06 July 2005

NMdT S06E31 .: Emission Psychadelique


1. Peter Thomas Sound Orchester. raumpatrouille [SG/Philips]
2. Pierre Henry. machine danse [SG/Omega]
3. Wong Ku Yan-Sun Kong. tema de Mazinger Z[SG/Dial]
4. Les Maledictus Sound. emission psychadelique [SG/Omega]
5. Les Yper Sound. teen tonic [EP/Fontana]
6. Bobby and Betty. go to the moon pt I [LP/HappyHouse]
7. Bob Crewe Generation. black queen's beads [SG/Dynovoice]
8. Happy Monsters. clap your tentacles [LP/HappyHouse]
9. Martes 13. espejo roto [SG/Unic]
10. Alacran. sticky [SG/Alacran]
11. Los Grimm. want my love again [SG/Philips]
12. Augusto Algueró. great expectations [LP Mi Gran Amor / Polydor]
13. Wynder K Frog. into the fire [LP into the Fire / UA]
14. Jacques Loussier. ballet photo rouge [EP/Omega]
15. Gershon Kingsley. hey hey [SG/Exit]

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