02 November 2005

NMdT S07E06 .: Up Hard!


1. Goblin. death dies [SG/Cinevox]
2. The Bad Boys. black olives [SG/Paula]
3. The Fencemen. sour grapes [SG/Liberty]
4. The Fabulous Counts. jan jan [SG/Moira]
5. Freddie King. funky[SG/Cotillion]
6. The Golden Toadstools. silly savage [SG/Minaret]
7. Willie Mitchell. up hard [SG/Hi]
8. Les Sparks. palladium (the hip) [EP/Ducretet]
9. Rhinoceros. apricot brandy [SG/Elektra]
10. We the People. love is a beautiful thing [SG/RCA Victor]
11. Les Pythons. nobody [SG/Montreal]
12. Group Therapy. can't stop lovin' you, baby [SG/Philips]
13. Neal Ford & the Fanatics. pain [SG/Hickory]
14. The Critters. new york bound [SG/Kapp]
15. Jonathan King. cherry, cherry [SG/Decca]
16. Tuna Tacos. we gotta lotta do [EP/Soundflat]

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