04 May 2005

NMdT S06E24 .: The Blue Mode


1. Reuben Wilson. blue mode [LP Blue mode / Blue Note]
2. Lonnie Smith. i cant stand it [LP Live at the Mozambique / Blue Note]
3. Jimmy McGriff & Jr Parker. workin' [LP Good Things Dont Happen Everyday / GrooveMerchant]
4. Dee Edwards. why cant there be love [SG/Belter]
5. Betty Harris. theres a break in the road [SG/SSS]
6. Charles Earland. black talk [LP Black Talk / Prestige]
7. Groove Holmes. no trouble on the mountain [LP New Groove / Groove Merchant]
8. Mary Jane Hooper. thats how strong my love is [SG/Libety]
9. El Klan. when love goes wrong [LP Made in Sweden / Interdisc]
10. Pete Terrace. im gonna make it [LP King of the Boogaloo / Somerset]
11. El Chicano. viva tirado ptI [SG/MCA]

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