21 December 2005

NMdT S07E12 .: Sweet December


1. Sangre. necesito valor [SG/RCA]
2. Chris Carpenter. this world (is closing in on me) [SG/UA]
3. The David. sweet december [SG/VMC]
4. The Collectors. old man [SG/Valiant]
5. The Millenium. it's you [SG/Columbia]
6. Jackie Lomax. sour milk sea [SG/Apple]
7. Terry Knight and the Pack. the train [SG/LuckyEleven]
8. The Glitterhouse. where have you been hiding [LP Colorblind/Dynovoice]
9. The Glitterhouse. hey woman [LP Colorblind/Dynovoice]
10. The Glitterhouse. happy to have you here again [LP Colorblind/Dynovoice]
11. People. riding high [SG/Capitol]
12. Chuck Conlon. won't you say yes to me, girl [SG/Martin]
13. Limey & the Yanks. out of sight, out of mind [SG/Loma]
14. Leer Brothers. love fever [SG/Intrepid]
15. The Huntsmen. so long [SG/Shur·Shot]
16. Leer Brothers. travellin' on [SG/Intrepid]

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