12 November 2008

NMdT S10E07 .: The Peanut Duck


>Guest dj .: David Nebot (Peanut Duck Club VLC)

1. Memphis Slim & Les Lionceaux. clap your hands [SG/Fontana]
2. Jackie Duval. it's gonna be a mess [SG/Wag]
3. The Chiffons. when i go to sleep at night [LP]
4. The Francettes. wham [SG/Valiant]
5. Jimmy Vic & the Victors. take a trip [SG/Cherry]
6. Gert Wilden & Orchestra. follow me [LP/Schumaldchen Report]
7. Docteur Nico with African Fiesta. save me [VVAA Cazumbi/NoSmokeRecords/2008]
8. The Sonny Boys. midnight train [VVAA Eat Sprouts/DropOut]
9. The Try Cerz. almost there [VVAA Scum of the Earth]
10. Ambertones. clap your hands [SG/Newman]
11. Monguito Santamaria. el dorado [LP Hey Sister/Fania]
12. Eddie Griffin. miss pretty pt 2 [SG/San-Ray]


afjnelen said...

Hi, i was the singer/drummer of The Sonny Boys, what a pleasure to find our first single in your show, super, greetings from Belgium / http://www.youtube.com/user/afjnelen

go·gorostiza said...

hi! Thanks for getting in touch! It's aways nice meeting the musicians that made all this possible!