27 April 2005

NMdT S06E23 .: Instrumental Assassination pt. II


1. Orquesta Palobal. the odd couple [LP/Palobal]
2. The London Studio Group. the big itch [Jimmy Strikes Back/10"/DeWolfe]
3. i Marc 4. sweet beat [LP/Nelson]
4. Evolution. i'm walking high [SG/Dimension]
5. Lionel Hampton. lion's den [Grandes del Jazz/LP/Sarpe]
6. The London Studio Group. rollin' easy [Bumper Bundle/LP/DeWolfe]
7. Graham Bond & Magick. the forbidden fruit [We Put Our Magick On You/LP/Mercury]
8. Billy Larkin & the Delegates. ain't gonna move [Ain't That a Groove/LP/WP]
9. Jimmy McGriff. the swingin' sepherd blues [I've Got a New Woman/LP/SolidState]
10. People's Choice. i likes to do it [SG/Phil-La]
11. Donatore di Groove. dont play with my kangaroo [Demo]
12. Quincy Jones. main squeeze [The Lost Man/BSO/Fontana]
13. Sandy Nelson. midnight magic [Boogaloo Beat/LP/Imperial]
14. Jess & James. nicky's at the PC [Move/LP/Belter]
15. Lester Freemen Orch. il re d'inghilterra [SanRemo68/LP/Marfer]

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