25 April 2007

NMdT S08E20 .: Cuco Go Fly


1. Byzantium. baby i can hear you calling me [LP Byzantium/WarnerBros/1972]
2. La Mosca. warning signal [SG/Guitarra/1970]
3. Agamenon. cuco go fly [LP/Agamenon/Guerssen/1975]
4. Jim & Jean. topanga road [SG/Verve/1968]
5. The Moody Blues. tuesday afternoon [SG/Deram/1967]
6. Steampacket. she's down [SG/Knäppupp]
7. The Stained Glass. a scene in between [SG/RCAVictor/1967]
8. The Warm Sounds. smeta murgaty [SG/Deram/1968]
9. The Little Boy Blues. mr tripp wouldn't listen [LP In the Woodland of Weir/Fontana/1968]
10. The Zombies. maybe after he's gone [LP Odessey & Oracle / Date]
11. The Mood Mosaic. a touch of velvet, a string of brass [SG/Columbia]
12. Central Park. flower hill [SG/Amy/1968]
13. Blue Cheer. babaji (twilight raga)[SG/Philips/1971]

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