24 November 2004

NMdT S06E04 .: Fiddle Sticks!


1. Evolution. i'm walking high [SG]
2. Spinach. action man [SG]
3. Vanity Fare. megowd [SG]
4. Santana. waiting [SG]
5. Diplomats of Solid Sound. swamp chop [EP]
6. Evil Eddie & the Super Slinkys. 3 on the B [SG]
7. Dave Baby Cortez. fiddle sticks [SG]
8. John Philip Soul & Soul Marching Band. soul strut [SG]
9. The Stags. sour grapes [SG] www.the-stags.com
10. Flashback Five. feeling may [LP La Balada dels Cavallers que Diuen Ni]
11. Shocking Blue. harley davidson [SG]
12. The Quik. love is a beatiful thing [SG]
13. The Invictas. long tall shortie [SG]
14. The CLeaners. if you want me [SG]
15. Jimmy Gordon. something else [SG]
16. Liz Brady. partie de dames [SG]

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