02 February 2005

NMdT S06E12 .: The Smell of Incense


1. Viglietti. yo vivo en un tiempo de guerra [LP Tropicos]
2. Capricorn College Brass. junius [SG]
3. Lalo. la balsa [SG]
4. Roberto Carlos. fiquei tao triste [SG]
5. Alice Dona. c'est pas prudent [EP]
6. Fat Mattress. iridescent butterfly [SG]
7. The Abstracts. smell of incense [SG]
8. The Vejtables. anything [SG]
9. The Beau Brummels. i want you [SG]
10. The Paupers. black thank you package [SG]
11. The Critters. Gone for Awhile [SG]
12. Moby Grape. sitting by the window [LP s/t]
13. Salloom Sinclair & the Mother Bear. griffin [LP s/t]
14. The Shocking Blue. the bird of paradise [SG]
15. La Mosca. free [SG]
16. Bruno Lomas. yo soñé [SG]

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