26 January 2005

NMdT S06E11 .: La Sesion Patilla


Guest spinner :: Miguel Patilla

1. The Roundtable. eli's comin [SG]
2. The Wendigo. gimme some lovin' [SG]
3. Wagon. forever [SG]
4. Los Nivram. sombras [EP]
5. F.R. David. la vie c'est comme ci, comme ├ža [EP]
6. The Mauroks. susan [SG]
7. Bill Wendry & the Boss Tweeds. tryin' to get you [SG]
8. Elephants Memory. jungle gym at the zoo [SG]
9. Jackie Lomax. the eagle laughs at you [SG]
10. John Farrell & the Movement. tell him [SG]
11. Guy Darrell. what's her name [SG]
12. Tony Ritchie. anybody at the party seen jenny? [SG]
13. The Countdown Five. shaka shaka na na [SG]
14. the Globe Show. gettin' on back [SG]
15. The Mec Op Singers. stop the machine [SG]
16. Los Ros. cuentame cosas tuyas [SG]
17. Los Pops. papelito sexto & un dia de tantos (a day in the life) [EP]

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