20 June 2007

NMdT S08E23 .: Catalyptic Ship of Dreams


1. Spanky & Our Gang. yesterday's rain [LP Anything You Choose / Mercury]
2. The Match. mirror maze lady [SG/RCA]
3. The Spaulding Wood Affair. something about you [SG/Kapp]
4. Brass Buttons. hell will take care of her [SG/Cotillion]
5. The Quiet Jungle. ship of dreams [SG/Yorkville]
6. Louie and the Lovers. if the night [LP Rise/Epic]
7. The Third Booth. mysteries [SG/Independence]
8. The National Gallery. self portrait [LP st/Philips]
9. Aorta. catalyptic [LP st/Columbia]
10. Seatrain. gramercy [SG/Capitol/1972]
11. The Shame. too old to go 'way little girl [SG/Poppy]
12. The Exception. jack rabbit [SG/Sintonia]
13. Clefs of Lavender Hill. so i'll try [SG/Date]
14. The Ugly Beats. don't girl[LP/Bring on the Beats/Get Hip]

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