gotta get back [SG/Roulette/1970]
09. DC Hawk. since you've been gone [SG/Uni/1971]
10. Catapult. no time to turn me on [SG/Scepter]
11. Tony Joe White. groupy girl [SG/Monument/1970]
12. People. crosstown bus [SG/Paramount/1969]

02 December 2009

NMdT S11E02 .: Dreaming Os Faunos


01. Delirium. jesahel [SG/Zafiro/1972]
02. Quarteto 1111. os faunos [EP/Columbia/1967]
03. The Poppy Family. shadows on my wall [SG/London]
04. The Devil's Brigade. dreaming is [SG/UA]
05. John Dunn. she's just a dream [SG/FlickCity]
06. The Pipe Dream. in the middle of the night [SG/RCA]
07. The Giant Jellybean Copout. awake in a dream [SG/Poppy/1968]
08. The Castaways. what kind of face [SG/Fontana]
09. The Golden Horizon. love is the only answer [SG/Fontana]
10. The Human Instinct. pink dawn [SG/Time/1968]
11. The Berwick Players. images [SG/Look(1968]
12. The Big Ben's. come vuoi tu [EP/Ariston]
13. The Blue Beats. i can't get close (to her at all) [SG/Columbia/1967]
13. The Shakers. one wonderful moment [SG/Probe/1967]
14. Don Miko. non verra [EP/Ariston]