16 November 2005

NMdT S07E08 .: Oh My Gawd!


1. Big Boss Man. kelvin stardust [LP Winner]
2. The Hobbits. pretty young thing [SG/Decca]
3. The Collectors. looking at a baby [SG/Valiant]
4. I Corvi. questo e giusto? (morning dew) [SG/Bluebell]
5. The Cape Kennedy Construction Co. armageddon [SG/Sintonia]
6. Square Set. that's what i want [SG/NGola]
7. The Bunch. you can't do this [SG/CBS]
8. Louis Aldebert. all at once is love [EP/UA/BSO Vivre pour Vivre]
9. Ola & Janglers. yes i can [SG/Discophon]
10. Big Boss Man. oh my gawd![LP Winner]
11. Mega Purple Sex Toy Kit. high [demo]
12. Mega Purple Sex Toy Kit. mi cancion [demo]
13. The Clich├ęs. why why why [SG/WesMar]
14. The Impacts. don't you dare [SG/Lavender]
15. Nobody's Children. don'tcha feel like cryin' [SG/Bullet]
16. Big Boss Man. reach out [LP Winner]

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