10 March 2010

NMdT S11E05 .: Goo Goo Annie


1. Lennox. brothers conversation [SG/Ariola/1972]
2. Mephistopheles. take a jet [SG/Reprise/1969]
3. Georgia Clay. i'll never go back to minneapolis [SG/Sire]
4. The Yellow Payges. the two of us [SG/Uni/1969]
5. Great Price. other rock & roll [SG/Castle]
6. Ash. sad over you [SG/Probe]
7. Stars and Stripes. listen [SG/Starshine]
8. Sympathie. short story [SG/Discophon/1974]
9. Symphonic Metamorphosis. let the light so shine [SG/London/1971?]
10. The Magic Lanterns. frisco annie [SG/Atlantic/1970]
11. Tommy Sterne. goo goo barabajagal [SG/Belter/1969]
12. Furia. furia [SG/BP/1071]
13. Toby Jug. brotherhood [SG/Decca/1971]

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