27 October 2010

NMdT S12E02 .: Tell the Story, Walter Wright!


1. Telephone. love is there [SG Ariola 1971]
2. Livin Ends. jolyn [SG Atlantic 1969]
3. The Ark. poverty train [SG MGM 1967]
4. Kin Vassy. blue bird [SG Uni 1970]
5. Greatest Show on Earth. tell the story [SG Harvest 1970]
6. Thorinshield. lonely mountain again [SG Philips 1967]
7. Circus Maximus. negative dreamer girl [SG Vanguard 1967]
9. The Jackals. linda come lately [SG Liberty 1969]
10. The Rooneys. walter wright [SG Columbia]
11. US Males. open up your heart [SG Britannia 1968]

Shorter show than usual this week (42 min). I was late!

06 October 2010

NMdT S12E01 .: Will Ya Open Your Eyes?


01. Dust. i know i know [SG/YAS]
02. The Guise. girls, make up your mind [SG/Musicland]
03. Danny Hutton. dreamin' isn't good for you [SG/MGM]
04. Blue Marble Faunn. open your eyes [SG]
05. The Underground. satysfyin' sunday [SG Mainstream/1966]
06. Skunks. i need no one [SG/WP/1968]
07. The Rainy Daze. my door is always open [SG/WhiteWhale/1968]
08. The Jet Stream. crazy me [SG/Smash/1968]
09. The Boys 'n Ivy. soul kitchen [SG/Pampa]
10. The Rumbles. it's my turn to cry [SG/Mercury/1966]
11. The Rumbles. fourteen years [SG/Mercury/1966]
12. The Creatures. it must be love [SG/Columbia/1966]
13. Pinkerton's Assort' Colours. will ya? [SG/Decca/1966]
14. The Shy Guys. lay it on the line [SG/Panik/1968]
15. The Shy Guys. we gotta go [SG/Panik/1968]