22 November 2006

NMdT S08E07 .: Rebelde, you better behave!


1. The Young Savages. can't get over you [SG/Roulette]
2. Front Page News. you better behave [SG/Dial]
3. The Gentrys. silky [SG/Bell]
4. Rabbit Mackay. tendency to be free [SG/Uni]
5. The Footprints. never say die [SG/Capitol]
6. The Kidds. straighten up and fly right [SG/Big Beat]
7. The American Express. you & me [SG/Teen Town]
8. The Innovation. your time's gonna come [SG/Amy]
9. The Young Savages. (shake me) can i be dreamin' [SG/Roulette]
10. Pussy Cat. la la lu [SG/RcaVictor]
11. Los Beatniks. rebelde [SG/CBS]
12. The Interns. hard to get [SG/Uptown]
13. The Regents. worryin' kind [SG/Penthouse]
14. The Renaissance. the name of the game is love [SG/Toddlin Town]
15. Mike Furber and the Bowery Boys. you stole my love [SG/Kommotion]
16. The London Knights. go to him [SG/Mike]
17. The Cykle. if you can [SG/Label]
18. The Quiet Jungle. everything [SG/Yorkville]
19. Erik and the Smoke Ponies. i'll give you more [SG/Kama Sutra]

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